Juan Anderson Hernandez

Juan Anderson Hernandez was born 0n 8 March 1885 in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines to Herman Hernandez and Maria Macaria Anderson.  According to oral histories, his mother was a woman of American-Mexican descent.

Juan allegedly worked as an actor for silent film and appeared in “Ang Magpapawid” with Mary Walter, under a stage name.

Juan had an illustrious career during the American regime, serving as officer of the Philippine National Guard and of the Reserve Corps of the US Army.  In February 1932, he was among the founders the National Volunteers of the Philippines, a semi-military organization composed of civic-minded citizens, and held the rank of  Brigadier General.  In July 1938, Juan Anderson Hernandez was among 198 officers of the Philippine Army who were transferred to the newly-formed Philippine Constabulary, the national police organization.  Captain Hernandez’ responsibility was “commanding headquarters troops”.

During World War II, in 1942, he was promoted to Major and served as the Assistant Superintendent of the Constabulary Academy, an institution under the control of the Japanese Military Administration.  He left this post in 1943 for another assignment as the Senior Inspector of the Philippine Constabulary in Samar.

Juan served as the Sergeant-at-Arms at the Philippine Senate, headed by Manuel Quezon (1935-1940) and Manuel Roxas (1940- 1943).  He also served as Aide de Camp to President Elpidio Quirino (1948).

After serving in government, he became the chief steward for the Sta. Ana Racetrack.  A street in Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines was named after him.

Juan’s mestizo looks supposedly made him irresistible to many women — it is said that he sired children with as many as fifteen paramours.  Family lore says that he married at a very young age to a woman from Pasay.  Their union did not result in children, and they were no longer together by the time his children with other women were born.  Juan fell in love with Candelaria Francisco of Alabat, Quezon, Philippines with whom he had Fredesvinda Francisco Hernandez. With Conchita Ortiz (a soprano), he sired Jesus Hernandez Ortiz — Jesus became the editor-in-chief of La Voz de Manila, a now-defunct Spanish language newspaper.  He had two other children from two different women:  Milagros Zaldivar Hernandez and Dorothy Fleming Hernandez.  His last partner was Dolores Gonzales with whom he had German.  They lived in 404 Barasoin St., Makati, in the 1950s.  

On 29 July 1957, Juan left ex-President Quirino’s home on Novaliches to go to V. Luna General Hospital in Quezon City.  He came in for a check-up and accidentally slipped and hit his head, as he was getting off the examination bed.  He was quickly confined and was attended to by Dr. Felix Sibal.  After 19 days, Juan passed away on 11 August 1957 at 3:45 pm.  He was 72 years old.  While his obituary reads that he died from a heart attack, his death certificate states that the condition directly leading to death is “undetermined”.  Juan’s wake was at the Funeraria Popular along 2139 Rizal Avenue, Manila.  He was finally laid to rest on 15 August 1957 at the La Loma Cemetery, also called North Cemetery, in the city of Manila.

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       Lolo Juaning and Lola Doray in a photo taken in the 1950s.  

Family History Research Notes

1. The University Development and Alumni Relations Office of the Ateneo de Manila confirmed, as per email from Efren Debulgado and Carolina L. Ramos, received on 30 June 2005, that the name Juan Anderson Hernandez does NOT exist in their database.

2. The Philippine Military Academy’s Information Office confirmed via email received on 14 July 2003, that Juan Andreson Hernandez was NOT on the list of the assigned superintendents of the PMA from 1905 until present, nor was he among former Deans of Corps of Professors and Commandants of Cadets.

3. “An Interview with National Artist for Music Lucio San Pedro” by Mayo Uno L. Martin and “Music in the Philippines since 1898” by Corazon Dioquino mentions a certain Juan Hernandez as a renowned composer of the native sarswela in the early 1900s. This is NOT Lolo Juaning. An article on the composer’s descendant mentions Lolo Juaning’s namesake having “S” as a middle initial.

4. The additional images of Juan Hernandez were submissions from Gerry Hernandez Jr. on 16 November 2009. Thanks, Gerry!

5. Agpalo, Remigio et al.  “The Philippine Senate”.  Manila: Dick Baldovino Enterprises, 1997.  Page 62.

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12.  Pobre, Cesar P.  “History of the Armed Forces of the Filipino People”.  Quezon City:  New Day Publishers, 2000.  Page 163-165.

13.  Juan A. Hernandez’ Death Certificate.  Philippine Death and Burials, 1726-1957, Quezon City.  CLDS microfilm roll 1775568.   Viewed on 13 April 2011.

14. Juan Anderson Hernandez’ Family Tree can be found on Geni.com.

[Updated on 30 April 2011]

23 thoughts on “Juan Anderson Hernandez

  1. magandang araw po sa mga kinauukulan,isa po ako sa mga apo ni lolo juaning,si german sr. ang ama ko na mas kilala sa palayaw na ching.rosalina rosal po ang ina ko na mas kilala sa palayaw na sinang.si lola doray or dorothy ang lola namin.5 taon ko na pong ginagawa ‘tong family tree.

  2. Hi Mona,
    dito kami ng family ko sa La Union,pero sa Valenzuela City kami lumaki.May na meet akong Carlo Magno sa tabi ng Fatima Church way back 1980’s,related ka ba sa kanya?meron pa akong mga pix ni lolo pero di ko alam pano i send sayo,di nagpunta si lola doray sa states,andito sya noon sa amin sa Arty Subd.Nakapunta ka na ba dun sa La Loma cementery,alam ko yung spot nila.alam mo ba kung sino ama’t/ ina ni lolo juaning? saka ung ama’t/ ina ni lola doray.kilala mo ba ung conchita and milagros?dun daw sa ilalim ng Quezon Memorial Circle ay may mga pix pa si lolo.
    okidoki ’till next time

    1. hi tito gerry! kamusta po ulit. i sent you an invitation to our geni.com family forest para makita niyo po nang buo yung pamilya natin. enjoy!

  3. ako apo ni asuncion of the hernandez clan of catarman, samar. my mother’s name is alfonsa but due to my father’s nature of work who was a servicemen during the philippine constabulary/ integrated national police, we transfered to bacolod city, negros occidental in the year 63.

    1. @violeta, unfortunately, i don’t have an ASUNCION HERNANDEZ or ALFONSA HERNANDEZ on my database. i will let you know if i find them in my research. thanks for visiting the site!

  4. hello! ate mona, apo ako ni lola milagros hernandez, anak ni johnny marqueta… ok ‘tong ginawa mo.. matagal ko na rin gusto malaman roots namin, kasi si daddy di masyado nagkukwento at kapag nag-usisa k sa past nya, iiyak na agad… meron nga kami dito sa bahay picture ni lolo juaning, captain pa lang sya dated oct.14,1932… si kuya german jr, kuya nga ba o tito? di bale, ung si conchita, tita ko un! sa marilao, bulacan sya nakatira… sa iba nating mga relatives, na nandito lang sa pinas, email nyo ako at kung malapit lang kyo papasyalan ko kyo… mag-kodak-kadak tyo!!hehehehe happy new year to all & godbless

  5. Tito German,Milagros is my grandmother,mommy po ng daddy ko (Johhny Hernandez- Marqueta),Conchita/Mamang Chit is the elder sister of my dad.I’ve posted a comment but i guess i’ve posted it under Magno’s,anyway….here’s our landline # 881-1072 & my mobile #(09157456873) in case you have any doubts/queries or just feel like calling us one day.Looking forward to meet you Tito,God Bless!!!!!

  6. Hi, Ate Monette! When Brian and I went to Corregidor during our trip last December, I had a good talk with Papa about Lolo Juaning. When there were rumors that the Japanese will take over Corregidor, he was sent home and as he was changing into his “pambahay”, some Japanese soldiers went to their home in Manila (ask Papa where, I forgot) and wanted to arrest him and take his family, too (Lolo Gunding, Lola Fredesvinda and Papa– he was less than 8, I believe) unless he helps train the Japanese troops in combat. So, Lolo Juaning did, against his wishes to avoid his imprisonment and capture of his family. I would advise you to talk to Tito Eddie as well since he has more stories to tell, I am certain. Hope to see you when you transit in Los Angeles. Lova ya and kiss the kids for me. BEBS

  7. My name is Ted M. Aspillera, I am the only son of Ma. Lourdes Hernandez Marqueta and grandson of Milagros Zaldivar Hernandez. We formed an e-group Hernandez-Marqueta@yahoogroups.com, so that we can get to know our Hernandez relatives . I am based in Beltsville, MD and have been here since 1989 . Have provided Mona with most of our relatives under the Milagros Hernandez branch .

    1. hi kuya ted. i just sent you an invite to access our geni.com family forest. enjoy! =)

  8. to heRNANDEZ members, maray na aldaw po sa indo gabos,membr din po ako ng hernandez clan bale apo po ako ni teodoro hernandez sa barangay ng dalnac bayan ng paracale lalawigan ng camarines norte, gusto ko lng po sana kung anu talaga history ng hernandez sa paracale kasi hindi ko pa po mdyo alam. bka po pwde ko po malaman,, e2 po e mail ko?kleo_mar@yahoo.com.ph. salamat po, eric hernandez rivera

  9. hi eric, yung hernandez sa pamilya namin galing ng lipa, batangas. hindi ko lang alam kung related sa hernandez, paracale, camarines norte.

    1. hey:] idk if you speak English but I have family in Daet, Camarines Norte that originally came from Batangas :] Hernandez ako :]

  10. hey im one of the Hernandez :]! but I was raised in the U.S. 😛 My grandfather was Teborcio Hernandez, my grandmother just died recently… my grandfather’s sister in Batangas…

    1. hi. i have not made as much headway in researching my great-grandfather’s side of the family as i would like. i know he (juan, above) and his brother nicolas were born in from lipa, batangas; but i have little data on their extended family. i give you a holler if i find TEBORCIO HERNANDEZ in my research. thanks for the visit!

  11. IDK knung related ako sa inyo pero im also from batangas, Taal, Batangas to be exact. Kasi I’m searching sa history ng mga Hernandez if kung half Spanish ba ako or not. Ang alam ko kasi may mga relatives kami from Lipa. My great grandfather is Frisco or Prisco Hernandez I’m still searching kung cno tatay nya.

    1. thanks for the visit, jhonex! i don’t have your grandfather’s name in my database; but i can look out for it when i go through records. good luck in your search!

  12. Hi,

    We are descendants of Nicolas Hernandez. Do you have data regarding relationship of Nicolas with Juan?

    1. Hi Ric. My great grandfather Juan had a brother named Nicolas.

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