Felicisima Porcincula San Diego

Felicisima Porcincula San Diego (1935 – 1993) of Tondo, Manila, was the eldest daughter of Nicanor De Leon San Diego and Eugenia De Leon Porcincula.

Blessed with a fiery and passionate disposition, Fely was kicked out of St. Theresa’s College High School in Manila for throwing a table bell at a faculty member (It is interesting to note that all of her three daughters attended the very school from which she was expelled). She finished her secondary education from Sta. Catalina College in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

She met her future husband at the De Ocampo School of Nursing; but finished her education at the St. Anthony’s School of Midwifery. In 1959, at the age of 24, Fely married Carlo Ricardo Hernandez Magno, with whom she had four children.

Fely was a devoted homemaker and mother. She was a stay-at-home mom until her youngest turned 7, after which she actively engaged in business ventures. She was the main concessionaire for the Philippine Women’s University Fast Food Center and she also owned the CEMB Bookstore near Taft Avenue.

In 1986, a mass was discovered behind her optic nerves, necessitating brain surgery (the procedure also accidentally extinguished her sense of smell). Recovery from this procedure required her to take massive dosages of steroids to regenerate brain cells. But the medication resulted in serious calcium depletion which wreaked havoc on her skeletal system. In 1989, Fely endured hip replacement surgery.

Being the good patient that she was, Fely elected to have gall stone surgery in 1993 after experiencing mild stomach pains. A month after the removal procedure under the knife of Dr. Jose P. Caedo, Fely died from cardio-pulmonary arrest during corrective surgery at the Makati Medical Center.

Her inimitable singularity — her unconditional love for her family, her sense of humor, her legendary generosity, her volatile temper, her attention to details, her devotion to her faith, her scrumptuous cooking, her loyalty to Nora Aunor and Ferdinand Marcos — continue to stand in the memories of those whose lives she has profoundly touched.



Family History Research Notes

1. Felicisima Porcincula San Diego’s Family Tree can be found in Geni.com.

2 thoughts on “Felicisima Porcincula San Diego

  1. guys. even my surname is laniba. but my grand mother(felomina Magno) and she is the mother of my mother(jocelyn magno benilan) for her younger days… so .i will be happy if you reat me and my family as one of you.

    1. hi! it’s possible that we are family. the names you mentioned are not on my database though. i’ll give you a holler if i find a common ancestor. 🙂

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