Nicanor De Leon San Diego

Nicanor De Leon San Diego (1908 – 1992) was the son of Benito Calayag San Diego and Sinforosa de Leon.  On 05 March 1933, he married Eugenia De Leon Porcincula (Abt 1910 – 1964) with whom he had several children. He was a dentist by profession.  After Eugenia’s death in 1962, he married the widow Catalina Voltz (1915 – 1994). They did not have any children together.

A prominent physical feature which he passed on to generations of his descendants are the “San Diego ears” — large in size and stands almost perpendicular to the head.



Family History Research Notes

1. Nicanor de Leon San Diego’s Family Tree can be found of

2 thoughts on “Nicanor De Leon San Diego

  1. I’m trying to reconnect our family tree,recently I got introduced to our long lost cousin Val from Cebu,he’s the one that actually ignited my curiosity. My father’s name is Hector Guzman Sandiego,he’s the youngest son of the late Conrado & Felissa Sandiego from Manila,my father grew up in Tarlac and 7 other siblings.I still remember when I was young,we have a lot of relatives in Bulacan mostly doctors, if I can recall, we have an Uncle name Dr. Angel,he’s an eye doctor,my grandfather has a brother name Luis. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help us trace our family. Kind regards…Gary Sandiego, Chicago, IL USA

    1. hi, gary. val is my fourth cousin. will send you details via email on how we can collaborate on the family tree. 🙂

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