Casa Mañana

The San Diego’s ancestral home at 156 Arqueros Street, Tondo, Dagupan, Manila was called “Casa Mañana” by its previous Spanish owners. It was purchased by Nicanor and Eugenia San Diego after the liberation of Manila from the Japanese in 1945 for P12,500.

The two-story home occupied approximately 110 square meters of land. The structure had two stories and its architecture was characteristic of the homes of the early 1900’s.  Ornate woodwork embelished the facade. A set of three, large sliding windows made of framed capiz shells looked down to the street below. Ventanillas or “small windows” were positioned under the panoramic windows to let in the breeze on humid Manila nights. The furniture were made of hardwoods. A piano sat in the middle of the living room. In the dining area, batibot chairs surrounded the large dining table where the San Diego family shared their meals.

The San Diego family’s living area was concentrated on the upper floor. The ground level was used as an annex to Eugenia’s Selecta Beauty Parlor until her death in 1962. It was then occupied by the family of Nicanor’s sister Eliodora.

Sadly, the historic home fell to decay and was demolished in the early 1990’s.  The land has since been sold by the living San Diego siblings.Family History Research Notes

1. Google Map to 156 Arqueros Street, Tondo, Dagupan, Manila.

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