Eugenia De Leon Porcincula

Eugenia De Leon Porcincula (Abt 1910 – 1964) was the daughter of Apolonio Porcincula and Cirila De Leon.

She finished high school at the National University. And while enrolled at the Philippine Normal College for tertiary education, she dropped out of school to get married and start a family. On 05 March 1933, she married Nicanor De Leon San Diego, with whom she had six children: Nicanor Jr., Felicisima, Efren, Luis, Eugenio and Trinidad.

She finished a vocational course at the De Gala Beauty School and established the Selecta Beauty Parlor along 1829 Sande Street, Pritil, Manila. Her shop was a popular destination before World War II and was patronized by many big-name movie stars of that time — Rosa Rosal and Delia Razon, among many.

Lola Genia died of a heart attack in 1962 in Manila City, Philippines. She rests at the Cementerio del Norte in Manila.



Family History Research Notes

1. Details above were passed on in an interview in 2004 with Nicanor Porcincula San Diego, Eugenia’s eldest child.
2. Eugenia de Leon Porcincula’s Family Tree can be found on

7 thoughts on “Eugenia De Leon Porcincula

  1. my father is pablo gabriel de leon,born in gapan,nueva ecija on jan.25 1932

  2. hi, orlando. i don’t have a gabriel de leon on my database yet. will let you know if i find it in my research. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, so you can collaborate with me and others on-line.

  3. My name is Marcelita Porciuncula Rivera ( Single) now married bearing last name Magno..Acc to my mother her parents came from Pila Laguna where the Porciunculas live during her time..are there any traces from my roots?…

    1. Thanks for the visit, Marcie! I have done little research on my Porciuncula line because I have been unlucky finding records. My branch was from Malabon, Rizal (now Bulacan) during the 1900s. I do not know for sure if there are relatives in Laguna. Still, please come back — I usually publish my latest research here. “)

  4. I live in Lumban,Laguna and very interested to know my father’s lineage, PORCIUNCULAs. By blood relations, we only know his sister, Valeriana who also passed away almost two decades ago. There was an uncorfirmed story that our great grandfather was a stow away or “illegitimate” child hence, we don’t know other relatives other than my father’s only sister and her family, I would like to know more…. but my father has a striking likeness to Apolonio Porciuncula in the picture.

  5. And here is an interesting note for PORCIUNCULAs- I had a class mate then from Tanay and her immediate reaction upon knowing my surname after a few days of classes with her – Matatalino talaga ang mga Porciunculas!!

    Even when I was detained in Iloilo for my political conviction, a doctor said the number 1 in the class was a Porciuncula and asked me if I know the person? Hahaha Validated?

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