The Francisco Family


The spelling variations of this surname include Franco, Francos, Franca, Francés, Frances, among others. The name was first used in Castile in northern Spain.

Our Line

Unconfirmed stories place our line’s origin in Alabat, Quezon, Philippines.  Narcisa Francisco is the earliest known matriarch of our branch of the Francisco Clan.  She had at least three daughters:  Candelaria,  Guillerma and Leoncia (the grandmother of Philip Dudley Cezar).  By marriage, the clan is related to other families of note:  Cezar, Fabie, and Hernandez

Family History Research Notes

1.  Magno, Carlo. Interview. Place:  Cainta, Rizal, Philippines.  Date conducted: 20 May 2010.
2.  Narcisa Francisco’s Family Tree can be found on

2 thoughts on “The Francisco Family

  1. hello to all Francisco family..I try my best look where family start ,my family Francisco family..grand father ,name Tomas francisco.married to Uy family, was listed in US army 1st WW,was live parang father name Ricardo G francisco.most there life spend in zambaoanga city. from zamboanga city.this the only i get information about my family francisco. thank reply,pls.

  2. I Rosel D. Francisco from Aklan, My grandfather name is Eufronio Francisco and before he died he said that our family is came from Mindoro. If anyone who read this and knows my grandfather please notify me. thanks

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