Macario Lucban Veluz

Macario Lucban Veluz of Luisiana, Laguna, Philippines is the earliest known patriarch of the Veluz Clan.

Having fled his home town with his two brothers in the late 1800’s as an outlaw from the oppressive Spanish government, he and his siblings was said to have adopted this new surname which was befitting their new life (previous last name unknown). It is said that the brothers parted ways and settled in different towns in Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte. As his trade, he sold cows between Camarines Sur and Quezon. Eventually, he settled in a small coastal town Danawin in Quilbay, Camarines Sur — part of which is now known as a town of Del Gallego.  He married Cipriana Collantes with whom he had several children: Simeon, Jacinto, Francisca, Cresenciano, Maria, Alejandro, Juana and Dolores.

Family History Research Notes

1. Macario Veluz’ Family Tree can be found on

33 thoughts on “Macario Lucban Veluz

  1. I’m a Veluz too from manila. My grandmother told me that we have relatives in quezon but we don’t know them and we don’t have contact with them

  2. Hello Mona, congratulations! you have a very interesting site. My father was from Lucban Quezon, and my mother told me also that the otehr relatives are from Batangas, Alitagtag and Taal. Are we related or… It is very intriguing to know that the family veluz does exist…and still exist? My grandfather’s name is Fernando Cuya Veluz

    1. hi loreta. i don’t have FERNANDO CUYA VELUZ on the database yet. in the meantime, it would be great if you can enter your family data on, so you can collaborate with me and others on-line. once my research expands to include your ancestors, the system will advise us both. ok, di ba?

  3. Hello Mona, Congratulations for posting Veluz clan. Originally I am from Luisiana Laguna currently residing in Guam and my grandfather’s name was Santiago Veluz. Are we related?

    1. hi, merly. i don’t have a SANTIAGO VELUZ in my database yet; but i get new information often. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, and you can collaborate with me and others on-line. or you could check back here again for updates. =)

  4. Hello Mona, Thank you for posting the Veluz clan. I’m also doing my research: The Veluz Genealogy.My paternal grandparents resides at Lucban, Quezon. And I found out that my paternal grandfather father’s name is Felix E. Veluz. I heard from my paternal grandmother that we have relatives in Camarines Sur and Leyte. I don’t know if we are related?

    1. hi, denise. i don’t have a FELIX VELUZ on my database yet. will let you know if i find it in my research. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, so you can collaborate with me and others on-line as information becomes available.

  5. I amm doing a research about our Veluz family through the help of my Mom and Dad, my cousins and other relatives. My maiden name was Merly Veluz Pedron. My parents were also residing in Guam since 1990. I will keep you posted. Thanks.

    1. hi, merly. good luck on your genealogy study! i checked my database for PEDRON but could not find any on my list. send me your ancestor line and i might be able to help. =)

  6. i feel blessed to discover this website. i thank you all for having the wisdom to try to gather the few ‘veluces’ which i suspect hve strong co-sanguinity.
    as i had been told, any person with a veluz surname, most likely is related to this root. the next message is for the mayor. bayani, i visited your family when i was barely fifteen years old you were i think was either 6 0r seven years old. Tio Beriong and Tia Lucy invited me and my half siter( who was 8 years older than i as)we are the veluz from naga city. we enjoyed our stay. i went to medical school at the university of Alabama in birmingham. would like to correspond with you thru e-mail if possible. -rudy veluz

    1. hi, rudy. thanks for visiting the site! bayani is my husband’s first cousin. i don’t think i have his email; but i will pass on your note to one of his kids.

  7. p.s. the langka in del gallego is abundant. my fondest memory was walking thru the ‘gubat’ with a couple of surveyors ( this was in either ’62 or ’63, so i can’t remember their names). the ‘gubat’ was filled with the heady but pleasant scent of ripened and cracke langka. this will surely be one of my major stop, when i visit del gallego. bayani, your uncle Mr. Bienvenido Veluz was my history teacher at UNC. we are so many in school then, that i doubt that he would remember me. is del gallego still accesible by train from naga? thanks again.

    1. hi again, rudy. bayani is my husband’s first cousin. i have only been there once, during the veluz reunion at pay beriong’s place, so i would not have your memories of the gubat.

      pay benny, your ex-teacher, now lives in mandaluyong with his kids. he is very strong and healthy and travels to back del gallego often. “)

  8. thank you mona for responding. tell bayani to send me his e-mail. mona, if you have the time, could you tell me how far is the coast from del gallego? what is the water like? also are those langka filled ‘gubats’ still in existence. regards to your family. if you send me your e-mail i’ll send you my family picture,and if you don’t mind you also could share yours. i might even send bayani the same. regards and GOD bless .

    1. hi again, rudy. ragay gulf is very close to del gallego. one of the inlets from the bay go through del gallego’s southern area.,122.598581&spn=0.023826,0.052142&t=h&z=15

      the house we rented at back in 1995 was only accessible via water, so i distinctly remember taking a bangka on the river that leads to the gulf. sadly, the river was not very clean.

      these days, cam sur is a popular destination for wake boarding. there is a big resort owned by the villafuerte’s tourists go to. i am particularly interested in visiting misibis bay (a boutique hotel) — i heard it’s a great place to stay.

  9. mona, thanks for the reply. i just came back from my 47th unc/hs reunion feb/16. had visited camsur the wakeboarding resort. my justice friend/hclassmate (of the court of appeals)and his family drove us (brother and i)there. i have not heard of misibis bay, is it in naga? i do remember ragay, there is a body of water seen as our bicol express train would have a stopover then, when i would commute from manila to naga. it looked impressive then to me. i know i am shooting to many q’s and request at you.thank you for your patience. i know mayor bayani is busy, but i hope he’ll connect with me one of these days and soon tanks and God Bless. -rudy

    1. hi rudy. misibis bay is in bacaycay, albay — a few minutes away from naga. =)

  10. hi everyone,im from luisiana,laguna my grandfathers name is CASTOR doing a research of VELUZ CLAN and i read the article about VELUZ CLAN..i need some help guys i need to gather some information about the VELUZ CLAN…thanks

    1. thanks for the visit, arnold! unfortunately, i do not have a CASTOR VELUZ in my database. the earliest patriarch of the veluz clan that my husband’s family knows of is MACARIO VELUZ who was born in luisiana; but settled in del gallego. i will flag this name and give you a holler if i find anything. 🙂

  11. hi,Mona! Thanx for creating this site, for Veluz clan, not only interesting but very informative. My grandfather’s name is Castor Veluz and his wife is Marcela Bala, both from Luisiana, Laguna.Their siblings are; namely…Crispina, Ruben, Anita, Purificacion, Pinoy, Lilia, Tessie, Myrna and Pastor. Oh, btw, my grandather’s parents, we call them, Amamang Bernabe and Inanang Duya. This info may help. And please keep me posted. Thanx again.

    1. thanks for the visit, maritez! how are you related to arnold? (see other commnets)

      like i mentioned, earlier i do not have a CASTOR VELUZ in my database. the earliest patriarch of the veluz clan that my husband’s family knows of is MACARIO VELUZ who was born in luisiana; but settled in del gallego. i will flag this name and give you a holler if i find anything. 🙂

      in the meantime, i encourage you to pursue the reseach into your line. you can go to a church of the latter day saints family history center nearest you and go through baptism records on microfilm. to start with, you can also refer to this good luck!

    2. Arnold veluz bijer is my cousin, his mother is anita married to remegio bijer.

    3. thanx Mona,.can you help find in your database the name of my grandfather fathers name BERNABE VELUZ maried to MARCELA BALA VELUZ..thanks a lot..

  12. hi mona, thank you for this very interesting site! my grandmother is Juana Veluz and my mother is Minerva Vivero. I have updated my geni family data and you may send me an invite. Thank very much!

    1. hi, art. you are my husband’s second cousin. i just sent you an invitation to our geni tree. 🙂

    2. hi, art! my husband recalls a certain “lola anang” who made great halo-halo. was she your grandmother?

      are you based in del gallego? we are planning a trip to visit relatives there later in the month. 🙂

    3. “Lola Anang” is indeed my grandma. She and my mom (aka imba or embot) used to have a store in del gallego that served the halo halo and “snowball” in the 70s.

      Unfortunately, we’re no longer based in del gallego since the early 80s. Mom now is based in Mandaluyong. But she still visits DG at least 2x a year.

      My mom says, she still recalls 4 “goying” boys especially “monching”. She also remembers “mel”.

      Thank you so much for inviting me into your geni tree, makes me feel proud of being part of the veluz clan. 🙂

      im starting to be a fan of “” :). more power to you!

  13. Hi,I am jun. Are anyone who related to Juan Veluz???? Juan Veluz married to Matilde Villaverde Balais. They have 3 children. They came from Lucban,Quezon.

  14. Hi I am Deogracias Rivera Veluz, nick name Gary. My hometown is Paracale, Camarines Norte. My grandfather is Ireneo Veluz, the youngest son of Fausto Veluz, who according to Tiya Trining Veluz Vazquez, a teacher who now is settled in Alaska, USA, may have been the brother of Macario Veluz who settled in Del Gallego, Camarines Sur. They may have been the brothers who left Lucban, Quezon in 1800’s. Fausto Veluz have 5 children namely Pedro who became Municipal Mayor of Paracale during the late Spanish era, Maria who was born blind, Jose who may have left for USA, Mariano who left Paracale and settled in Gumaca, Quezon and my grandfather Ireneo. Mariano was the father of Deogracias Veluz, my Tukayo) who worked in the Phil. National Railways (PNR) Sofronio who established the Veluz Studio in Manila Hotel, together with Arsenio (Veluzar) and Alfredo who was the husband of Nedie Cuneta, daughter of former Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta. Other children of Mariano were Adela who was married to General Tagumpay Nanadiego, Paterno and other younger siblings whom I no longer know. As a matter of fact I have still in my possession the Extra-judicial settlement of the properties of Fausto in 1917 written in Spanish language.

  15. Good Day
    I’m Dherick Veluz from Mandaluyong, my grandfathers name is ALEJANDRO VILLAVERDE VELUZ from Lukban, Quezon and my fathers name is NOLI ANDRE S. VELUZ from Naga City, Camarines Sur
    did anyone knew them.
    Thanks. . .

  16. Hi mona. My name is Gilbert Veluz I’m from Pasig City my Dad Deogracias “Gary” Veluz from Paracale Camarines Norte. My grandpa is Miguel Veluz and my great great granda pa is Pedro Veluz. Im here now residing in Los Angeles California. Let me know if you are familiar with the names that i gave you. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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