Jacinto Collantes Veluz

Jacinto Collantes Veluz (1890-1978) of Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, Philippines was the son of Macario Lucban Veluz and Cipriana Collantes. 

He accompanied his father during his trips to nearby towns to trade cows. In one of their visits to Minalabac, Camarines Sur, he and his father met and fancied the young, orphaned Florentina Padilla Balid who was living with her uncle, the local judge. It is said that after “reasonable” negotiations between the elders, Jacinto gained a bride in exchange for their livestock. Their union bore several children, with the first three dying in infancy. Among their children were Salvador, Gregorio, Silverio, Celestino, Antonio, Bienvenido, Angustia and Pura.

Family History Research Notes

1. Jacinto Collantes Veluz’ Family Tree can be found on Geni.com.

8 thoughts on “Jacinto Collantes Veluz

  1. Hi Redith: I have been having a hard time find our Collantes line. I was told the Collantes in our family was from Minalabac; but I haven’t been successful in finding any documentary proof. Will post my findings if I stumble onto something new …

  2. hi! i am also from the family of collantes clan here in the Philippines. My father mostly know our family line…They live in bicol region, some in batangas and some are in different parts of the Philippines. i am searching for my family bloodline but failed to do so…

    1. hi cassandra. i have very little research into the collantes line, although it would be great if i can grow that. if you can plot your family tree on geni.com, perhaps you can find a shared lineage with someone also interested in tracing their family tree. collantes is not a very common name, so i am sure there are gems to be had. all the best!

    2. hi! hello po! im proud to be a collantes. kapangalan mo po ung lolo sa tuhod ko na si jacinto collantes ng sto.domingo,albay at ang anak nya ay si efren collantes sya naman ung lolo ko at ung anak nya naman si dominador collantes sya ang ama ko. Sana mag meet naman po tau someday

  3. Hi everyone,

    Someone help me on finding one of my Girlfriends relatives? Her mother came from the Camarine sur, and she haven’t yet met her tito’s and tita’s i hope you’ll me. Thanks guys..

  4. i am francis collantes escarda from catanduanes. My ancestors were not really from catanduanes that is why i am looking for other collantes family. I hope I could find.

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