Feliza Sasuca Serrano

Feliza Sasuca Serrano (18989 – 1969)  was born to Eleno Serrano and Graceana Sasuca on 14 Mar 1889 in Libon, Albay, Philippines

She was a homemaker and was a skilled burdadera or embroiderer. In 1920, she had her first child with Ignacio Calleja when she was about 23 years old and he was about 58. Their life together was blessed with three children: Leonardo, Angelina and Felipe.

3 thoughts on “Feliza Sasuca Serrano

  1. hello i am a Serrano, and my grandfather Dominador Serrano is said to be from bulacan.. i only know his name to be Dominador ‘doming’ Serrano… Do you know my grandfather? can you help me trace my origin? thank you

  2. Hi. My father, Iluminado Serrano hails frim Libon, Albay. His siblings are Haydee and Zorico. His father is Benito Serrano, married to a Rosauro. Hope you can help me trace my Serrano – side of our family tree. Thank you

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