The Serrano Family


Pronounced as [se-ra’-no], the family name is derived from a Spanish noun serrano, meaning “highlands” or “hill”.  The family name originated in the mountains of Burgos in Castile-León, Spain the medieval Spanish kingdom whose language and culture spread to many countries of the world. The name existed as early as 200 BC. The spelling variations of this surname include Serrana, Serra, Sierro, Sierra, among others.

The practice of the Catholic Church of Libon to maintain a separate record for Bautismos Illegitimos or baptisms of illegitimate children proved to be a hurdle in our research. The records of the many illegitimate children in our family only included the mother’s information and excluded the father’s altogether. 

Our Line

During the initial implementation of the Claveria Decree of 1849 in the province of Albay, it is said that the Governor seemingly tore out pages of the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos and sent them to individual towns. For this reason, the last names of families which originally hail from Libon, Albay (from where the family line’s earliest known roots originate) begin with the letter “S” — such as Se, Sera, Seva, Serase and Serrano, among many. 

That said, we are connected to two separate Serrano genealogical lines.  Until we find proof to the contrary, we are treating the two clans, as distint and unrelated, even if they are from the same hometown.

Serrano Line ASalome Calleja‘s second partner and first husband was Doroteo Serrano.  He is the earliest known patriarch of that line.

Serrano Line BFeliza Sasuca Serrano married Ignacio Calleja.  Her father was Eleno Serrano.  Eleno, his brother Justo and their cousin Leocadio Serrano belonged to the earliest documented generation of that clan. 

By marriage, the clan is related to other families:  Calleja, Revantes, Moni, Sasuca, among them.



Family History Research Notes

1. Doroteo Serrano’s Family Tree can be found on
2. The family trees of Eleno Serrano, Justo Serrano, and Leocadio Serrano can be found on

64 thoughts on “The Serrano Family

  1. I am looking for the origin of Melchor Serrano who resided in Manaoag, Pangasinan Philippines sons are Eleno Serrano & Eldefonso Serrano

    1. Hi can i ask a question.. Do you know Teresita Serrano who was Lived in San Rafael Bulacan??

  2. Hi! The Serrano line from our family are 100% Bicolanos — so I’m afraid I do not have any information on Serrano’s from Pangasinan. It’s a coincidence though that we both have an Eleno & Melchor Serrano in the family. I will keep my eye opened for anything that could help you.

    1. Hi can i ask a question.. Do you know Teresita Serrano who was Lived in San Rafael Bulacan??

  3. I am wanting to begin research on my last name Serrano. I became curious one day as to the origin of my last name, and where my ancestors came from.

    1. Im looking For my father Rosauro Cuenca Serrano. Do you have any idea if this person is stoill around?

  4. Hi Joseph! The last name “Serrano” per se is very common in the Philippines. It was among the last names in the name catalogue Filipinos chose from after the enactment of the Claveria decree in 1840. If you want to know your ancestors, then you have to start with what you know; then work backwards. I would recommend a visit to the nearest Church of the Latter Day Saints’ Family History Center. Even if you don’t belong to their church, someone will be able to help you plot your past. Thanks for visiting our site!

  5. Hi ,

    I was browsing the net in search of Liao and I came to this site.

    I happen to see some liao’s in your family tree. I am a liao from Iligan city with descendants coming from mainland china.

    I would just like to inquire about the liaos in your family tree.


    1. Hi Richard,
      I am searching about my Liao roots and happened to see your inquiry in this blog. I am a Liao from Antique my angkong is from amoy china. Not much info about him..hope to hear from you.

    2. Hi, I’m Mary Anne Serino. I’m currently based in Cebu but my serino roots are traced back to Mindanao, particularly Lanao del Norte. Is the Serino name in any way related to the Serrano surname and were there any Serrano’s that moved to Mindanao? Thanks

  6. I would like to know more about the Serrano Line And I would also like to know more about ( Serrano, Araceli (1932 – )
    Which she is name exactly like me. I would appreciate any information you can give me . Thank you Aracelis Serrano

  7. hello my dad is from Manaoag, just wondering if this family is conected at all.

  8. Hola… De casualidad me dio con poner mi nombre y hacer la busqueda… Me encanta mi apellido ya que siento que me da fuerza… Bendiciones…

  9. If you can provide the name of natividad villadelgado maribeles father then i may give you her other ancestors name. The Villadelgado’s trace thier roots in Iloilo(Dumangas) and Negros Capitan Joaquin Villadelgado(1835) settled in Hinigaran Town, Negros Occ.

    1. @roger. i never got a reply back when i sent you a note about this. to recap, may naty’s father was SALVADOR. i am sure her kids (eleno, luis, felipe, johnny, susan and cristy) would get a kick out of that. kuya leno has been such a big help in researching our serrano-calleja roots.

    2. yes, Salvador is brod of my grandpa.His roots r Vicente(married to Silvestra Villa Mosqueda) 1st gen.2nd gen Venancio(married toSoledad Palacios)Salvador parents.Siblings r Santiaga V.
      ruiz de Luzuriaga and Felix. I have iitially cotacted their branch of the family tree tpo inform them/organize.ty.

  10. hi I just want to ask how to get the password in order to log in,To Serrano family tree in Libon Albay,cause I want to know my clan since I belong to Serrano family in libon. thanks

    1. @josephine. kindly send me the names of your ancestors so i can validate. if i can find a connection, it will send you an invite to our on-line family forest. thanks!

  11. Mona V, I have have received new info.from Tita Nenita Calleja-Chua daugther of Manuel Maronilla Calleja and Paz Aspillera.She visited us here in the U.S.A. last 2005.I showed her your research work of the Calleja family some add on will help your research work. Msgr.Bishop Gonzalez last name is DIETZ-Franciscan Order. Iam doing a research work of him right now in the U.S.A. Never did i taught that my Uncle Jose Reyes(brother of my mother)who is now deceased did an intensive research of the Calleja family with Dr. Abella a noted filipino historian married to the sister of my grandmother(Felisa Calleja)way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s in Barcelona,Spain.According to Tita Nenita Msgr.Bishop Gonzalez Dietz picture is framed and hangs in my uncles house in the Philippines. I think i have figure out the name Ignacio’s that had confuse us in our last e-mail dated Sept.2001.Base on your data and my recent information from my relatives in a chronological order of time and the traditional practices of the Calleja family.I came up of Three Ignacio Calleja that had existed.Ignacio #1 is Salome Calleja son which they called (Papa Ignacio).Ignacio #2 was the brother of my grandmother(Dolores “Loleng” Calleja) confirmed by your mother-in-law(Angela)as they are 1st cousins in your e-mail dated Sept.2001 and the third Ignacio III is the youngest son of Manuel Maronilla and Paz Aspillera Calleja the youngest brother of Tita Nenita Calleja-Chua.My grandmother’s father is Lorenzo Calleja married to Luciana Malonda.Tita Nenita Calleja-Chua real name is Pacita(Nenita) Aspillera Calleja named after her mother Pacita(Paz)Aspillera Calleja.Have you heard of Family member named Bonifacio “Boni” who is married to Pasia and have a child named “Angela”? Angela has a daugther name Rosita and Sor Matilde of St.Paul.Rosita the daughter of Angela from Boni has a dughter named “Agnes” if you have some info please e- mail me the info.Give my regards to your Mother-in-law.GOD bless you all.

  12. Hello Mona, My grandfather is Mariano Calleja. I remember my Dad taking me to a church as a child, where his grandparents-Lorenzo Calleja & Luciana Malonda were entombed. Can you please send me the password at my email address: I’d like to know more about the Calleja Family. Great work !! Thanks so much!

  13. Message for Tony Nosce.. I am Paticia, grandaughter of Angela (my lola Lalay) youngest daughter of Rosita. my mom passed away last April 2006 and so my Aunt (Sister Mechtilde)My sister Agnes used to visit his son in LAs Vegas once in while.She’s stays in San Francisco. you may contact her in my e-mail add. When I was small I always remember when Lola Loleng of Iriga and Lolo Maning of Albay always visit my Lola Lalay in Libon and seving them the best chicken regards.

    1. hi patricia. you are my husband’s second cousin once removed! i am sending you an invitation to access and contribute to our family forest. =)

  14. hi, my maternal grandmother is a serrano from leyte. i would like to trace my serrano roots,pls contact me

  15. Patricia, I met your sister Agnes way back in the 80’s we lost contact of her.Yes i remember her talking of lola Lalay (Angela) and also of sister Mechtilde.She stayed with us for a month we taught she went back home.Thanks for your info.

  16. hi!! im jazz grandson of anna serrano and leocadio sevilla…i think im related in your family… uhmmm coz i always spending my time in libon… bye tnx…

    1. hi jazz. i do not have LEOCADIO SEVILLA in our database but i do have an ANA SERRANO. could you find out the names of ana’s parents so i can confirm the links? thanks!

  17. Hi, do you know of a Romeo B. Serrano who resides in San Miguel Bulacan? who used to have (or may still have) some lot in Sibul, San Miguel Bulacan (portion of which was classified as Dona Remedios Trinidad)?

  18. Hi! I am Eduardo Jesus M. Serrano, my father is Jose Sr. My grandfather is Bonifacio and my great grandfather is Eustaquio (full-blooded Spaniard). I want to know more about Eustaquio. Stories I heard has it that Eustaquio was brought back to Spain. How can I search more about him.

  19. Hi! I have been doing research on my Cadiz genealogy and family history and is planning to write a book about it.

    So far the oldest Cadiz descendant I’ve found is my great great great grandfather Don Alvino Cadiz who married Doña Ana SERRANO Montes.

    Doña Ana Serrano Montes was born on 1814 in Paracale, Camarines Norte of mestizos españoles Don Francisco Montes and Doña Maria Serrano (my great(4x) grandparents) also from Paracale, Camarines Norte. Obviously, they didn’t get the Montes surname from the Claveria Decree of 1849. I was hoping that you can help me identify from which province in the Philippines the Spanish Serranos actually settled after migrating from Spain and maybe check your database for some linkages. Oh, and there might also be some Monteses and Cadizes in your list. 🙂

    By the way, you have a really nice site especially for people who have a knack at genealogical research! Thanks! Ram

    1. thanks for the kind words, ram! i have not gone beyond the 1860’s on the serrano research, so i am afraid i cannot be of much help yet. i will keep this in mind and let you know as soon as i find something. and good luck on your project! 🙂

  20. Hi,

    I would like to ask if the Serrano Clan from Bongga Bacacay Albay are related to the Serrano’s of Libon.

    I’m from a Serrano clan from Bongga and I was informed by my Aunt that we are related to the Calleja of Albay.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mat. I don’t know details on how my husband’s relatives are scattered all around Bicol. If you have some names for me to validate, I would be glad to let you know if there are connections. 🙂

  21. hi,, im farah keith serrano,, im looking for my father rodrigo luina serrano, from pandacan city,, hope you could help me.. im looking for him since when i was 10 years old,, and im 20 years old now,,

    1. Thank for visiting my site, Faith. I do not know of a RODRIGO SERRANO; but I hope this posting can lead you closer to finding him.

  22. hi im one of the serrano here in Pampanga, do you have any records that pertains to the Serrano’s here in our area.

    1. Hi Ryan. Serrano is a very common name, and I do not know of anyone from Pampanga in my husband’s family. A family’s place of origin is dependent on the time period you are looking at, so I would suggest going back one generation at a time. Perhaps we can link a common link somewhere … 🙂

  23. as far as i know….there is 7 brothers that went
    to different areas of the philippines ..that is why there is serrano all over….batangas bulacan mindanao bicol…pampanga…
    the trait of serrano is lanky pointed nose and

    chito serrano

    1. The earliest known Serrano in the Philippines was a Portuguese João Serrão (Juan Serrano in Spanish) who was the captain of one of the ships in Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet, the “Santiago”.

      Oral histories are always so fascinating! Do let me know if you have some research on the 7 brothers. 🙂

    2. My great grandfather Simplicio (1883) comes from the 7 brothers. he knows Rosalio and Pedro Serrano Laktaw as his very close relatives. I am sure there is a link among these 7 brothers who dispersed because this was my great great grandpa’s story. He lived long enough to tell my father.

  24. My Lola is Loreto Mendoza Serrano before she got married to my Grandfather Leon Reboredo. She would say that these brothers settled and were brought and raised in intramuros then were casted separately in all parts of Philippines. Their roots are Portugese. Ours stemmed from Lobo Batangas…

  25. Our roots are from Bulacan. I was able to trace up to Rosalio Serrano y Reyes ( born 1802), father of Pedro Serrano y Lactao (Laktaw) who is the author of the Diccionario Hispano-Tagalog published in 1889. Do we get a connection for these names? It also intrigues me if there are names for the 7 brothers? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi. Rosalio does not appear in my database. Unfortunately, Serrano is such a common name; so it would be difficult to establish a connection from names alone. Still, with more research, I hope we make that link in the future!

    2. I am sure there is a connection, my father is familiar with these names as conveyed to him by his grandpa.

  26. Hi, thank you for your reply. Do we have in Manila translation services who could decipher the calligraphy & context of Spanish documents dating back in the1800s. It looks similar to the first 3 pages of your gallery.
    I love this site. Somewhere along the thread a link can be discovered. Keep on going!

  27. hi..gud day!!this site still active?because im also from Sasuca’s Clan..tnx!

    1. Thanks for the note, John! The site is still active but I have not had the opportunity to conduct new research unfortunately, so no new articles yet.

  28. its ok!!im also from libon, albay..Im the grandson of Isabelo father is Emilio Sasuca…tnx!

  29. .ah ,my father’s name is Benito garcia serrano.
    hes originated from ilocos sur.
    can help me to search his family background. if what kind of family he got.
    im sorry 4 my English cuz im not good in it.
    By: Elvie serrano from

    1. Hi, Elvie. I do not have your father in my database. Obviously, there are many unrelated Serrano’s in the Philippines. I would suggest you begin your research at You can read how-to’s and get access to some Philippine records there. 🙂

  30. Hi! I saw this site while I was searching about my great great grandfather Justo Serrano. It’s nice to know that he has a brother. 🙂

    Btw, my father’s family is also from Libon, Albay.

  31. hi, my lola, natividad calleja serrano who married agaton s.seggara is definitely part of this clan!

  32. Im very curious of my last name Serrano . I have a Grandfather named Eulilo n Grandmother named Mary. I heard about a Don Serrano from Barcelona,Spain who was a Bull Breeder and moved to Mexico. I have Ukranian , Apache tribe in me as well… any info on these Serranos please respond !!!!! lil info will go a long way for me!!!!!

    1. Serrano is a very common name and many Serrano’s are actually unrelated. To determine ancestry, it is really best to move backwards from what you know.

  33. hi! can I know if the name Bonifacio Serrano of pampanga is in your data base and I want to know about my ancestors. BTW I am Manuel jr Serrano from pampanga.

  34. Hello~!! My grandfather (Wilfredo Baluran Serrano) came from Visayas, and his grandfather came directly from Spain and had children (one of them is Vicente Serrano, my grandfather’s dad).
    Very small information but I hope could be of help. 🙂

  35. Hi Mona V. Thank you for your extensive reasearch. I’m pretty sure that we are distantly related. My mom is the former Teresita Serrano (nee Aguilar) from Libon, Albay. Her mom’s name is Evarista Fortuno Aguilar and she married Mariano Serrano also from Libon, Albay. Three years ago on my trip back home to the Philippines, I was told the Serrano of Libon descended from Spanish friars—who may have been involved in the construction of a church in Manila. I appreciate knowing more about my roots that I can passed on to the next generation. I have no other information about the Serrano’s and Aguilars beyond my grandparents and would like more info.

    1. Hi Maria! If you have a family tree on, look me up so we can find the interesting branches. 🙂

  36. Hello Mona, You’re doing a great service here and I think I found someone who might be related with us. His name is Warren Serrano and his comment was last 03/25/2015. Is there a way you could facilitate us contacting each other. Thank you for your help.

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