Segundino Sobrepeña Magno

Segundino Sobrepeña Magno was born in Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines on 19 June 1913 to Ricardo Magno and Teodora Sobrepeña.

Gunding was a master carpenter and painter by profession. He belonged to the Philippine Independent Church. He married Fredesvinda Francisco Hernandez on 21 March 1935. The young couple lived with Gudning’s parents in 104 C.R. Fuentes Street, Iloilo City at first.  The home was where their three eldest children were born.

They migrated from Iloilo City to Manila in 1941, at the advise of Fredesvinda’s father who, being affiliated with the government, knew that Manila would be the only open city where supplies and rations would be most accessible.  In 1942, Fredesvinda’s father, Juan Anderson Hernandez, served as superintendent of the Philippine Constabulary Academy, a training school for policemen. Segundino then worked in the Academy as the chief cook. In his efforts to help the Filipino guerillas, he would keep the armory unlocked for the rebels to loot overnight.

Segundino and Fredesvinda made Mandaluyong City their home. This city was where they raised their family. Fredesvinda was a homemaker and worked as a skilled dressmaker. Despite their humble lifestyle, they raised a closely-knit family and were important influences in the lives of their grandchildren.

A smoker since his teens, Lolo Gunding died of complications from lung disease on 21 April 1992 in Manila City.

Family History Research Notes

1. Segundino Sobrepeña Magno’s Family Tree can be found on

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