Benito Calayag San Diego

Benito Calayag San Diego (Abt 1870 – 1944) of Obando, Bulacan, Philippines was the son of Teodoro Roxas San Diego and Candida Lopez Calayag. 

Benito was baptized on 24 March 1872 in San Pascual Baylon Parish, Obando, Bulacan — he was 4 days old. He carried the name “Benito Cuerva San Diego” in church documents and, like his father, did not use his mother’s maiden name.  This writer hypothesizes that generations before, a woman from the prominent Cuerva Clan married a San Diego, who was socially undistinguished.  The practice may have been carried on for generations, until the social benefit ceased to exist.

According to oral histories, Benito had 4 brothers — two migrated to the Visayas, two stayed in Obando, while he migrated to the city of Manila.  In the 1910s, he worked for the US Army Quartermaster Corps, located at the Port Area, Tondo, Manila City.  Benito married Sinforosa De Leon with whom he had seven children: Cecilio, Eliodora, Nicanor, Macaria, Brigida, Modesta and Concordia. 


Family History Research Notes

1. Some details above were passed on in an interview in 2004 with Nicanor Porcincula San Diego, Eugenia’s eldest child.  Thank you po, Tito Nic!
2. Benito Calayag San Diego’s Family Tree can be found on

11 thoughts on “Benito Calayag San Diego

  1. Hi. We are the San Diegos of Cebu. My great great grand fathers name is Mariano San Diego, a native from Bulacan who went to the Visayas together with a certain priest who was assigned in Parian Cebu during 1880s and he got married to Maria Yap. Mariano eventually became the cabeza de Barangay in Parian. Can you name the two San Diegos who migrated to the Visayas? I would be very glad if you can trace our roots because we are the only San Diego here in Cebu. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello This is Arnel Cruz San Diego. I was born in Quezon city, Phil in 2/1957 and deaf. My great grandfather name Pedro San Diego but I don’t know what’s Pedro’s middle name? He married to Ana Mendoza in Lubao,Pampanga. Their 6 children: Liberato, Conrado, Luis, Fernanda, Escolastica, Teofista. My grandfather Liberato M San Diego married to Gerarda Dimla Victorio ( She was from Capiz). He has cousins in bulacan, malabon & Balut, Tondo. Pls let me know if you find what’s Pedro’s middle name?
      Please email me:

      We will visit to Yap-San Diego house of cebu. Thank u very much, Arnel (deaf)

  2. I am Esmeralda Calayag-Ang.My dad is Matias Calayag, son of Pedro Calayag and Genoveva Sta. Ana from San Roque,Paombong, Bulacan.We have relatives also in San Jose ,Paombong , Bulacan ans Sto.Nino, Paombong ,Bulacan. We have ditant relatives in Malolos but I don’t know them anymore because I grew up in Manila

    1. hi, esmeralda. i don’t have those names on my database yet. will let you know if i find it in my research. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, so you can collaborate with me and others on-line, as information becomes available. thanks!

    2. hi mrs esmeralda., im michael angelo calayag in the son PEDRO CALAYAG and PERLITA BERNARDO from MALOLOS BULACAN,, were leaving at brgy sumapang matanda

  3. i am from cebu my grandfather is miguel calayag from paombong bulacan married to maria resos of gen. trias cavite my father is adriano calayag and my mother is nonita merida calayag. my grandfather brother of my grandfather is macario calayag.

    1. thanks for your visit, nene! what i know of my calayag ancestors are found here: i have a MIGUEL CALAYAG in the family tree; and he was born approx in the 1800s. that said, we may have a common ancestor, considering how children are sometimes named after favorite grandparents! 🙂

    2. hi.. coz u from calayag clan., im michael angelo calayag gatering data from our clan

  4. Hi I am deaf. I like to info u about my grandfather Liberato Mendoza San Diego was born in Bunsuran, Pandi, Bulacan in 1891. His father name’s Pedro San Diego but I don’t know what’s his middle name? Pls let me know if u find his middle name. Thank you very much! Arnel C San Diego

  5. hi im michael angelo calayag formerly the grand son of miguel calayag and son of pedro enriquez calayag her son. thank you for rhis information., calayag miguel clan we are setting an reunion every 30th of december,.

    1. I really wanna know about my mother’s clan/origin.she is ROSE MARY EsCAÑAN CALAYAG,from siargao.i am d youngest,and I have 3older sisters and 1 brother.she died when.i was so young,and I cnt even.recall most of the things about her.pls help…thank u and God bless… #CALAYaG

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