The Veluz Family


The family name is derived from a Spanish phrase, “ve” meaning “to see” and “luz” meaning “light”. In the day when Filipinos were better versed in Spanish, the name was pronounced [ve’-luth].  However, its present-day pronounciation is [ve-luz’].

Our Line

Though not yet confirmed, the original home of our Veluz line is said to be Luisiana, Laguna. However, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur is more reliably considered to be the family’s ancestral home town.  Macario Veluz is the earliest known patriarch of our branch of the Veluz Clan.



Family History Research Notes

1. Macario Veluz’ Family Tree can be found on

52 thoughts on “The Veluz Family

    1. @norman, NARCISO BUENAVENTURA does not appear in my database. sorry …

  1. Greetings! I’m just curious about my grandfather,Julian Flores Veluz. Just want to know if someone out there might have known him. I remember him refer to his father or was it his grandfather as “tandang eryong”. TY

    1. @sam, it’s been a while since we emailed. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i have not forgotten — still looking for the elusive link. at any rate, perhaps you can create a profile on and build your family tree. the system will advise you if there are common names in other trees. neat functionality!

  2. hi…im from cavite…and i was wondering if the veluz clan of dasmariñas,cavite is related to all the veluz in this site…you see…were the only veluz here at our place..and im just curious about where our clan originally came from…thanks……

    1. @valerie, it seems the veluz’s are widely dispersed in south luzon. =)

  3. I happened to visit your website. My father, Bayani Veluz, 71, lives in Lumban, Laguna but is from Lucban, Quezon, originally. However, my (Rodante, a.k.a. Dante) family now lives here in Vallejo, CA, USA. May I know some updates on our clan? Thanks.

    1. @dante, i still have no BAYANI VELUZ that matches your line. could you create your profile on so you can collaborate with me and others, as common links are entered? thanks!

  4. I would like to know if someone knows my Grandfather. His name is Fidel Veluz from Lucban, Quezon. He was a music teacher in Lucban and had a marching band. Please contact me if you have more info.

    1. hi – unfortunately, i don’t have a FIDEL VELUZ in my database. will tag the name and let you know if it comes up in my research. thanks for visiting the site! could you please set up your family tree on once i find the common link, the system would tag me via email. that would really help. thanks!

  5. “the original home of our Veluz line is said to be Luisiana, Laguna”. I agree to this… coz my dad is from luisiana laguna! i just do not know the name of my dad’s dad! my dad’s name is Salvador Veluz.

  6. do you have ahmmmm Godofredo Veluz (my dad’s dad) and Basilio Veluz (my great grand dad) in your database?! They are both also from Luisiana, Laguna!

    1. hi, joy. thanks for visiting the site! unfortunately, neither SALVADOR nor GODOFREDO nor BASILIO appear in my database. i’ll flag these names and let you know as soon as i establish a link. better still, could you please create a family tree on the system automatically advises me if there is a common link somewhere. i then send the collaboration request. nifty!

  7. Hello I came across this site because I have been looking for my biological father, and my only clue is that his last name is Veluz. He and my mother Mila had a relationship and parted ways well before I was born. I just wanted to know who he really is. I know he was (or still is?) living in Cavite so I am assuming the Veluzes come from an old family. Please if anybody can provide any information I would be very greatful.

  8. How do I get password of serrano’s family tree, I was son of jesus Serrano. He is living in libon, albay. I am living here in cavite and I would like to know more about my ancestors.. coz I have no ideas about it!

    1. hi jefferson. i’m afraid i do not have JESUS SERRANO in my database. i’ll let you know if i run across his name in my research. in the meantime, could you put your ancestor tree in that way, the system can automatically advise when there is a match. thanks!

  9. My lolo, is a member of the BANDA BANAHAW when Lucban is still under Tayabas provice. I need also info when the band was formed & if your grandfather Fidel Veluz is the band leader, need more pictures of them too. It seems like they are the very first marching band of Lucban.

    1. hi ronee. i don’t have FIDEL VELUZ in my database yet; but please do keep me updated about your research on the banda banahaw. sounds very interesting — marching bands were rock stars back then! =)

  10. Hi, I was just wondering if there’s anything you know about the late Rodolfo Veluz? He was a doctor, graduate of UST, and he’s from Quezon too, I think. He married another doctor, Generosa Modelo about fifty or so years ago. I hope you can help me.=)

    1. @reina, i don’t have a RODOLFO VELUZ on my database yet. will let you know if i find it in my research. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, and you can collaborate with us and others on-line as new information becomes available.

  11. Hi Valerie. I also live in Cavite since 1989. But we came from Makati before that, I heard that there are Veluz family in Dasmarinas, Cavite and some are related to the Remullas, once professor in DLSU-D actually approached me and told me she is a relative, she is married to a Remulla but her maiden name is Veluz. I hope to get in touch. Thanks! -Jacelyn

  12. good im looking to my relatives since when i am 6 years old, i want to see some family tree of balid family since then. our family are now leaving here in batangas city. here is my mobile phone. 09298516676. thanks and god bless us

  13. hoping through this network, we gonna meet each other, coz my father Mr. Bonifacio G. Balid is sicked, our request is to see our relatives before he die, im the grandchild of Mr. Pablo Balid y Garcia.
    Thanks and god bless us.

  14. Do u know someone by the name of Damian Saronghelo Veluz his brother is Jose Veluz. Their middle names is Trinos

    1. hi, joal. i don’t have a DAMIAN VELUZ on my database yet. will let you know if i find it in my research. while i have several JOSE VELUZs in my list, none of them have the middle name of TRINOS. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, and you can collaborate with us and others on-line. perhaps in a few months, i can have information that may be useful to you.

  15. I have a blood of veluz, native and grew up in Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, my grandmother is Juanita Villafuerte Veluz husband of Ignacio San Juan Suarilla Sr.(I think former vice mayor of the town)her (my grand mothers parents)are Florencio Veluz and Catalina Villafuerte. I want to know about our ancestors and roots. pls add my grand parents to your reseach. I am presently assigned at Mercedes Municipal Police Station as The Deputy Chief of Police.

    1. hi, ignacio. your grandparents are in my extended family forest! i will definitely keep their names on my radar on profiles that i can research on in the future. that means, you are my husband’s second cousin, once removed! i’ll send you an invitation to so you can see the family tree in full.

  16. hi i’ve ask my tita’s about my granfather and grand grandfather. i found out that my grand grand father was Fresco Veluz AKA Itang Kekong. He has 3 children but unfortunately I only got the names of the 2 out of 3 of my lolo and lola’s their names are Damian Veluz, Sening Veluz.

    1. hi joal. i just checked my database and i don’t have FRESCO VELUZ or DAMIAN VELUZ on my list. as soon as i find a connection, i will let you know. =)

  17. wanna know about my veluz clan in calaburnay camarines norte. my great great grandafather is pedro veluz my grandfather is miguel veluz my father is deogracias gary veluz.. thank you

    1. hi, gilbert. i do not have PEDRO, MIGUEL or DEOGRACIAS VELUZ in my database unfortunately. but before my husband’s uncle died, he shared a story about 3 excommunicated brothers from luisiana, laguna. to evade the authorites, they were supposed to have split up to cam sur, cam norte and cavite. our line is reputed to have descended from the brother who went to cam sur. if i make a new discovery, i will definitely post it here. 🙂 thanks for the visit!

      p.s. my husband has a first cousin who shares your name. “)


    1. thanks for the visit, ricardo. so far, i have not come across your name in my research, which is why your name is not on the database. if you wish, you can create your family tree on then invite me as a collaborator so i can review. if there are common names between your tree and mine, we can merge the trees. the only way to know your ancestors is to move back on generation at a time. good luck in your search!


  20. Hello,Mona I would like to know may be you came accross in your Data Base about my Grandfather name Aniceto Veluz he once told me that their Veluz(es) clan came from Queson they dispersed all over Luzon after the Volcano errufted in 1911, my grandfather and his brother name Pablo Veluz they end up in Dasmarinas(Cavite)and thats How Veluz(es)clan in Dasmarinas started then multiply. I’m very currious about my distance relatives where they came from and thrive.May be someone and somewhere out there might knew them.They could send a Text @ this # 510-593-8561, and I’m very thankful.THANKS AGAIN Rick Veluz,California,U.S.A.

    1. @ric veluz, luisiana, laguna is where my husband’s branch comes from. the story we know of is that macario was excommunicated which is why he left. he settled in del gallego, camarines sur, which interestingly is right beside the border to quezon province. sam veluz (see earlier comment) is also from the veluz clan from cavite — perhaps you are related?

  21. hello to you all…
    I am one of the grandson of Veluz … My grandmother’s name was Filippina Veluz – They used to call her Piling and she was from Lucban, Quezon. My grandfather’s name was Crisanto Reodica and was from Luisiana, Laguna but I don’t know about the relatives from Cavite …
    this is my email … I will ask my mom about it.
    bye .. Gerard

  22. Mona, I had searching for your e-address. Where are you now? My grandfather is Bernabe Veluz from Luisiana, Laguna. He did not have any sibling. I am so surprised to hear all the Veluzes around the country. I know for sure that all of them came from one root. So interesting. I am so glad that you have this information board . My email address is

    1. hi lolita. click my name of the upper left hand of the page and that links to my email address. the veluz’s are very likely related; but i have yet to establish my husband’s link to luisiana, laguna. i’ve heard of stories; but no documentary evidence yet. so far, i have only traced them until del gallego, camarines sur. 🙂

  23. hi, lolita veluz. i received ur letter abt. our reunion. tnx 4 d info given me. looking 4ward seeing each other. i’m victoria maliwat of botocan, laguna, ur batchmate in LBMHS 1960. bst rgrds.

  24. hello thank you for making this site now i can say where and who are the veluz ancestors…

  25. Are we relatives? Cos my grandparents are from luisiana.


  26. my grandfather name is Crisanto Reodica and my grandmother is Filippina Veluz Reodica. They call my grandmother as Piling. Our house is near Inanang Hina. The first street entering the town on the left side. My mother’s name is Emily and late brother is Virgilio (Vio), Zenaida ( Zeny ) Ederlinda ( Elen ) and the youngest is Antonietta ( Tony ). Vio died 5 years ago, Zeny lives in Canada, Elen and Tony lives in Holland and my Mom and me in Switzerland. But my grandmother was born in Lucban, Quezon.
    Hope to hear you soon,


    1. Hi Gerard. I can’t remember if I sent you an email already. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

      Please create your family tree on and send me the URL of your profile. I would be able to compare data better on an automated platform. Thanks!

  27. My grandfather is from Louisiana Laguna his name is Tomas Veluz . His dad’s name is Bernabe Veluz and I was told he was a katipunero and a statue of him can be seen in the plaza. One of his brother is still alive at 98 they call him amang deme . Majority of Veluz I know is in Southern California. Amama Tomas got married and settled in the town of Tayabas Quezon. He married Irine Abadilla and they have I think 8 children, two died followed by Efigenia, Carlos, Olor, Remedios, Antonio and Ella … He used to have the only vulcanizing shop in Tayabas .

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