The Calayag Family


Pronounced [ka-la’-yag], this surname derives its roots from an Ilokano adjective which means “with sails set”. The name is synomous to a Tagalog noun which means “a companion as one drifts”.

Our Line

The Calayag Clan relevant to this research hails from Malolos, Bulacan.  Miguel Calayag is the earliest known patriarch of our branch of the Calayag Clan. 

Jose Carlos Calayag was the son of Miguel Calayag and Lucia Carlos. He married Maria Magdaleno Lopez (daughter of Tomas Lopez and Maria Magdaleno) in Catholic rites in 1829 in Obando, Bulacan. They raised their family in Obando.  Candida Lopez Calayag was among their children and she married into the San Diego Family in 1869. 



Family History Research Notes

1. Santos, Hector. Katalogo ng mga Apelyidong Pilipino. 1995-1998.
2. Miguel Calayag’s Family Tree can be found on

5 thoughts on “The Calayag Family

  1. Ms. Mona, My grand father from my father’s side came originally in Bulacan, his name is Tomas Calayag, now they are living in Hermosa, Bataan. I’m just wondering who are my clans. Also if you have Miguel surnames? So hard to trace them. Thanks

    1. hi, mylyn. i don’t have those names on my database yet. will let you know if i find a collection. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, and you can collaborate with us and others on-line.

  2. hi mylyn, Im from Hermosa Bataan, my father’s name is Rosendo Calayag, my grandfather is Emilio calayag he and his sibling grew up in lubao grandparents originally came from Bulacan. my father’s middle name is also Miguel.

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