Roque de San Diego

Roque de San Diego of Obando, Bulacan, Philippines was born approximately in 1770 and is the earliest known patriarch of the San Diego family.  His first wife was Ana Bernardo, with whom he had at least one child: Antonio. His second wife was Andrea Candelaria, with whom he had at least one child: Francisco (who married Francisca Josefa in 1817).


Family History Research Notes

1. Roque San Diego’s Family Tree can be found on

11 thoughts on “Roque de San Diego

  1. Re: the San Diego family name. I was told Obando until 1754 was part of Polo (now Valenzuela). Independent since 1623, Polo’s patron is San Diego de Alcala. Polo even predates San Diego, California.

    1. that’s interesting, vip. the church records i have found most helpful are from the san pascual baylon parish. if i were to look for ROQUE SAN DIEGO’s records or that of his parents, polo would be a good alternative target. good stuff!

  2. Hi San Diego Family Roots,

    I am deaf. my greatparent Pedro San Diego & Ana Mendoza from pampanga, philippines. my grandfather name Liberato M San Diego. Please I need to know what pedro’s parent names, his brothers names and his sisters name?

    Please I need to know what my grandfather liberato’s bro & sis names?

    Please I need to know what liberato’s cousins names?

    Let u know my father Ruben (former Rubelio Victorio) was born in lubao, pampanga in 1925. He’s still alive in south gate, california of Los Angeles area.

    Please email me any time. Thank you very much, Arnel

    1. thanks for the visit, arnel. unfortunately, i do not have your ancestors’ names on my database. i’ve flagged them and will let you know if something comes up.

      if you are interested in beginning your own research, let me know and i can point you in the right direction. 🙂

    2. Hi Mona, Alright I just info u that my grandfather Liberato Mendoza San Diego was born in Bunsuran, Pandi, Bulacan in Jan 06, 1891. He’s the son of Pedro San Diego & Ana Mendoza. They worked as fishponds in Bulacan, Malabon & Pampanga. Let’s know i will find Pedro’s middle name. Pedro Yap San Diego or other ?

      Thank you very much, Arnel

    3. Hi Arnel. It would be difficult to assume Pedro is also from the Yap family (especially since the Yap’s are based in Cebu). I did a quick search on and found multiple Pedro’s — see here: I hope this points you in the right direction.

  3. Hello Mona,

    My name is Afredo San Diego Feliciano and I believe that I’m related and part of the San Diego angkan. My Grandfather is Francisco San Diego from Malolos, Bulacan got married to Eduvieges Cruz and had one daughter, Amelia Cruz San Diego (my mother). Amelia was married to Rodolfo Mateo Feliciano and had 4 siblings (Rowena, Rose, Racquel, & me). Hopefully, this information will help me locate my relatives on my mother’s side.

    1. Hi Alfredo! My mom was a San Diego as well! If you have the birth/marriage/death dates of your grandparents, you would be able to make your own research at any Family History Center of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. 🙂

  4. Hi Mona, My older brother rady san diego went to the office of pandi cementery (bulacan) to check the graves of our great grand father Pedro A San Diego ( maybe middle name alverto) and great grand mother ana mendoza san diego but there officers said there no more after 1924 because new lawn. They should have their records of the graves to show us.

    Someone took their bodies moved to another place ?

    Please email me ( if find their bodies or their graves. Thanks much, Arnel Cruz San Diego (deaf)

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