Teodoro Roxas San Diego

Teodoro Roxas San Diego was born on 31 March 1839 in Obando, Bulacan, Philippines to Roman Candelaria de San Diego and Placida de Roxas. Baptismal documents refer to him as “Theodoro de San Diego”. In others, he is referred to as “Teodoro Cuerva San Diego”.

Teodoro first married Dominga Cecuba Alverto at the San Pascual Baylon Parish in Obando, Bulacan on 19 November 1853, when he was only 14. His marriage record referred to him as bagontas or “young boy”.

Teodoro married Candida Lopez Calayag, after his first wife’s death, on 20 October 1869 at the same church. He had at least four children with his second wife: Benito, Fortunato, Santiago and Valentin.

Family History Research Notes

1.  Church Baptismal Record of Theodoro de Roxas de San Diego, dated 02 April 1839.
2.  Church Marriage Record of Teodoro De Rojas San Diego and Dominga Cecuba Alverto, dated 19 November 1853.
3.  Church Marriage Record of Teodoro Roxas San Diego and Candida Lopez Calayag, dated 20 October 1869.
4.  Church Marriage Records of Fortunato Calayag San Diego and Andrea de los Santos Santiago, dated02 July 1893.
5.  Church Marriage Records of Valentin Calayag San Diego and Leoncia Domingo Cuerpo, dated 14 May 1900.

4 thoughts on “Teodoro Roxas San Diego

  1. This website is very interesting.I’m a descendant of Ubaldo Rojas. The last name was changed to Roxas probably in the 1700. He was my great-great-great-great grandfather. Noone knew where he came from. As far as my research his children resided in Ibaan, Batangas, Philippines and some migrated to the other parts of our country. May be you can share with me some information you may know of that relates to Ubaldo Rojas of the Philippines.

    1. hi, gep. pardon the late reply. i would really love to find out more about my roxas roots; but i have not yet found compelling enough documentation. i will definitely let you know if i find something. that said, i’m afraid UBALDO ROJAS does not yet appear on my database. thanks for visiting the site!

  2. Hello Im Dr Ma Cecille Cayetano Angelia of Ibaan, Batangas. My great grandfather is a descendant of Don Ubaldo Roxas (paternal)and Kapitan Roman Karingal (maternal). According to my great grandmother, Don Ubaldo Roxas is related to Kapitan Sixto Ylagan Roxas of Lipa, whose father Agustin Roxas was originally from Batangas. May I know if you have Agustin Roxas in you data base. Thanks!

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