Cirilo Gotodejo Porcioncula

Cirilo Gotodejo Porcionculawas born on July 1834 in Maysilo, Malabon, Rizal, Philippines to Juan Porciuncula and Dominga Gotodejo. He was baptised in Catholic rites witnessed by Guillermo Sembrano on 09 July 1834 at the San Bartolome Parish in Malabon (which was, at this time, a part of the province of Rizal). The family name was spelled “PorCIONcula” in Cirilo’s baptismal documents — a variant of “PorCINcula” used by his descendants.

He married Pascuala de la Cruz, with whom he had at least one child: Apolonio.

Family History Research Notes

1. Church Baptismal Record of Cirilo Porcioncula, dated 09 July 1834.

24 thoughts on “Cirilo Gotodejo Porcioncula

  1. Do you have any info on the Family name of Rodejo?
    Conchita Rodejo was my grandmother and Mariano Rodejo I think thats his first name was my grandfather.

  2. My grandfather’s name is Protacio…Do you have a Protacio in your family tree?

  3. Our great grandfather’s name is Mundo… Do you have a Mundo in you family tree?

  4. my family said to me that Sergio De Leon Porcincula changed the last name and took out the extra O

  5. im a porcioncula. do you have a database of the porcioncula clan? particularly the one with the O?

  6. follow-up: i remembered my grandfather’s name (sorry, he already passed away when i was born so i don’t always recall his first name). do you have any record of our lineage which includes lazaro porcioncula or porciuncula? i think his name is spelled as porciuncula, if i’m not mistaken…

    1. hi, randy. i have no information of LAZARO PORCIUNCULA although i will keep an eye out for the name. it would be great if you can enter your family data on, so you can collaborate with me and others on-line, as information becomes available. =)

  7. hi` i`m from tnza cavite do you have named mariano porcioncula in your family tree he was my grandfather?

    1. hi, ernie. i don’t have MARIANO PORCIONCULA on my records. admittedly, i have not done a lot of research on this side of my family. as soon as i find something, i’ll post it here. =)

  8. Hi, I am from the Bajar family. Do you have database of Juan Veluz??? He is the father of my great-grandmother Petra VeLUZ….

    1. Sorry! i am misspell name It’s Julian Veluz not Juan veluz. Anyone who related to Julian Veluz’s family???

    2. Hi. As Juan is such a common name, best to have birthdates/places and siblings names as it is easy to get lost when you research. I have two Juan’s in our family although all were born after 1950.

    3. Sorry. It’s Julian Veluz not Juan Veluz. I want to know about Julian Veluz’s parents and siblings…Please help me to find Julian’s family root. Thanks Mona.

    4. If you have birth, marriage and death dates/places, you should be able to begin your search at any Family History Center of the Church of the Latter Day Saints — no need to be a member. I cannot build your tree for you; but do let me know if you have questions on the research process.

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