The Porcincula Family


Pronounced [por-sing’-ku-la], the family name is a derivative of portiuncula. This word is a likely abbreviation of the Italian phrase porzione piccola or “tiny portion”.

Portiuncula is a chapel (also called St. Mary of the Angels) near Assisi, Italy where St. Francis began the Franciscan order in the thirteenth century.  The Portiuncula Indulgence is the first plenary indulgence that was ever sanctioned by the Catholic Church. The indulgence grants to he who visits a church on August 2 and confesses his sins with a contrite heart, freedom from all temporal punishments and purity as after holy baptism. The indulgence was named after the church where St. Francis’ apparitions prodded him to gain Pope Honorius III’s approval.

In 1769, a Spanish expedition in California came across a river that they named El Rio de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula or “the River of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula.” Twelve years later, 12 families settled in the area and named their community El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula, after the nearby river. In later years, the city became known as Los Angeles.

Our Line

The line, as we know it, originates from San Bartolome, Malabon, Philippines — where Cirilo Porcincula was born. At the time, Malabon was within the jurisdiction of the province of Rizal. Physical features of the clan indicate a likely Chinese lineage.  A Eugenia de Leon Porcincula female married in to the San Diego Family in 1933.

Look  through our name database, or request access to the Porcincula Family Tree on Geni.

43 thoughts on “The Porcincula Family

  1. Hi, as I was browsing this site, I got excited & very much interested to read this page… we are also a carrier of the Porciuncula surname, ha ha what a small world…. we always have the Porciuncula clan family reunion for about 6-8 yrs.

    bye & regards to all….

  2. I am trying to locate a family member of the Porciuncula family residing in Santa Cruz, Laguna.

  3. I have been trying to do some family history on the Porciuncula surname. I also have Porciuncula relatives in Santa Cruz, Laguna. I would really appreciate it if you could help me to contact the two people who have left comments here also. Thank you for posting this info. I find it very interesting! ~Michelle

    1. Hi tita Michelle! Kamusta na? I think you were referring to my mom Lani & my aunt Maria which are both Porciunculas before they got married. Your post is 7 years ago so I don’t know if it’s them you’re looking or not for since you could’ve asked your mom & we just saw you last year.

  4. hi! Ive been trying to locate my father with the name of Florencio Porcincula Jr.The last time we had a talk was about 1o years ago. Im getting married in March and I wish that he can come.

  5. hi donald – how i wish i could help you! unfortunately, i don’t have a florencio porcincula in my database. will tag the name and let you know if it comes up in my research. i wish you well in your married life. and thanks for visiting our site!

  6. Hi. donald and i are first cousins, though i believe we have not met before.

    by the way, there is a planned reunion for the porcincula clan (who i know is from labo, camarines norte)sometime in december.

  7. Uhm.. hi. can we know more about the De Leon clan? My dad is second cousin to one De Leon in here…

    Also the Par family, if you can. Thanks so much!

  8. hi, jon. i hope you don’t mind: i’m sending your email address to donald. i’m sure he’d get a kick out of finding a potential cousin. 🙂

  9. Hi… My name is Philip Porciuncula. My home town is meycauayan, bulacan. Now I live in Easton, Pa. US.

    1. hi! philip, ikaw ba ung anak ni kuya radeng? c zaldy kapatid ako ni rading.. kamusta kn?

  10. Cousins! This is Randy Porciuncula from Sta. Maria, Bulacan. im just wondering, is porcincula and porciuncula the same or its just a typograpical error only from our ancestors long time ago. I only know few Porciuncula surnames in Bulacan. I hope in the near future all the Porciuncula can hold sort of General Reunion. Godbless and hoping to see you all….

    1. thanks for the visit, randy! there are porCIUNcula’s; but our line, beginning with my lolo apolonio’s siblings, abbreviated to porCINcula. in the generation before him, my lolo cirilo’s name appears in official records as porCIUNGcula. 🙂

  11. Hello i’m Raymond Porciuncula. i used to live in Mandaluyong but now i’m here in San Diego. My Grandfather’s name is Esteban Porciuncula from Sta. Maria Bulacan ay Marilao ata. di ko na matandaan. Anyway I’m trying to locate if there’s any Porciuncula here in San Diego, CA. Thanks. God Bless

    1. hi raymond. i descend from a porCINcula line, so i do not have ESTEBAN PORCIUNCULA in my family tree. but i will flag the name and let you know if something comes up in my research. 🙂

  12. hello! paulo poriuncula hir! my “dad” is pedro porciuncula.. does it ring a bell??? actually he died already wen i was in 1st yr h.s.. anyways…. long story…. i’m 23 nursing grad @ sanbeda college.. bka my cousin ako d2.. just give me a buzz…….

  13. can you put the 6th and 7th generation in, I want to be part of this 🙂

    1. hi sergio. we just moved over the family tree to; so we can collaborate from whereever we are in the world. who is your dad again? i don’t seem to have you on the database …

  14. hi, sergio. i do want to put everyone in; but from a security standpoint, it is more prudent not to put details on living individuals here. banks usually use one’s mother’s maiden name as a security question and i don’t want to make that a google-able fact. i’m emailing you the latest family tree instead. 🙂

  15. hi…i’m maricor maravilla, grand daughter of socorro sandiego-romeo maravilla..i was living with my lolo socorro in carcar in cebu city 3 months ago but im in uae lolo romeo passed away 3 years ago..this site helps me to trace my/our roots and journey =) god bless!

  16. I’ll probably give you the update before christmas, sorry I haven’t done it yet. I have college to worry about and I need my uncles help

  17. to Raymond Porciuncula. my brother ian porciuncula is in san diego.. if you want i’ll give his number…

  18. do you know rolando porcincula from bicol his my father. coz how many years we did not see. just only to know his a live. thats all thanks

    1. hi rolando. i checked my database. i wish i could be of more help but i could not find a ROLANDO PORCINCULA. sorry …


    1. hi, april. i have the family tree fully migrated over to if you can email me the names of your parents, i can confirm the links and send you an invite to the on-line family tree. =)

  20. Hi i’m venancio porcincula from pila,laguna my father ricardo porcincula and our granfather name sotero mendoza porcincula. But i don’t know our grand grand father can you trace our family tree?thanks.
    Best regards, Venny

    1. hi, venny. i don’t have your grandfather’s / father’s name in my database; but you can research this yourself. it would be great if you can enter your family data on; and you can collaborate with me and others on-line. =)

  21. to all the porcincula family and relative and cousin.ako jojo poricncula ang kaunaunahan apo sa tuho ni lolo apolonio de la cruz pocicnula.apo rin ni sergio de leon pocincula.ang tatay ko ay si felepi navaro pocincula ang kapatid ng tatay ay jun.cheben.emam.nora.

    1. hi, joseph. we are second cousins once removed! it would be great if you can enter your family data on and you can collaborate with me and others on-line. =)

    2. hi jojo. nagpadalako ng invitation sa yahoo email mo para makapag-collaborate tayo sa paki punan na lang yung mga tamang mga pangalan at dates please. salamat!

  22. ako si jose asiman porcioncula ang tatay ko ay si gelacio porcioncula na anak ni benito porcioncula ang mga kapatid ng tatay ko ay si jose,ada,magdalena,eustaquia,florentino,emiliano at si epifanio kami ay tubong tanza,cavite.may kamaganak kaming nass san diego that i am trying to locate his relationship to my father was he is his uncle by the name of esteban porcioncula sr. they have two children by the name of esteban jr and doris.

    1. hi, jose. i don’t have those names on my database yet. will let you know if i find a collection. it would be great if you can enter your family data on; and your can collaborate with me and others on-line. =)

  23. Hi I’m from Meycauayan, Bulacan but now resides in San Diego, CA. My father’s name is Conrado Porciuncula and my late grandfather’s name is Urbano Porciuncula. My brother Philip previously posted here before. He now lives in Easton, PA.
    Take care everyone!

    1. hi, ian. i don’t have those names on my database yet. will let you know if i find a collection. it would be great if you can enter your family data on; and you can collaborate with me and others on-line, as information becomes available. =)

  24. hi ian! tito zaldy mo to. ako ung bunsong anak ng lolo urbano mo. nakita mo na ko nung bata kp sana natatandaan mo pa ko. i hope na ok kau ngaun dyan at sana dumating ang na mag kitakita tau. god bless!

  25. i knew one florencio porcincula jr. when i worked in mandarin hotel in makati. his wife is named jenny. i still remember that we went to rembo mkti to visit his son. we worked also in saudi arabia. in 1988, he was able to work in a cruise ship. we parted ways and never heard anything from him.if you think he is the one, you can look for your relatives in quezon. just forget exact town.

  26. hello there! I’m Ma. Cecilia Porcincula, daughter of Sofronio Porcincula, from labo camarines norte, hindi po kc kami close sa porcincula clan, akala ko dati kokonti lang kami, now i’m so excited na marami pala tayo.To all my relatives..kumusta na po kayo..

  27. I.m Perla Porciuncul Bunda from Lumban,Laguna. My father’s name is Prudencio Porciuncula Jr. I attended then a family reunion of Porciunculas in Sta.Cruz Laguna but then I would like to reconnect. I was informed there that Andres Bonifacio was part of our lineage.. Pls link me up…

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