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Ramon Calleja Fernandez
02.19.2008, 10:37
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Ramon Calleja Fernandez was born on 16 February 1916 in Libon, Albay, Philippines to Bartolome Seda Fernandez and Pilar Maronilla Calleja.

An exceptional student, Ramon was the valedictorian of Sorsogon High School. He was cum laude of UP College of Law, was the valedictorian of Class 1939 and was a Second Placer of the 1939 Bar Exam (which was topped by ex-President Ferdinand E. Marcos). He was admitted to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines on 16 February 1940.

Ramon founded the Libon Private High School. He was the first President (1948 – 1956) of the Legaspi Colleges — the forerunner of the Aquinas University in Legaspi, Albay. He was a professorial law lecturer at the UP Law Center, the Manuel L Quezon University and the Philippine Law School.  He was awarded the Professor of the Year at the UP Law Center in 1978.

In government service, he was the Undersecretary of Justice from 1968 to 1971, an Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals from 1971 to 1977. He was appointed by President Ferdinand Marcos as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Justice on 27 May 1977. He held this post until 11 May 1982.  He “was forced to protect his name and honor when he resigned because of a bar examination scandal.”[7]

Ramon married Illuminada Mojica Tuazon (Manila Carnival Queen of 1939) in 1941 and they were blessed with three children:  Erlinda, Ramon and Pilar.  After Lumen’s untimely death, Ramon married Lydia Aguilar Seva — the half first cousin of his mother.  Their children are Lydia, Raul, Benjamin and Cynthia.  He is the grand uncle of Senator Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri.


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As a young ROTC officer in UP Diliman, Ramon served as the escort of the 1939 Miss Manila Carnival, Iluminada Tuason.  She eventually became his first wife. Ramon founded the Libon Private High School. He was the first President (1948 - 1956) of the Legaspi Colleges -- the forerunner of the Aquinas University in Legaspi, Albay. He was a professorial law lecturer at the UP Law Center, the Manuel L Quezon University and the Philippine Law School. Ramon C. Fernandez was appointed by President Ferdinand Marcos as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Justice on 27 May 1977.  Also in the photo are his wife, Lydia and daughters Lydia and Cynthia. Ramon C. Fernandez held his post as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Justice until his resignation on 11 May 1982.

Family History Research Notes

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8. Clarifications on Ramon’s marriages, especially to his first wife, Illuminada Tuazon, were from Ronello Fernandez Bernardo.  Appreciate the kind help, Ronello!  Your note inspired me to create an entry just for her.

9. Ramon Calleja Fernandez’s Family Tree can be found on


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I just want to share that aside from my Aunties Cynthia and Lydia, my Uncles Raul and Benjamin, my grandfather Justice Ramon Calleja Fernandez had 3 more children with his first wife Iluminda Rosales Tuason, Miss Philippines(Carnival Queen) in 1939. They are Erlinda(my mother), Ramon Jr. and Pilar. My equally beautiful current Lola, Lydia Seva now stays in Lipa Batangas.

Comment by Ronello Fernandez Bernardo

Thank you Ronel … this is so true … love … tito benj

Comment by Benjamin

thanks so much for the nudge, ronello. i actually had illuminada’s name and kids on my database; but totally forgot to add them here. i did not know about the carnival queen angle. will definitely look into that!

you are my husband’s first cousin twice removed! i sent a collaboration request on your record. looking forward to your help in finding interesting tidbits about the family’s glorious past!

Comment by Mona

Hello Mona! Sorry for my ignorance, but what does it mean when you say “twice removed”? Also, is it true that your husband is my first cousin? That is great then! Please tell me more about him. Thanks!

Comment by Ronello Fernandez Bernardo

Hi Ronello. It means that your grandfather is my husband’s first cousin. More accurately still, half-first cousin …

Comment by Mona

Wow, that’s good to know! Thank you so much for your response. 🙂

Comment by Ronello Fernandez Bernardo

my great grandfather is marcial calleja and my grandfather is ambrosio calleja–are we related?

Comment by Dani Calleja

The Callejas of Libon, Albay do not recognize the Callejas under the lineage of Marcial Calleja as their relatives.

Comment by Bruce Calleja

Hello, I am a friend of Ramon Jr. and I am keeping on courious about why there is no more record of him here? Anyway this is really a splendid website. 🙂

Comment by May Wang

Thanks for the kind words! Biographies are created for family members who have passed on. I intentionally limit information on living relatives so they could control their web imprint. 🙂

Comment by Mona

Hi, thank you for your reply. I am not sure if there is a mistake which said that Dondon paseed away last year. Is that true?

Comment by May Wang

Ramon Fernandez is my grand father as well, my father and my grand mother both use Fernandez as their middle name since my grand mother kept her maiden name. Lolo Ramon was married to my grand mother before Illuminada Mojica Tuazon since my father was born in 1935.

Comment by Tony Belo

Interesting! I have been talking to my husband’s older relatives for about a decade now and they have no knowledge of Justice Ramon’s illegitimate son. If your dad was born in 1935, this means that he was conceived when Ramon was still in school. Would you mind sharing the name of your grandmother and your father so I can find documents to support it? I can get you in touch with some of your second cousins as well. Please send me a note at monaveluz[at]

Comment by Mona

Hello Tony, this is very interesting! You must be my first cousin. Are you the son of Tito John? I wish to know more of you or perhaps meet up with you sometime. Thank you for your comment!

Comment by Ronello Fernandez Bernardo

Hi, Ronelle, I’m the son of Jan F. Belo, he was born in 1936 Lolo Ramon and my grandmother were married but when my great grandfather knew my grandmother was pregnant she was ask to go back to our province. When Lolo followed her, he was not able to set foot in our province because my two grand uncles boarded the boat where Lolo rode and beat him and was sent back to Manila. After which my great father had my grand mother’s marriage’s annulled before my father was born.

Let’s meet, you can email your details at

Thank you very much.

Comment by Tony

Hi Tony. Because “Ramon Fernandez” is such a common name, please send me your grandmother’s maiden name, so I can find her and confirm the connection.

Comment by Mona

Hello Tony , its true your lolo Ramon went to your province to fetch your lola but was sadly warded off by your lola’s brothers. I am your tito Benjie, younger half-brother of Jan your papa. Jan met our papa in a melancholic pensive funny circumstance.


I’ve seen Tony’s photo in FB who looks much like Jan/our dad. Thank you very much for this remarkably wonderful blog you authored.


Comment by Mona

Wonderful! Am glad families are coming together albeit decades later. 🙂

Comment by Mona

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