Luis Cezar Aspillera Calleja

Luis Cezar Aspillera Calleja (1916-1943) was born to Manuel Maronilla Calleja and Paz Grivialde Aspillera in Libon, Albay. He was baptised in Catholic rites on 25 July 1916 , officiated by Padre Juan Calleja. His godparents were Simeon Loria and Baldomera Garcia.

Luis Cezar led a promising young life. His sisters remember him as dashing and debonaire. He studied law and was accepted into the Integrated Bar of the Philippines on 02 December 1941, just one year before war broke out.

Together with his father and many other young men of Bicol, he enlisted as a soldier in World War II. When Bataan fell to the Japanese, he walked with the 72,000 captured soldiers in the infamous Bataan Death March of World War II. He died of malaria at the age of 26, while he was a prisoner of war at Camp O’Donnell. His remains were buried together with others in a mass grave. His name is immortalized on the walls of the Death March Shrine in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines.


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Thje young Luis Calleja Luis Callej's name appears on the wall of fallen soldiers at the Death March shrine in Capaz, Tarlac, Philippines.

Family History Research Notes

1. Church Baptismal Records, dated 05 July 1916, with annotations on his confirmation.
2. “Attorney’s List”. Supreme Court of the Philippines Web Site. Cahayon to Candelaria.
3. Luis Cezar Aspillera Calleja’s Family Tree can be found on

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