Apolonio de la Cruz Porcincula

Apolonio de la Cruz Porcincula of Malabon, Rizal, Philippines was the son of Cirilo Porcioncula and Pascuala de la Cruz.

He married Cirila Concepcion de Leon, daughter of Patricio de Leon and Agustina Concepcion, on 12 October 1893 in Catholic rights in San Bartolome De Tambobong, Malabon, Rizal, Philippines. Their union bore three children: Sergio, Eugenia and Salud. Lolo Apolonio was an alleged member of the Katipunan and was very loyal to Andres Bonifacio.

On his marriage record to Cirila, Lolo Apolonio’s last name was spelled “PorCIUNGcula”, yet another variant of the name used by his descendants, “PorCINcula”.


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Lolo Apolonio

Family History Research Notes

1. Church Marriage Record of Apolonio de la Cruz Porciungcula and Cirila Concepcion de Leon, dated 12 October 1893.
2. Apolonio de la Cruz Porcincula’s Family Tree can be found on Geni.com.

10 thoughts on “Apolonio de la Cruz Porcincula

  1. A friend forwarded your website to me to check the de la Cruz surname. My great grandmother is Ysabel de la Cruz and her parents are Tomas de la Cruz and Francisca Maria, all from Maalat, Manila. Ysabel married my great grandfather, Pablo Pontimayor and lived in Catmon, Cebu. Their daughter Alejandra Pontimayor, married Petronilo Prota/Fruta. My dad, is Patricio Fruta and I am his daughter, Annie.
    Most of my research has been done through the LDS Church, here in Mariposa, CA.
    You have a great website of you family.

    1. hi annie. thanks for the kind words! i wish i could help you with your de la cruz line. unfortunately, i have very little info on my end. will post any developments here.

  2. Mona, Hi, I finally went to your website after my cousin Emily mentioned it a while back. It was great to see the photo of our mutual relative Lolo Apolonio that I recall my Lolo Sergio Porcincula mentioning to me as a child. My family was thrilled and our oldest, my ate Toni, remembered quite a few names. I have a few updates, but can you email me back first? I just wanted to connect here on the website. Thanks! Nice to connect with you and thanks for posting this so the dispersed family can find it. -Carmen

    1. hi carmen. we are second cousins! i just sent you an invitation to access the profile i created for you on geni.com. i would appreciate it if you could help fill in the blanks. thanks!

  3. when I first went to this site 4 years ago, I show this to my grandpa Felipe this picture. He said that this is his grandpa. He was very surprise to see this.

  4. hi im aldren,, just wanna know if am i belong in this clan? obviously, i am dela cruz, my father is anecito delacruz his fathers name is francisco dela cruz……im am interested to be belong to this clan. hope to be part of it… – aldren of qatar

    1. @Aldren, thanks for visiting the site. The names of your father & grandfather do not appear on our database (http://amingangkan.com/names-database/). We do have a “Francisca” though. If you want to start tracing your genealogy, I suggest you document what you know of your family on sites like http://www.geni.com. From that, you can grow your tree through research and collaboration. =)

  5. I find this interesting. I used to be very interested in my family’s roots back when I was young and at the advent of internet, was thrilled about this family search but somehow lost interest. I might be able to start something. I’m not sure if my grandfather is related to any of you: Gregorio Dela Cruz from Bulacan. He lived in Sta Cruz Manila and was a businessman who owned karetelas and karetela-buses that plied Manila. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Leonardo! And the kind words. I wish you all the luck in your search for your roots. 🙂

  6. Hello there, my mother is a dela cruz, and a dela cruz blood on both side, her great great grandfather, in father side, was among those who are exiled to Calamianes, during the Rajah and Spanish Conflict in Tondo and Maynilad. They took the family name Gacot, to hide from the Spanish authority. Same with great great grand mother Antonia dela cruz, in her mother side. We have names in our clan such as: Pascuala, Concepcion, Cirilo, Apolonia,and Eugenia. Edna Gacot Lim of El Nido,is my mother’s sister, in ancient Cuyo Island, dela cruz became Mayor and Vice Mayor for several decades…serving the land is in our blood,..hope to meet you … Mimi Cabate – Cabral of El Nido.

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