Mariano Avendaño San Diego

Mariano Avendaño San Diego was born to Rafael Roxas San Diego and Juana dela Cruz Avendaño of Obando, Bulacan. According to oral narratives, he went to the Visayas together with a priest who was assigned to serve in Pari-an, Cebu in the 1880s; and married Maria Yap (1857 – 1947) soon after. The couple made their home in what is now known as the Yap-Sandiego Heritage House.

Mariano served as a cabeza of the Gremios de Mestizos in the Pari-an district of Cebu. According to interment records, he died de muerte repentina (of sudden death) in 1897. His remains are buried in Carcar, Cebu.

Family History Research Notes

1. Mariano Avendaño San Diego’s Family Tree can be found on

2 thoughts on “Mariano Avendaño San Diego

  1. It is not known where Mariano and wife Maria Yap lived during their marriage, it could have been in Parian (in the Yap house–living with in-laws?–or another); it could have been outside Parian, too. What is known, though, was by 1897 their family was already in Carcar, Cebu, per Mariano’s death and the birth of their daughter some months later, both events in Carcar. Regarding his membership and cabeza-ship in the Gremio de Mestizos, there is the added mystery in the Obando records for his family where they are racially classified as indios.

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