The Magno Family


Pronounced [mag’-no], the family name is derived from the Latin adjective magnus, meaning “great”. It could also mean “large” or “important.”  The spelling variations for this surname include Magnani, Magni, Magnaguti, Magnanini, Magnano, Magni, Magnini, among others. This family name and its derivatives are widely used in Spanish-, French- and Italian-speaking nations.  The name was first found in Bologna, Italy — specifically, the province’s capital, Emilia.

Our Line

The origins of our line can be traced to Iloilo City, Philippines.  Ricardo Magno is the earliest known patriarch of our branch of the Magno Clan.  Due to a fire that destroyed the civil records in the 1940s, very little documentation can be found, making the search for more ancestors particularly challenging.  The Magno surname can also be found in many areas of North Luzon and Bicol; but a genealogical link to these family has not yet been established.

By marriage, the clan is related to other families of note: FranciscoHernandezSan Diego and Sobrepeña. 

Family History Research Notes

1. Magno, Carlo. Interview. Place: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines. Date conducted: 20 May 2010.
2. The Magno Family Forest can be found on

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  1. I am from Iloilo City and we happen to have neighbors named Magno. In fact, the son of my second cousin is married to a Magno.

    1. hello there!…my late father’s name is sozonte veroy magno hails from cateel davao…he had a younger brother by the name of florencio also from cateel,davao but he also passed away…my dad was married to my late mom patricia ripalda magno from tanuan, leyte….my parents meet in davao when my mom migrated from leyte….

      i remembered we have relatives in davao with names like uncle damaso magno…the owner of the house of magno before….my late grandmother also by the name of anatalia veroy magno…but since we moved to zamboanga city in the year of 1960’s we’ve loosed contacts w/ our magno family….

      i lived in japan right now and trying to traced back my relatives from magno clan but i dont how where to find them…

      my late dad told us that during the war time there were 7 brothers, sons of magno who spread out luzon, visayas, mindanao….and they are all one family…they were my ancestors said that’s how magno is through out the philippines…hopely we are relatives…

    2. Hi! I would suggest you document what you know, then interview family members, then start document search. Oral histories are always fascinating; but in my case, I have actually disproved many of them with factual research. I guess my Lolo’s and Lola’s tend to remember things to be grander or more exciting than they actually were. Yes, I hope we can find a connection! Stay in touch!

  2. i am from san isidro nueva ecija and my grands told me we also have relatives in the visayas but i don’t know where exactly. well i’m happy to have read this about all of you. if you’re the ones our lolos&lolas are talking about, i hope to read more from you soon!

  3. my father was from Bungahan Lian Batangas. AGAPITO HERNANDEZ SOBREPENA. im the only son of my here in Malaybalay Bukidnon. if you are my lost family, then im glad if you will accept me.

    1. hi joey. i have not done much research on my sobrepena line, as the source documents in iloilo were burned in the 1940s.

      there is NO way of proving any connection to your family, given what i know. thanks for visiting the site!

  4. Tito German,sorry i wasn’t ale to type no.,here it is….881-1072.My brod’s mobile # (09164357911) & mine (09157456873).Take care & God Bless!!!!

  5. This is for Mr.German Jr.,i suppose you’re my Tito since lola Mila(Milagros Hernandez-Marqueta)is your sister.I’m the eldest of JOHNNY HERNANDEZ MARQUETA, who happens to be the youngest child of Milagros.She also has 2 daughters Maria Lourdes who died last Oct. 26,2006 of Lung Cancer & Maria Conchita.Both Mamang Chit & my dad are not in the pink of health anymore although my dad is slowly trying to recover from his 3rd stroke.Hopefully,you could get to meet them & exchange pleasantries one day.Looking forward to meet you Tito German,God Bless!!!P.S.,here’s our landline no. in case you would like to call.Chiao…..

    1. The Magnos that I know are from Nueva Ecija. My grandfather was Santiago Magno and he hailed from Sto. Cristo.
      So far, no Magno from our clan had made it big in any field. I’m trying🙂

  6. My paternal grandfather, FELICISIMO J. MAGNO SR, was originally from janiuay, iloilo. but he died before I could ask any of our family history. My grandmother never told me anything too but she is from Paranaque, MARIA C. MAGNO. My father never really told me any of my family’s history.. and I am now trying to uncover my ancestry… and it would really be appreciated if i could get any help

    1. hi claudette. my connection to the magno’s of iloilo is still a mystery and is part of my reseach priorities. please continue to monitor my progress here. better yet, if you could build what you know of your ancestry on, the system will advise us if there is a common link out there on the web. thanks for visiting the site!

    2. I’m Pascual Magno Jr., my ancestors are from Iloilo according to my Uncle Lucio Magno the youngest of the Family, my father is the eldest..we raised in Brgy Lit-Lit, Silang Cavite and Magno is huge clan in Silang..

    3. Hi ako po ay anak ng pinsan tay flesing.ako ay anak ni late sofronio magno.yong tatay ko po ang pinupuntahan ni tay flesing pag umuwi sya ng iloilo..

  7. my father is PROCESO BARNACHA SOBREPENA from bauang, la union. we stayed in la paz, iloilo city while we are now staying in talisay city, negros occ.My father told us that Felipe Calusa is our cousin, while the wife of Atty.Degamo of Mandalutong is our auntieand the Gapuz family are our close relative to include John Robert of Fil Estate.

    1. hi sergio. while i don;t have PROCESO BARNACHA SOBREPENA on my database yet, i will continue to look into our sobrepena connection. =)

  8. I am from Mindanao Philippines but now in Ohio USA. My father’s name is LEOPOLDO S. SOBREPENA of Nueva Ecija. Due to a family conflicts, I never get a chance to know my father side at all. Just in case you know him or the family tree, I’d be glad and interested to know my father side’s origin.
    Thanks and Have a wonderful day..
    christy jane Sobrepena

    1. hi christy. while i don’t have LEOPOLDO S. SOBREPENA on my database yet, i will continue to look into our sobrepena connection. =)

  9. Looking for info on great-great grandfather Peter Magno who immigrated to Liverpool Nova Scotia in the late 1800s. He died of Tuberculosis at age 24. Dont know much about how he came to NS but he worked on the railway. Any info on this would be a blessing.

    1. hi m white. infortunately, i don’t have a PETER MAGNO in my database. i’ve red-flagged the name and will give you a heads-up if i come across peter in my research. as he lived in europe, you may have more luck with the magno’s in spanish-/ italian-/ portuguese speaking countries. thanks for visiting the site!

  10. hello matet!im so happy reading about you..I have also a daughter named Christy Sobrepena!im joey !here at Bukidnon Philippines

  11. Hi Mona, Claudette, and everyone. I have a Magno Family tree tracing back to Nueva Ecija from the marriage of Cayetano Magno and Paula Pacson Their children are: Felicismo Magno,Vitalyano Magno, Alfonso Magno, Julio Magno, Isabel Magno, and Mauro Magno. I am from Alfonso’s line, his great grand daughter. I would love to finish the family tree, so if you are from Lolo ‘Imo’s side, then I think I found you 😉 email me at or

    1. hi juvy, our family is from the visayas. because of the claveria decree, it is very possible that we are relatives; but it is also possible that we are not. ‘will let you know if i find a connection. could you kindly plot your family tree on if there is a common connection with me or others, the system will let you know. thanks!

    2. Hi Juvy. This is a little late, but Cayetano Magno is actually my great-grandfather, and Julio Magno is my grandfather. Perhaps we can help each other with the family tree?

    3. @ juvy magno, maybe you ancestors were from the town of san isidro,nueva ecija,merely in calaba, sto. cristo or in san roque, although i don’t even remember or saw their face but i heard it to my father, that is why i’m so familiar with that names,,,,by the way are you a niece,child or grandchild of bienvenido magno, what is your relation to him? he is son of alfonso or ponsong in our area

  12. Hi Mona/Claudette and all. My father JUAN “Oto Jun” MAGNO SR + is from Janiuay Iloilo. Their ancestral home is just beside the Rural Bank of Janiuay. My Grandfather’s nickname is “UPE” ( I’m not too sure about his first name though it might be CIPRIANO ) and I don’t have a clear account of him since he died in the 1960s. I hope we can find some common roots … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Jorge

    1. hi, jorge. thanks for visiting the site! i don’t have a JUAN MAGNO in my database yet; but i will ask my father if the details you mentioned rings a bell. he’s 73 and still remembers most of his relatives from iloilo. will definitely keep in touch!

    2. Hello Jorge Magno and to all of you. My name is Edgardo Magno Jr and my father’s full name is Edgardo Garcia Magno. His father’s name is Jorge Magno and his mother’s name is Divina Garcia, they were both from pangasinan. I was hoping that maybe some of you are related to them. My father left me when I was just a baby. I hope I could find a tiny bit of clue in here or somewhere or to someone. Thanks in advance.

  13. I want to meet Helen who is from Iloilo City. We were born in Fuentes, Pala pala, accdg. to our parents but went to Manila in 1940. Can you give the name of the Magnos that you know from Iloilo?

  14. hi im living here in davao city,my late fathers name was Generoso Pacheo Sobrepena and he was the only son in the family so am in our family. My aunties said that we’re from Manapla,Negros Occidental,im looking forward my other relatives.tnx and God bless u all

    1. hi joselito. i don’t have much info on our sobrepena roots but i will post discoveries here as they happen. thanks for visiting the site!

  15. My father, Pedro Magno, was born in Baritao, Pangasinan. His oldest brother was Jose Magno.
    Do you any Magno in this town?

    1. hi emilie. my line, as i know it, starts in iloilo. i am still searching for a link to the magno’s of the north, if any. thanks for visiting the site!

  16. i am Arnold magno, organizer of Magno clan of davao city,our 1st reunion was dec 1,2007 attended almost 150 heads of family with different origin in phils.with our clan head is fiscal Neopito MAGNO from janiuay and DR HANSEL MAGNO JR. of leyte,and our 2nd reunion will be every 1st week of dec.ur invited Mona and all Magno’s. my father name is ERNESTO G MAGNO SR from BUGASONG ANTIQUE

    1. hi arnold. do you have your family tree written down somewhere? may i suggest your put everything up on that way, if the system finds a common link, we are automatically advised. it has helped me tremendously!


    3. Hi Junel. I don’t have Tiburcio or Merlita on my file. I’ll let you know if I find something. 🙂

  17. hi! i’m adonis roots are from san juan, la grand father’s name is Diomedes and he brought his family in mindanao,in koronadal where his other brothers were there resided (amado and david i think)right now, i work as an administrative assistant here in riyadh and planning to settle soon in canada,if God will…Pastor Dave Sobrepena, one who led the Word of Hope church is a cousin of my father…

  18. hello to mr.Adonis, im Elezer S. Cabalfin, my grand father also from San juan la union his name is Victor Sobrepena and his sister’s name was Maxima Sobrepena, but my grand father was migrated to negros occidental, maybe we are in the same roots.

  19. I saw the comment of Joselito Sobrepena which he said his granfather is Generoso Pacheo Sobrepena. he said he has relatives from Manapla, Negros Occidental. i think he is related to the Pacheo side coz i am from manapla.

  20. Hello. I’m Ermon Jae Magno, 18, from Pandacan, Manila. We don’t have any other information regarding our ancestry beside the name of my great grandfather, Baltazar Magno. We have been living here in Pandacan for decades. Maybe we can trace routes and find our connections. Some say that our roots came from Nueva Ecija, some says from Visayas. all are yet to be confirmed. Please keep in touch. We’d be so glad to hear from everyone of you. Kindly email me at and at Thanks! and may God Bless the Magno Clan!

    1. hi, ejae. i don’t have BALTAZAR MAGNO on my database yet; but i will keep on looking. please put up your family tree on so we can collaborate on common links. thanks!

  21. Hi, I’m Randolph Sobrepeña Jr. I believe our clan also came somewhere in Iloilo but can’t recall the exact loaction. My grandfather is Eusebio Sobrepeña, died during the Japanese invasion. According to my father, he was a “guerilla” and was caught by the Japanese during that time. His body was never found. My father relocated to Bacnotan, La Union (where his mother came from). Please email me: if you know my Lolo.

    1. hi randolph. my grandparents moved to mandaluyong right before wwii broke out, so we have lost many connections to our family in iloilo. EUSEBIO SOBREPENA is not on my database.

      please put your ancestry on once i have more sobrepenas in my study, i will let you know via a collaboration request. for now, i really don’t have much to share yet.

  22. My name is Louie R Hernandez and i am the youngest son of the late German Hernandez, this message is for Maria Christina Marqueta my Dad past away last Marh 1979. and nice to hear from you to be honest i dont know much on my father side although i remember those names that you are mentioning. my Lola Doray passed away before my Dad. I’m here in Toronto Canada. but my Mom, Rosalina she’s 87 years old now is in U.S with my sisters. we’re 9 in the family. i’m at work right now and nothing much to do. that’s why i read all about this. ang its good. well my e-mail add. God bless hope to here or meet you guys someday. by the way we still have our family house in Valenzuela City. have a lovely day.

    1. hi, louie. it would be great if you can collaborate with us on your grandparents and their descendants on you can see the entire “familly forest” there.

    2. hi louie. you are my first cousin one removed! i will send you and invitation to our family forest. i hope you could help fill in the blanks. thanks in advance for the help! btw, we also lived in valenzuela back in the 70s-90s, near the fatima church. we have since sold the property though.

  23. hello to everyone in the Sobrepeña family tree. i would like to find more history of our family. So, my great-grandfather Enrique C. Sobrepeña, Sr., a founder pastor of Methodist church, from Bauang,La Union… since i just found this site… i am kinda confused that the Sobrepeña’s really came from visayas… all i know that we are really from La Union and i would like to know more family history before Pastor Sobrepeña, just text me at 09276190678, i cant answer your calls because i am born deaf. Also please email me at or Thank you and look forward to hear from you.

    1. @ Eric, thank you so much for visiting my site. I’ve checked and unfortunately, I do not have ENRIQUE C. SOBREPENA in my database ( I’ve flagged the name and I’ll let you know if I come across the name in my research. =)

  24. Hi, my name is Alfonso Magno. My father’s roots are also from Iloilo, His name is Apolinar Magno, but they are from Manduriao, Iloilo. He died of Cardiac Arrest. I don’t know if we are also related to this Magno clan. I grew up in Bacolod got married and have 2 kids, but I am working here in Pasig, Metro Manila. Hope I can get in touch with and get to know you guys, in case am related to you guys. here is my emial add

    1. hi fons. your ancestors don’t show up on my list; but will let you know as soon as i find a connection. =)

  25. My father is Juan Bayoneta Magno Sr. (deceased), son of Cipriano Magno (lolo ope) of Janiuay, Iloilo and Socorro (lola koro). My father is also “Oto John” to my aunties, Pedeng, Pacing, Nilda, and Babe. We are now staying in Paranaque City. Hope this can help.

    1. hi juan. your ancestors don’t show up on my list; but will let you know as soon as i find a connection. =)

  26. Hi. My aunt Bebe Seville is looking for her son, Joselito Sobrepena whose entry sometime in 2008 I found in this page.By any chance,would you have his whereabouts?your help in this search will greatly be appreciated. My aunt has not seen her son for the last 36 years..

  27. Hi, I was born in Olongapo City to Jeanette Alegre, daughter of Irene Alegre of Bataan. I am now living in Hawaii. I dont know too much about my bloodline but i was told that my middle name, Magno, came from my Grandfather. I dont know his name. I believe we do have Visayan roots though. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. hi mark. i don’t have your ancestors on file; but will let you know if their names come up in the future. in the meantime, you can use other on-line resources to help you in your search for family.

  28. my grandfather’s name is fernando magno and settled in aringay la union. from what i’ve heard from my late father felipe magno that my grandfather’s family originated from vigan, ilocos sur.

    1. hi elvira. our family is from iloilo; but i am still looking for a connection with the magno’s from the north. no luck so far.

  29. my father is Dionisio Casilan Magno who hails from Tanawan,Leyte- born Feb 25, 1911. Has a sister Milagros Magno. Their father is Jose MAGNO. How my parents met I have no idea. We settled in Baguio City where all EIGHT of us (4 boys-4 girls) were born. Our parents are deceased and all of us now reside in the U.S. Have started a “family tree” but need more information on where the Magno family first settled.

    1. hi dionisio. i do not have JOSE MAGNO or MILAGROS MAGNO in my database yet. i will let you know of developments as they happen. =)

  30. my grandfather is PEDRO TABLAC MAGNO from Ilocos, i dont know the full name of his mother and father since i haven’t asked yet.

    1. hi, joanne. the magno ancestry i am working on stops in iloilo city. i have not established a link to the ilocos. i also do not have PEDRO MAGNO in my records, unfortunately. i will post something here as soon as i unearth something new. thanks for visiting my site!

  31. hi.i’m pedro magno lll from grandfather was pedro esposito magno sr.son of juan i was told,there are 3 magno brothers originally from pangasinan.1 migrated to nueva ecija,1 in visayas and 1 stayed in pangasinan where my great grandfather and grand father came.i wonder if u have our family in ur family tree.

    1. hi, pedro. i double-checked but could not find a JUAN or PEDRO MAGNO in my database. will let you know as soon as i find anything. while my ancestors lived in iloilo, i do suspect a connection to the ilocos region. thanks for the visit!

    2. Hi my name is jeremy Magno. I dont know much about my family in the phillipines so I wanted to find out more. My great grandpa was named Pedro magno and was from the pangasinan area. His son was the late Manuel magno who is my grandpa and he moved to the United State and had my dad who is Joseph Magno. If anybody has anymore information please let me know. Who knows maybe we’re related.

    1. yes indeed we had a group, MAGNO FAMILY originated in batangas, and MAGNO AKO(PROUD AKO)originated in san isidro, nueva ecija, in facbook all of us there are the clan of magno in different region and different part of the world. KIND to visit the page and like it,,,hoping that we can connect each other,,,,all of magnos’ are welcome to the page

  32. Hi! I’m also a Magno but my clan originated from Nueva Ecija. I wonder if our clan could still be related in some ways.

    1. thanks for the visit, kathy!

      my father’s family was from iloilo; but i have been researching birth, marriage and death archives for iloilo between 1870 and 1900; and there are only a handful of magno’s for that entire time period!

      i am looking into our connection to nueva ecija as well. 🙂

    2. im junel magno pamintuan,from tarlac my mother is merlita magno from tagudtod bugasong antique

    3. i’m magno clan from san isidro, nueva ecija. there a lot of magno in our area and the entire nueva ecija,,,,,try to visit our page MAGNO AKO(PROUD AKO)and MAGNO FAMILY page you can find a lot of magno out there,,,,,we the admin hoping that you’ll like it

  33. i hope someday magkikita taung magkakamaganak jan sa inyo…………

  34. Hello to all… My grandfather once told me that Magno family have originated dated back 1500’s in San Isidro Nueva Ecija, the story started when some of the 12 brothers became wanted and was being sought by the Spaniards. To avoid getting caught and be killed, a family friend who is Spanish told them to go away, hide and change their names and family name to Magno. Some of them moved to the northern and southern part of Luzon, Visayas region, Mindanao, some stayed in Nueva Ecija and some have settled in Bulacan and Pampangga. My grandfather is having a kind of list of names written in a large brownies paper that contain names of family members dating back as far as 1700’s, unfortunately I don’t see that paper anymore. My grandfather passed away 23 years ago at the age of 81, his name is Alfonso Tecson Magno son of Felix Magno and Catalina Tecson Magno of Calaba San Isidro Nueva Ecija. Back in 1980’s my sister is having a merchandise business in Roxas Isabela, in one of their trip in Quirino she meet someone with the same family name… my sister was so surprised to hear the same tale of the 12 brothers and even surprised to know where the family have originated – Nueva Ecija. It is the same story that I came upon from Catanduanes and also from Iloilo.

    1. thanks for sharing, alfonso. there is indeed a lot to look into when it comes to the magno family name. i am hoping i can establish a personal, documented link to the northern provinces — the spanish records are well-kept there.

  35. hello po,my name is anne magno.i haven’t seen my father Antonio Magno since birth.He used to be a captain of the ship before base in davao.But he resides in Las pinas then.I would like to know if u know him.Its my pleasure to meet my brothers and sisters and relatives.thanks

  36. how about magno’s here in cebu???
    hmmm..may project ako genealogy….pero hindi ko alam kung sino ang mga ninono ko..maybe this will help me…

    1. thanks for visiting the site, vismin! i have not yet found any relatives in cebu; but i will let you know if i find anything. i wish you all the best in your search!

  37. Hi, I’m Don Carlo Pena, Great grandson of Don Juan Magno Pena great grandson of Don Benito Magno. Don Benito, a spanish conquestador who established the town of Pozzurubio in Pangasinan. A old spanish mansion still stands right now beside the pueblo plaza. I hope to be in touch with other clan relatives here in the philippines and spain

    1. wow! that’s very interesting! gives me more reason to start looking into our connection to the northern magno’s. 🙂

  38. @beryeth, yes I am a descendant, my grandfather is Uricio ‘Uring’ Magno, the eldest of Ponsong’s line. Lolo Bien ‘bienvenido’ in which you referred to is my great uncle or my grandfather’s brother. You may contact me

    @NR, certain would love to complete or add into the family three, I have yet to post the complete tree but soon will. I am wondering if you have any information about Cayetano’s ancestors? -pls. keep me posted

  39. @NR corrections (I should have spell checked lol)
    ‘certainly’ would love to complete or add into the family ‘tree’. I have yet to post the complete family tree but will soon post it.

  40. I am from Anonas Urdaneta, Pangasinan,mostly my relatives are Pangasinense but I’m ilocano. I am a believer in Christ.. at present nakatira ako dito sa Batangas..

  41. Hello…I was just looking at these posts. I happened to be a Magno on my mothers’ side from Aklan…I’ve met some Magnos’ who are native Davaenos’…and also from Leyte I wonder whether
    Magnos are all related…

    1. hi, romeo. the surname “magno” was in the claveria catalogo apellidos from which filipinos chose new surnames back in the 1860s. before then, surnames were changed often, especially by those who had little to gain from keeping their parents’ name. it is possible that some magno’s are related; but not all. our branch came from iloilo; and i am currently trying to trace our link to north luzon. 🙂

  42. Hello again… Im still having a hard time tracing my family line. My grandfather, Maj. Felicisimo
    J. Magno Sr. Died in 1984. He worked in MAnila International airport.. Now known as Ninoy Aquino international airport. The only sibling that he had that I met was Lourdes Magno.. She never really told me anything when I was a kid. My grandfather’s kids are: Felicisimo Magno Jr (my dad), marita Magno-Hegerle and Francisco Magno. As far as I know my dad and his siblings grew up in San Dionisio, paranaque which is where my grandmother, Maria Cruz Magno, is from…

    1. hi claudette. as your grandfather was in military service, the best way to contact the information office of whatever branch he was in. because that was some time back, they should be able to share his service record with the family.

      if that doesn’t work out, find his birth / baptism record at the church of the latter day saints family history center near you. you would have to know WHERE he was born to get to the right record. it would take some time and effort to go through microfilm, but it’s worth it. i get a high whenever i go up another generation. 🙂 good luck!

  43. My grandfather is also a Magno, his name is Resurreccion Magno but I forgot the actual date of birth. His family is from Janiuay and Lambunao. I forget the names of his parents but he was young during the war. Also his mother is a teacher and his father is wealthy man who own lots of land. His parents were killed during the war and his relatives took all their land and wealth. He was young so he don’t know how to farm. He has siblings but they were taken by his relatives also. He was sent to farm in Sta. barbara when he was 9 years old and he fall in love when he was 16. He died not seeing his siblings 1 girl and a boy. He tried to search from them but he failed, maybe they changed their names.

    1. thanks for the visit, fermin! from a research perspective, your case is quite difficult to crack. the first recourse would be to look at vital records like birth, marriage, death which need names, dates, places. i don’t have RESURECCION MAGNO in my family, but i will give you a holler if i find him in my readings. good luck in your search!

  44. My grandfather was born in Malasiqui,Pangasinan.When he got married they lived in Tumauini Isabela.They have 9 kids.His name is Domingo Estrada Magno.He is a soldier before,now he was in Montalban,Rizal.

  45. Hi, I am Roque Arrieta Magno from Cabanatuan City , Nueva Ecija. My father was Ricardo Espino Magno and my mother was Eleuteria Burgos Arrieta. My grandfather was Simplicio Magno and my grandmother was Vicenta Espino Magno. My grandfather Simplicio was from Binmaley, Pangasinan. There are many Magnos from Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija. I would be interested to link up with the Magnos of the Philippines.

    1. hi popoy. there are a lot of magno’s from the north. sadly, i have not been able to document a relationship yet. please watch this space for developments. thanks for the visit!

  46. Hi, I am Sebastian P. Magno now working in Hongkong as an architect.My Father is Nicomedes Magno & My grandfather is Espiridion Magno from Janiuay Iloilo just came across reading these blogg thought finding some close and distant relatives…

  47. Hi! I am Lourie Jay Magno from Compostela Valley Province. I am one among the grandchildren of the late Fernando Magno, Sr.My lolo hails from Leyte…I am just interested to link up with the Magnos in the Philippines.

    1. I’m edmund magno arsenal maybe we can help other to trace up our cell# is 09395931000.stay at sanfrancisco agusan del sur.

  48. WOw! i have family tree for my first generation,some of my relatives is from tambac aklan.heres the name of my great grand father.Magno Clan ..FAMILY TREE..



    11. NOE MAGNO

    1. Aloha! My name is Dexter Magno and my grandfather was Amado Magno. My father was Louie Magno. Amado immigrated to Hawaii in the early 1900’s or so and my father was born in Hawaii in 1932. Not sure of any relatives before my grandfather Amado so I’m hoping to hear from someone soon!

  49. Hi Mona, I’m also a Magno and our clan hails from San Andres Catanduanes. Great works! Keep it up!

  50. Hi…Mona.. Please check my fathers family circle in your Genealogy, his name is Pascual Magno, brother Lucio Magno, but I dont remember the name of his one sister and other brother…according to my Uncle Lucio,we originated from Iloilo..we raised in Brgy. Litlit, Silang Cavite and Magno is huge clan in Silang Cavite…

    I’m Jun Magno…I’m a president of one big organization in our country,,you can search my name in Youtube or Googles …
    Thank you…Keep it up and God Bless you and Your Family

    1. Hi Jun. Unfortunately, I do not have Pascual in my database. Will let you know as soon as I do. Thanks!

  51. Hi!my moher’s maiden surname is magno and her father came from guimaras,iloilo….wow…i’m amazed about this info anyway….

  52. I’m edmund magno arsenal from janiuay I’m lds,pls help me to find the brother and sister of pacita bello magno. And also my grand father and great grand father.

    1. May I ask Edmund what province or city in the Philippines do you originally comes from.
      My Father was born in Mindanao, Davao city. His dad was a Magno married to my grandma whose a native of Davao ( bagobo tribe ). My father has a younger brother whose name was Florencio ( deceased too ).

  53. Hello I am Jessica Ann Mancao Magno and most of my Magno relatives are from Cebu my Grandfather is Jesus C. Magno who served as a judge and opened Sinugba with my Grandmother Erlinda Magno. I was wondering if we were related as I am fascinated by my genealogy and would like to know more about it.

    1. Hello Jessica. My name is CLEMENCIA Magno Tsuchida. My family hails from Mindanao, Davao City. My dad has a younger Brod ( late Florencio ).
      I’m presently residing n Japan married to a Japanese spouse. Hopely we can truly trace our descendants and the entire family tree.

  54. Hello, my name is josephine magno laureta, my father’s name is Elias Samar Magno, of Buruanga, Aklan. My grandfather was Jose Magno from Ilo Ilo but dont know the exact place there. My uncles are Julieto Samar Magno, Paquito S. Magno, and aunts Emma Rosa Magno Agustin and Pelagia Magno Dumalaog. We are presently living here in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

  55. Hello, My name is Rica Gadi from Davao City and we are currently organizing a family reunion of sorts for the Magno’s of Mindanao. I heard from our Lolos that our Great Great Grandfather hails from Samar, Leyte. He is the strting point of my genealogy His name is Pio Magno. He then moved to Cateel, Davao Oriental and had 3 children: Leandro, Ana and Crisologo. I am looking for the family of Pio from Samar Leyte and how we can connect these?

    I have a Family Tree you can see here : This is just the 1st 3 generations, I am already on the 5th generation and my kids the 6th 🙂

    1. This edmund mango Arsenal from ilo ilo and now I live in agusan.if we have a reunion please contact my 09395931000 I’m willing to cooperate.

  56. I am from a Magno clan from Jolo, Sulu and Zamboanga. In fact there is a Street in Zamboanga called Ignacio Magno who is my great uncle whose brother, Vicente Magno was once the mayor of Jolo, Sulu. Any ideas about this branch?

    1. No links so far; but because Magno was in the Claveria catalogue, there are many unrelated Magno’s in the Philippines. The only way to know for sure is to document the ancestry research.

    2. I’m also a Magno by family name from my late father. I and my other siblings were born in Davao City but migrated to Zamboanga City. True there’s a street I. Magno street ( Ignacio ). But we hvnt meet any Magno people by such family name. We still lives in Zambo.though.

  57. Hi, this is so interesting to me as I have no historical information in regards to my family tree. My grandfather the late Colonel Nicholas Magno is from Zamboanga and was married to the late Assuncion Torres Magno from Cebu my mother is Jacqueline Torres Magno aka Jacqui Magno. Can you give me any information on our geanelogy or if we are somehow related? Will be much appreciated. I can be reached through Thank you looking forward to your reply.

    1. I know of Jacqui’s parents who owned the Zamboanga Hotel but I have not had the chance to research it yet. I have not established a connection, if any.

    2. A blessed day. My name s Cleng Magno Tsuchida. I was born wd 7 siblings from Davao City. My dad who was born native of Davao told my siblings a story that during the war tym there were 7 young men and their brothers bearing Magno as family name and they scattered themselves like 3 in Luzon 2 in Mindanao and 2 in Visayas region to keep themselves to alive during the war period. Later part of my life we migrated to Zamboanga City whom we saw a street name I. Magno. My Fsther then recognized that name s a relative since his forefather Magno mentioned that a military ranking official n Zambo is a relative though at that tym 1966 Shen we landed Zamboanga weren’t aware if I. Magno was still alive or passed away since we knew no one when moved to Zamboanga bcoz my dad was one of the pioneers of GSIS n Zamboanga

  58. Hi! Im milet. Is anyone here knows about giving his daughter for adoption in year 1981? My mom ( foster parent) told me that I was wrap in a white cloth with my embroidered name baby girl magno on it. She told me that I have a twin brother,sadly my foster parent could only adopt one. She said a written letter was left for me but my foster dad burned it together with my embroidered white cloth. They change my name and my birthday, My dad said my true birthday is january 15 idk if 1981 is real. When I ask em, they dont remember much. They only knew that mrs. Enriquez of las pinas introduce em and made the adoption possible. I hope I can connect with my twin brother and my parents. 09474517945 text me if u have details. Thank you.

  59. Add: Lolo macio magno, a distant relative, was a soldier who was assigned and built his clan in Davao. In old age, he went back to calaba, san isidro, nueva ecija.

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