Jose Isaac and Josefina Maronilla Velasco

The couple enriched the musical culture of Libon.

Jose Isaac (1911 – 1984) a native of Bato, Camarines Sur, married Josefina Maronilla Velasco (1909 – 1989, the daughter of Vicente Velasco and Bridiga Maronilla of Libon, Albay. This musical union bore two sons, Antonio and Manuel.

Lolo Jose was an expert clarinet- and violin- player while Lola Pining was a versatile pianist. They taught the children of Libon to play banduria, ukelele, guita, piano. They organized various recitals, choirs, rondallas and other musical groups. Lolo Jose, a prominent member of the Mirabueno band, composed “Santiago de Libon”, his opus, which is played during the town fiests and Holy Week celebrations today.

Family History Research Notes

1. “Maronilla-Velasco-Isaac Family“.  Municipality of Libon official site.  Date accessed:  02 August 2010.
2. Jose and Josefina Velasco’s Family Tree can be found on

2 thoughts on “Jose Isaac and Josefina Maronilla Velasco

  1. Is the Jose Maronilla of this geneology the one
    graduated from UP High School in 1949, and was
    an accomplised swimmer? If so, would someone
    arrange to have him shoot an E-Mail message to
    me at I was one of his classmates with the Class of ’49.

    1. hi walter. i have about 4 jose maronillas in my data base. one was born in 1948, so that brings me down to 3. unfortunately, i don’t have enough data to confirm if any of the 3 is the man you are looking for. i will keep this in my vista and let you know if i unearth anything. thanks for visiting my site!

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