The San Diego Family


Pronounced [san-di-ye’-go], the family was named after Saint James — most likely, Saint James the Greater (not St. James the Evangelist), who brought Christianity to Spain and is the nation’s patron saint.  The spelling variations of this surname include Santiago, de Santiago, Santyago, de Santyago, Sandiego, San Jaime, Yago, Yagüe, Yague, Yagües, Yagues, Yáguez, among others.  This name was first found in Galicia, an important Christian kingdom of medieval Spain.

Our Line

The San Diego’s name predates the Claveria Decree of 1849, as we have found documentation on the lineage up to the early 19th century.  The San Diego’s ancestral home is Obando, Bulacan, Philippines; where the earliest known patriarch, Roque de San Diego was born in the late 17oo’s.

In the 1880s, Mariano Avendaño San Diego migrated to Parian, Cebu and settled there.  The home that Mariano and his wife, Maria Yap, still stands today and is reputed to be the oldest residential structure in Cebu.  His descendants took the conjugated version of the family name, Sandiego.

Our branch of the massive San Diego clan moved to Manila City before World War II, but a significant majority still remain in Bulacan.


Hover over thumbnail to view description. Click to see the larger image.

President Magsaysay and the San Diego Clan in Baguio City.  Clockwise from upper left:  Concordia DL San Diego, Nicanor P San Diego, Ramon Magsaysay, Eugenia P San Diego, Apolonio DLC Porcincula, Trinidad P San Diego, Eugenio P San Diego, Felicisima P San Diego and Luis P San Diego. This photo taken on Nicaor and Eugenia's 25th wedding anniversary was a prominent fixture in the living room of "Casa Manana", the family's ancestral home. Luis San Diego and Erlinda Cordero were united in matrimony on 14 May 1967 in Manila City, Philippines. Trinidad P San Diego in 1967. Dominic DR San Diego in 1973.

Family History Research Notes

1.  Defining the link between the Sandiego’s of Cebu and the San Diego’s of Obando was made possible by the efforts of Valentin Mancao Sandiego and Peary Aleonar Jr reaching out to the creator of this site. Thanks, Val and Vip!
2.  Another batch of warm thanks to Peary Aleonar Jr (again) who is responsible for providing considerable genealogical data on the Sandiego’s of Cebu.
3.  The San Diego Family Forest can be found on

71 thoughts on “The San Diego Family

  1. wow! i got interested reading this site… astig! By the way… I’m one of the grandchildren of Macaria San Diego and Jovito San Gabriel… 🙂 God bless…

    1. hi edmilyn – i met the some san gabriel’s nung lamay kay auntie sa manila. nanduon ka ba? anyway, kung interested ka mag-participate sa research ko, please email me so i can send you some forms to fill out. thanks!

    2. hi edmilyn, my second cousin! after many years, i finally found a platform where we can share the family “forest”. i am sending you an invitation to collaborate via your email. hope it’s still current …

  2. interesting…meron din pala kaming extended relatives dyan aside from my cuzs na san diego din from plaridel. our great great grandfather is cabezang EUSTACQUIO AVENDANO of plaridel.

  3. Pleased to find this website. I am one of the 7 children of the late CECILIO L. SAN DIEGO and SOCORRO V. CORDERO. I am now a resident of Montreal, Canada,along with my other sister, MARIA LUISA LUALHATI. Our youngest sister, FILIPINAS, is the Mother Superior of the Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP) in Bolinao, Pangasinan. My father passed away in 1969, my mom in 2004 and my eldest sister in 2002. I would like to learn more about our Family Tree.

    Claire San Diego

    1. hi, claire. you are my first cousin once removed! i created your profile on please log-in and claim it so you could see the full family tree. thanks!

  4. Hi Mona,
    Im so glad that you were able to trace my great great grandfathers’ roots. I just want to add up Mariano and Maria Yap’s children. They had 5 namely; ANTONIO (my grandfather)married to Concepcion Barcenilla Alcoseba. He was the first judge of Carcar. PEDRO, VICENTE,NARCISO, MARCIAL.
    Antonio had 6 siblings; Sr. Mercedes, ICM nun (+), PIlar (95 years old, the only living), married to Dr. Paulino Lopez (+), DR. Mariano (+) married to Vicenta Noel, Soledad (+), Vicenta (+), and my dad, Atty, Rafael (+), married to Luz Panuncialman Mancao. Do you know that the house of Mariano and Maria in parian still exists? I am in the process of restoring it. It is considered one of the oldest houses in the country, built during the 17th century by chinese merchants residing in parian. If you want to take a look at it, just go to flickr and search for yap-sandiego ancestral house or val sandiego heritage house. i think this is all for now. I will update you with more details in my next mail. Thank you and God bless.

    val sandiego

    1. hi, val. you are my fourth cousin! i just sent you an invitation to, so you could access our on-line family tree and add to it. all the best!

  5. wow! this is great i was able to trace my family.
    We belong to Narciso Yap Sandiego married to
    Urbana Ybanez Sandiego of Tabogon, Cebu.

    From: Juvy Ann Sandiego Ruiz

    1. thanks for the visit, judy ann. if you could build your family tree on, starting with NARCISO. the sytem will then prompt me for an opportunity of collaborate. thanks!

    2. Hi! My name is Greg Ybañez. I am a direct descendant of Severo Ybañez and Basilisa Saladaga of Tabogon.I was told that Urbana Ybañez was a distant relative. My e-mail is
      My great great grandmother Crisanta Ybanez was a sister of Perfecto Ybanez

    3. hi, val sandiego is my 2nd cousin, can u help me how to log in at

  6. Hi Mona. You did an excellent job. My father, BAYANI Templado SAN DIEGO was the son of CECILIO de Leon SAN DIEGO and MARIA Templado. My dad was known as “Ka Ani” to Tita Fely, Tito Luis, Tito Geny, and Tita Trining. He practically grew up at the ancestral house in Tondo, Manila. Based on my dad’s stories about his life, he took care of them for some time. My dad met my mom, JULIANA SERASPI, through Tita Fely. My mom, then, was working at Philippine Constabulary Hospital, Quezon City. Bayani and Juliana had four children, and I am the eldest. My dad passed away in May 18, 1994, ten days before his birthday, due to complications of diabetes. And my mom passed away in July 28, 2005, of cardiac arrest, after a lingering illness. I would like to post some family pictures and articles about my family in this site. Please inform me how. Again, thank you very much.

    1. hi again, ate. i was able to work on the family forest today. i sent you an invitation to claim the profile i created for you. you will then be able to see our family tree in full. enjoy!

  7. you are right there are 2 Trinidads. I have confirmed this from reliable sources.
    thanks for the response.

  8. by the way, socorro sandiego and romeo maravilla has 5 children namely Maria Corazon Maravilla Medalla, Ronaldo Maravilla, Adelio Maravilla and Vicentino Maravilla. Hope you can add up their names on your list…god bless!

  9. hi…i’m the grand daughter of SOCORRO SANDIEGO and ROMEO MARAVILLA..they were married and raised family in carcar..since my lolo died 4 years ago,my lola still lives there with her youngest son (my uncle) VICENTINO MARAVILLA. i lived there until i went to uae 4 months lola has lots of old ancestral things she has kept for years from her parents..we have lots of old framed black and white pictures hanging on our walls. im so happy i dig this site..hope we can up our names here especially my father, aunts and uncles..god bless…

    1. hi, maricor. of the children of socorro and romeo — maria corazon, ronaldo, adelio, vicentino — which one is your parent? let me know so i can send you an invite to our family forest. thanks!

  10. very nice,that i found this site,will you please informed me if you have known mr.wilmer yago,maybe he’s in the..about some generations,about 1960 of his birth..

    1. sorry, gilbert. we don’t have a WILMER YAGO on our database so far. thanks for visiting the site!

  11. found what i’ve been looking for. My lolo and his siblings were from Bicol (i overheard from them onetime long ago that they were from Bulacan and migrated to Bicol because of the great flood..don’t have any idea when was that). My lolo’s name was MARCELINO ADAN SAN DIEGO (his parents were DOROTEA ADAN and CIRILO SAN DIEGO). I’m still in the process of interviewing my lola and my relatives of our ancestors. May i ask if you can research on who are the parents or ancestors of my lolo? tnx very much.

    1. hi, jomar. i still have not found a MARCELINO or a CIRILO SAN DIEGO in my own research. please create an account in and you can collaborate with me and others on-line.

  12. hello po… I’am looking for the relatives of my late grandfather CRISOGANO SAN DIEGO,he was from bulacan also…but we grew up in caloocan and later transfer here in PALAWAN…iJUST CAN’T REMEMBER ANYONE FROM OUR TRACES SPECIALLY FROM SAN DIEGO CLAN …WE HOPE YOU CAN HELP US …THAKS AND GOD BLESS!

    1. hi, darius. i still have not found a CRISOGANO SAN DIEGO in my research yet. perhaps you can create an account in and collaborate with me and others on-line.

  13. very thankful that i found this web,im asking for a help to anyone na nakakakilala kay Mr.Wilmer S.Yago,i don’t know if he’s still living there in buhi..i’m he’s son to ms.alice tabernero bargo.i want to see him in personal,kase since birth eh di ko pa xa nakikita..i was 18 when my mother told me the truth,but i’m 25 yrs old already..kaya pls…lang,paki sagot na langpo or paki e mail na lang

    1. sorry, gilbert. i don’t have a yago in my genealogical research so far.

  14. Hi!…i am Joel Sevilla, from Obando, Bulacan, son of JESUS B. SEVILLA and ELADIA SAN DIEGO CAPIRAL. My grandparents are GREGORIO CAPIRAL and TRINIDAD SAN DIEGO. My great grandparents are HERMOGENES SAN DIEGO and LUISA GERMAN.

    1. wow, joselito, you have a lot of knowledge of your ancestry which is always great. unfortunately, i do not yet have your patriarch’s name, HERMOGENES SAN DIEGO, in my database. i would like to suggest that you create your tree on as soon as any one of us finds a common link, the system will advise us of the opportunity to collaborate. btw, my mom’s sister has the same name as your grandmother. =)

  15. ….kya qu nagpost d2 kc gs2 qu mameet ung mga relatives namin from maravilla clan….my grandfather was only child….he is married to trinidad cardinal maravilla….

    1. hi, jennylyn. if you would like to collaborate on a family tree, please document what you know of your ancestors on an on-line tool like or it is easier to grow the data once you can collaborate with others and access on-line repositories.

    1. hi jennylyn. i don’t have FRANCISCO MARAVILLA in my database yet; but i can keep an eye out for a common link. =)

  16. Hi, mona,

    good job! i really need a copy of the family tree. i am the sister of sonia san diego and my parents are Bayani (ka Ani)and Juliana San Diego. I have 4 children, Ma. Rafaelle Nicole, Gerard Cove , Job David and Agnes Francesca. I am married to Rafael Gaba. may i know how to obtain one? my email address it my number is 09174489787

    1. hi, ate wilma! i just finished plotting out your side of the family on i will send you an invitation via your email. i hope you can help fill in some of the blanks. 🙂 thanks!

  17. Hi! mona,
    I’m so glad to see this site coz im a San Diego too. My grandparents are Leonarda Giron and Apolinario San Diego of Bulacan. Me and my brothers grew up in Mindanao, so we really dont have contacts with our relatives in Bulacan. And i dont know my paternal’s side history coz he did’nt talk much about his family before.

    1. As I was checking/reading some of the comments, I noticed that I typed the wrong names for my grandparents, or maybe I forgot their names already due to lack of communication from my fathers side. Anyway,it’s Leogarda and Apolonio Sr. not Leonarda/Apolinario. Still waiting for your reply. Thanks.

    2. hi, may ruth. i have neither LEOGARDA or APOLONIO SAN DIEGO on file. i’ll let you know if i find a common link. Thanks for visiting!

  18. Hi! I’m glad I saw this website! I’m Winnie San Diego Juliano-Erguiza. My grandfather’s name was Jose San Diego and we are from Valenzuela. I can’t view the Family Forest so I could see the trace of my lolo. Hope you could give me the link.

    By the way, our clan from Jose San Diego and his brothers’ are having annual reunion, every Easter Sunday in Valenzuela.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thanks and God Bless+

    1. thanks for the visit, winnie! i currently do not have a JOSE SAN DIEGO in my database. please create your family tree on geni, as far as you can. if there are any intersections with my line, the system will notify us. the family can be accessed only if you are authenticated to be part of it.

      hope to hear from you soon!

  19. Hi Ate mona, nice to see you still keep up this site. I want to see the family tree so i can also give you updates on our side of the family. Hope to hear from you soon. Please send me an email so i can immediately reply back.

    1. uy, eric, kamusta! i saw you sent me a geni FRIEND invitation. i rejected it, pero i sent you a FAMILY MEMBER invitation. that would mean you could claim your profile and add the email addresses of everyone else.

      yes, please update with the names of the kids — tagal ko nang hindi nakikita ang san diego cousins ko!

  20. This is great. So far I think we traced our family all the way up from Mariano Avendano San Diego. It goes like this.. From Mariano Avendano San Diego / Maria Yap to Pedro San Diego / Ana Mendoza to Liberato Mendoza San Diego / Gerarda Dimla Victorio to my father Rubelio Victorio San Diego (married to Flordeliza Sorezo Cruz).
    Rubelio and Flordeliza’s family now resides in Los Angeles, California. I did start “Heritage Family Tree”.

    1. Hi Rady. Could you share your documentation on the relationship of Pedro Mendoza San Diego with Mariano Avendaño San Diego? I double-checked this and the Pedro in the family tree was married to Juana Ybañez. As it is such a common name, I am not sure if they are the same person. It would be helpful to look at what documents you have. Thanks!

    2. Another discrepancy: the middle name of your Pedro is DE LA CRUZ; while the middle name of my Pedro is YAP.

  21. Dear Mona and to all the San Diego Family, we would like to invite all our relatives to join the San Diego Family on facebook we just recently created. Also,we finally solved the connection from my grandfather directly to Roque De San Diego born in the 1700’s, thanks to Arnel & Rady San Diego. I’m 7th generation down, my great grandfather is Pedro Avendano San Diego, son of Rafael De San Diego, son of Ramon,and son of Antonio, and lastly, is the son of Roque & Ana San Diego. That’s pretty neat finding your family history, it makes you complete! Thanks Mona, I wonder how are we related? Kind regards, Gary (Chicago, IL)

    1. Hi, Gary. Please send me the FB link — I tried to search but could not find it.

      Roque is my 5x great grandfather (Roque > Antonio > Roman > Teodoro > Benito > Nicanor > Felicisima > Mona). I think that makes us 4th cousins once removed!

      I do love genealogy which is why I do the research that I do. I hope to visit Obando (where Roque and several generations down lived) soon. 🙂

      If you want to see the family tree, and help us expand Roque’s descendants, please go to this page:

    2. Hi, Gary. I asked Rady earlier; but just in case you could help me … could you share your documentation on the relationship of Pedro Mendoza San Diego with Mariano Avendaño San Diego? I double-checked this and the Pedro in the family tree was married to Juana Ybañez, NOT Ana Mendoza. Second wife perhaps?

      As it is such a common name, I am not sure if they are the same person. It would be helpful to look at what documents you have researched. Thanks!

    3. Also, the middle name of your Pedro is DE LA CRUZ; while the middle name of my Pedro is YAP.

  22. Hi Mona,

    Tatay liberato, papa ruben & i visited to balut, tondo. Mario San Diego and his father (smoke tobacco like cuba president castro). I can’t remember mario’s father name? Do u know what’s his name?

    Thank you very much,
    Arnel (deaf)

    1. Hi, Arnel. I don’t have Liberato or Ruben in my research. Sorry.

    1. Hi Arnel. I have one Mario San Diego in my family tree; but he is based in Cebu.

  23. a pleasant day to you,i have certain question about the yago clan..especially in buhi,one place in bicol.I was on my 18 yrs old when my mother told me the truth where the clans i have belong,and my real father was named Mr.Wilmer S. Yago,the worst is till now I didn’t know what his middle name means..

    1. hi, gilbert. i don’t have any yago in my family tree; but i do know of a family who comes from buhi. perhaps you can find new information on it’s community site from people from the town. maybe you can find a long-lost cousing there. 🙂

  24. Hi Mona Liza, Pedro San Diego married to Ana Mendoza (her birth date 1855). They’r my great grand parent. I don’t know Pedro married to first wife Juana Ybanez. How did u find Pedro de la Cruz San Diego? What birth date of pedro?

    How many Ramon de San Diego have children? I am curious what birth date of Rafael San Diego? ur 5th great grand father Theodoro san Diego, birth date 1839. Theodoro has 2 wives. Rafael & Theodoro the sons of Ramon.

    Nicanor de leon San Diego, Sr. has 2 wives. Nicanor P. San Diego, Jr. has 2 wives. I am curious where’s catalino San Diego? He’s relative of Nicanor, Brigida and Ramon.

    Thank u very much, Arnel

  25. Hello, I was searching in google and landed on this site. The photo of the woman (2nd from bottom) really looks familiar to me. My name is Arnel Capiral and my family was from Bulacan. My grandfather is Hermenegildo Capiral. I recall that we have relatives in Bulacan with San Diego last names and that most of our relatives are originally from Obando Bulacan. They used to take me along as a kid but lost touch after years.

  26. Hello po. did you know Rosendo and Arsenio Alcaraz San Diego? they are from Bulacan but grew-up and died in Tondo, Manila.. they are sibling and our generation was from them.

    1. Hi Leonardo. My great grandparents moved from Obando, Bulacan to Tondo, Manila during the American Occupation, about 1905 – 1910. The names you mentioned above do not appear in my database, unfortunately. Thanks for the visit!


  28. hi our family name is also SAN DIEGO but our town is here in Morong,Rizal. how did we know if we are related to angkan of san diego in bulacan? thanks my GRAND FATHERS name is PIO SAN JUAN SAN DIEGO….thanks this is eileen mae sunga san diego

    1. Thanks for the note, Eileen. Your grandfathers’ name does not appear in any of my research. Of course, it is always possible that in generations beyond your grandfather, the clan came from somewhere else. For example, we were able to link the Sandiego Clan of Cebu (the owners of the historic Yap-Sandiego Heritage House) to our clan from Bulacan. We found a common ancestor at around the late 1700s. Do let me know if you manage to research beyond your Lolo. 🙂

  29. Hello, I am Adona San Diego, from Bicol, my father was Alfedo Go San Diego, I heard that my lolo’s name was Nicanor San Diego, just not sure of the spelling. They were from Capalonga Camarines Norte. Our uncle Doming says that we are relatives to the San Diego of Quezon City. I knew little of the San Diego’s, hope your research will shed some light. Good luck. By the way my late sister was also name Mona San Diego.

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