Manuel Maronilla Calleja

Manuel Maronilla Calleja (Abt 1891 – unknown) was the son of Ignacio Calleja and Aquilina Maronilla.  He married Paz Grivialde Aspillera in 1915 in Catholic rites witnessed by Ignacio Calleja and Bonifacia Calleja. Their union bore six children: Luis Cezar, Rizalina, Alicia, Aquilina, Jose and Ignacio Emil.  He is the great-grand uncle of Senator Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri.

Manuel studied law at the University of Santo Tomas and was admitted to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines on 07 September 1914.  A Freemason, he distinguished himself as a lawyer, a fiscal, a judge of the Justice of the Peace Court, a judge of the People’s Court and a judge of the Court of First Instance. He served as the governor of the Province of Albay before (1937 – 1940) and after World War II (1952 – 1955).

In 2007, he was posthumously recognized by Libon’s Mayor Dycoco as one of the positive contributors to the locality’s education system.


Manuel Maronilla Calleja married Paz Aspillera in Libon, Albay on 12 October 1915. Manuel M. Calleja married Paz Grivialde Aspillera, the grandaunt of Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969. Manuel studied law at the University of Santo Tomas and was admitted to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines on 07 September 1914.  A Freemason, he distinguished himself as a lawyer, a fiscal, a judge of the Justice of the Peace Court, a judge of the People's Court and a judge of the Court of First Instance. Manuel served as the Governor of Albay before and after World War II.

Family History Research Notes

1.  “Attorney’s List:  Cahayon to Candelaria“. Supreme Court of the Philippines official site.
2.  Carizo, JA.  “Past Governors of Bicol“.  Bik-lish.
3.  Mayor Agnes “Bem” Dycoco’s presentation.  1st Libon Education Summit, Macapagal Center.  Date delivered:  24 August 2007.

4.  Manuel Maronilla Calleja’s Family Tree can be found on

41 thoughts on “Manuel Maronilla Calleja

  1. Hi..I have been searching for ancestors and relatives, mostly those who still live in Spain. As you can from my last name, I am Maronilla. My dad is from Albay, Bicol. His middle name is Segui (not sure if spelling is right) and a lawyer. My grandfather was Juan Maronilla. I was wondering, do you think I”m related to Manuel Maronilla Calleja? I”ve heard so much how most Maronillas are lawyers. Who’s the earliest Maronilla do you have on file? Thank you.

  2. Hi Cecile! In my database of people with whom I have NOT yet established a genealogical link but have names I am researching, I found a JUAN MARONILLA who was married to an ESTEFANIA SEGUI. I have two of their kids on file — VICENTE and BERNARDO. I got their names from the list of children confirmed by the Bishop in Libon, Albay in 1945. If you have birthdates, marriage dates and places, it would be easier for you to work backward. Unfortunately, web resources are limited — you really have to do research the old-fashioned way. I don’t know about the Maronillas; but my husband’s family, who descends from the Callejas, has always been lawyers and are active in politics. Email me if you find anything!

  3. im adrian maronilla,i was born in libon albay.24 years old ,the father of ADI a 4 year old boy who was celebrated by several national newspaper and television here coz of his unusual brain.But we are still looking for a school that can give him a scholarship coz wer just live a very simple life here in oriental mindoro.My grandfather is felix maronilla.

  4. My family came from Lopez, Quezon, My fathers name is ANTONIO ABAJA MARONILLA, his fathers name was PAULINO MARONILLA from Libon, Albay….. Here is my number 0915-320-1861

  5. Hello, I am Alex Calleja, my grandfather is MANUEL MARONILLA CALLEJA, my father is JOSE CALLEJA. He died in 1980. Tito Luis, Rizalina and Emil are all dead. We still have communication with Tita Alicia and Aquilina. My father, Jose, is now in Laguna.

    1. hi alex. i just sent you an invitation to contribute to our family forest on i hope you can help build that out. thanks in advance!

    2. hi alex! this is benjie, son of rizalina calleja. what’s your exact address in laguna? i’d like to visit tito peping when i next drive to manila this month. you may text it to me @ (0917) 558-5289. thanks.

  6. Hi, my name is CECILLE N. MARONILLA,my late father is MANUEL MATIAS MARONILLA JR. and also from Libon,Albay but grew up in Malabon Rizal.
    He’s also a Lawyer and most of my uncles, Tito Buddy (deceased) Ramon, Roberto, (deceased) Juliano, sister are Tita Mary & Tita Irene. I live in Houston, Texas & my tel# (281) 530-2443 & (832) 248-9888

    1. hi cecille. i created your profile on our family tree and sent you an invitation to claim it. i hope you can help build out your side of the family tree. thanks soo much!

  7. hi, i’m benjie c. baltasar, a son of rizalina calleja-baltasar and a grandson of the late gov. manuel maronilla calleja. it’d be one great accomplishment if we could help one another in coming up with a Calleja family tree. we’ve started one on “” but i don’t know how i can “invite” you to the tree if we can’t make the connection with each other. email addresses a must too. i wish to thank you too cause i was able to get my grandpa’s parents’ names too. also, if i can have alex victor calleja’s email address, he can fill-in their family’s branch of our tree on “”.

    1. hi benjie. thanks for directing me to i used to put my on-line tree on; but the interface was not as intuitive. i also love how has integration with facebook, which drives participation. btw, i added alex victor’s email on the tree. he should have already received the invite to collaborate.

  8. hi benjie this is your cousin alicia daughter of jose and norma calleja and iam the sister of alex is the rest of the family doing(pat,vicky and the others which unfortunately i can’t remember the names)it’s been a long time sinced albay you know.i would very much like to have a proper chat with you but iam not into internet chatting much.if there is a way i can get hold of your contact no that will be really good. hear from you soon. regards to everybody

    1. hi alice. i’m sure benjie would have sent you the invite to our shared family forest; but just in case he hasn’t, i will sent you another invite. i know internet is not your thing; but we do need help with documenting details and that is just the best way to do it. thanks in advance for the help! btw, my husband, MELCHOR VELUZ, is your first cousin once removed. =)

  9. hello, my name is dahl maronilla claravall, and my lolo is manuel maronilla (libon) & lola is juliana “julie” matias- maronilla (nueva ecija) how are all of you doing? i was born & raised in malabon but now live in the bay area california. is anyone from here as well? please email me at regards to everyone.

    1. hi dahl. my husband is related to the maronilla clan by marriage, so i have your name in the expanded family forest. i will be sending an invitation to your email so we can collaborate on the details. thanks in advance for the help!

    2. by the way, your name now appears in two families. one was the one i created and the other is owned by PATRICIA MARIE CHAN.

  10. hi alex and alice,
    ‘nice to get re-connected with my cousins again. you can reach me at my cp #(0917)558-5289.
    regards to tito peping and tita nor.

  11. Hi Im Liez,Born in Libon Albay grandaughter of FLORENCIA MARONILLA DELA TRINIDAD,from San Jose Libon Albay,according to My Mom during My Lolas wake Most of Maronilla’s Clan was there but that time I was too young then and my Lolo was always with Don FELIX MARONILLA to accompanied him on his politics career.. .Right now Im working as an Architect in Dubai,U.A.E

    1. hi liza. i double checked my records and i don’t have FLORENCIA MARONILLA DELA TRINIDAD on my file. looks like your family has some connection to the line i am researching, so i will continue to work on finding the link. thanks for the visit!

    2. Thanks Ms. Mona…according to my Mom,Felix Maronilla is my Lola’s Uncle (our Lola’s mom is brother of Old Maronilla’s…Nyway,Really appreciate your help.

    3. MARONILLA CLANS reunion soon.. I spoke with my Mom back home (phils) just now…Maronilla’s family invited & come over sa house today..missin my Lola …their auntie.

    4. Hi Ms.Mona,,,Do you have Antoni Maronilla from your database & his daughter Urzula MAronilla?please let me know..thanks a lot.

    5. Hi Liza. Could you create your tree on Geni please? The system will tag me if there are commonalities; but you could also sent me an invite as a “family member”, so we could see where the intersections are. Hope to hear from you!

  12. Hi! I’m JULIE ANN T. MARONILLA-MANAS, daughter of JULIANO “Anong” MATIAS MARONILLA and TERESITA CUYEGKENG TRINIDAD. My paternal grandparents are MANUEL S. MARONILLA and JULIANA MATIAS-MARONILLA. I grew up in Paranaque, but most childhood Sundays were spent in Malabon Rizal. I am the niece of Tita IRENE M. DIMALANTA,Tito BUDDY MARONILLA,Tito TOTONG MARONILLA, Tito RAMON MARONILLA and Tita MARY M. CLARAVALL. Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. thanks for the visit, julie ann. i have a manuel serrano maronilla on my database — is he your grandfather? please help us put the family tree together on


    2. hi julie ann. i finally found the time to piece some of the information i have gotten over the last few months. i have your family on my tree and it would be great if you could help me refine it. i am sending a separate email with the invite. thanks so much in advance!

    1. Oh thats Great!He is my Lola’s Uncle Florencia Maronilla Dela Trinidad

  13. Asia’s Wonder Kids with Adi Maronilla Jr.will be shown on 28th October 2009 at these times on Channel News Asia, sky cable. 7.30pm and 12.30am on Wednesday 10.30am on Thursday and 2.30pm on Friday respectively.

    1. Adi maronilla? is he from Maronilla Clan originated from Libon Albay?

  14. Hi,

    Don Mariano Sasis Maronilla, is so far the oldest Maronilla in our line,hope we can help each other to trace his father.

  15. Hi Mona!

    I came across your site and saw comments from my cousins; Cecil, Dahlia & Julie. I’d be glad to update and help build the family tree you have started.

    My grandfather is Manuel Matias Maronilla and my Father is Norberto “Totong” Maronilla

    Hope to hear from you. Ty


    1. That’s great, Gerard! I’ll send you an invite via so you can help fill in the blanks. Thanks!

  16. He is my great grandfather. My dad, Manuel Calleja Baltasar, is the son of Rizalina Calleja who was married to Antonio Baltasar.

    +Alicia Calleja, my grandmother’s sister, recently passed away last week.

    1. Tita Alice is my mother-in-law’s niece (they are the same age though and even attended school together). The last time I saw her was at a birthday party in October. I go to their house in Alabang to interview her on stories about the war and her Lolo and the juicy family stories folks from Libon only whisper about. She cried when I gave her a photo of her dad because apparently, she lost all of hers. She cried when she talked of her brother who died in the Death March and how affected her father was. She remembered with much fondness her handsome brother Emil, who was gunned down in JUSMAG. She was a feisty, fun female — not to mention gorgeous! I am deeply saddened with the her passing and I will miss her.

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