Sor Cecilia Calleja Maronilla

Maria Cecilia Calleja Maronilla, or Sor Cecilia as she was known to her students, was a dedicated educator in the musical arts.Maria Cecilia Calleja Maronilla, the daughter of Mariano Sasis Maronilla and Rafaela Calleja was born on February 1, 1900 in Libon, Albay. At 18, she joined the Daughters of Charity and was the first nun who enrolled at the UP Conservatory of Music under Dr. Antonio Molina. On February 1932, she rendered her senior recital.

Sor Cecilia was assigned head of the Department of Music at Sta. Isabel College, Intramuros, Manila and then Sta. Isabel, Naga City.  An heiress to a sizeable family fortune, she financed the construction of the Music Building of Sta. Isabel, Naga City. She was a full-time department head and professor of Music where she trained many students in piano.

Family History Research Notes

1.  Biographical data was based on entries in the official website of Libon, Albay.
2.  The image was a submission from Adrian A. Maronilla. He found the Sta. Isabel College Annual for 1969 and took an snapshot with his phone camera.
3.  Maria Cecilia Calleja Maronilla’s Family Tree can be found on

20 thoughts on “Sor Cecilia Calleja Maronilla

  1. I have a picture of my ancestor sor cecilia ,I visited her tomb and sor rafaella last nov. 2 2008.

  2. Would like to thank all Maronilla Clans who came to my Grandma’s wake..way back year 90’s Florencia Maronilla Dela
    Trinidad,Sn.Jose Libon Albay.Im so grateful that to belong in this clan,how big&small you are it
    would always be apart of our Life’s History.

  3. Dawa Sisay kita,saIn makaabot,Saday,dakulo…
    Pirming tandaan “Our past will remains in our heart Now&ForeVer…Mabalos sa Inyong Ngamin!

  4. Lola sising as we fondly call her is also founder of Colegio de Sta Luisa de MArillac in Libon were one of the pioneer student of the said school.incidentally were calling all former student of CSLM were celebrating golden jubille next year.

    1. hi, chi. i would like to add your profile on our family tree, should you be interested in the many REGAYAs i have on file. who are your parents/grandparents? thanks!

  5. You can visit Sor Cecilia Maronilla’s exhibit room at Santa Isabel College, Taft Ave. , Manila.She was the founder and the first Dean of music of that school.


  6. I remember visiting Lola Sising many times in Colegio de Sta. Isabel (now Universidad de Sta. Isabel)in Naga City in the early 80’s when I was still a child with my Mommy, Milagros Vasquez Maronilla-Paras. She love the fruits and banana cake that we would bring her during our visits. My lolo is Felix Maronilla. I grew up in Naga City and even took piano lessons in the same Music Hall Lola Sising spearheaded. Lola Sising’s sister, Sor Rafaela Maronilla, D.C., was a nurse and she was always around when Mommy gave birth to my younger brothers in Mother Seton Hospital and when one of us would get sick and be confined there. I am so gateful to these two Sisters who are my Lolas and I take them also as my inspiration in my life now as a Franciscan Priest. I am so happy to be part of this family.

    1. thanks for visiting the site, fr. alvin! it would be great if we can collaborate on the research on i’ve uploaded the family tree there.


    2. hi fr. alvin. i was a little confused with the names you provided above, so i looked a little deeper into your grandfather. FELIX BOIIT MARONILLA had 3 wives in his lifetime: SEVERINA SEGUI, LUZ GONZALES and ANACLETA VASQUEZ. i have a MILAGROS SEGUI MARONILLA on my file — which assumes that your mom’s mother was SEVERINA and not ANACLETA. could you please let me know? i also just sent you an invite to collaborate on our on-line family tree. i hope you could help me put the puzzle together. thanks!

  7. thank you for your site, i am from Sasis clan and its great to know that Sor Cecilia’s paternal grandmother is a Sasis. our family root came from Libon Albay also….cheers!!!

    1. hi irene. i currently have 2 SASISs on file. it would be great if you could help expand that branch of the family tree. who are your parents/grandparents?

  8. we are very proud we belonged to the DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY family. my brothers and sisters finished our studies under the supervisions of the sisters.CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US TO THE GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION OF COLEGIO DE STA LUISA DE MARILLAC-LIBON,ALBAY PHILLIPINES

  9. i’ve been following my ancestors–would like to know who are my grandparents brothers and sisters. i am from the marcial calleja clan and my granfather is ambrosio calleja. hope you can give me some info.
    daniel calleja

    1. hi dani. i have marcial calleja in the family tree; but i do not have a list of his children. please send me an email on how you connect to marcial, including your great-grandmother’s name, if possible. there were several marcial calleja’s living in libon in the late 1900s, so it would be good to verify which one you descend from. 🙂 thanks!

  10. yeah!im geeford Calleja Cruz, grandson of manuel vasquez calleja from libon albay!Rock on!!yeah!!!rock and roll!!!VIVA calleja.

    from engr. Geeford calleja cruz.

  11. I was named after Sor. Cecilia Maronilla & also had the priviledge to accept one of her awards.

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