The Calleja Family


Pronounced [cal-ye’-ha], the family name is derived from a Spanish noun calleja, meaning alley or narrow street.

Our Line

Siblings Andres and Salome are the earliest known members of the Calleja clan. Salome Calleja had children with a Monsignor Bishop of the Franciscan order, Gonzalez Dietz, which explains a consistent family trait in the earlier generations, the Castillan nose.

The ancestral home of the known Calleja line is situated in a compound bounded by San Pedro and San Miguel Streets in Poblacion, Libon, Albay.

By marriage, the clan is related to other families of note:  Abella, Aspillera, Diaz, Maronilla, Mijes, Mojica, Ocampo, Rubin, Seda, Serrano, Tuason, Velasco, Zubiri.  Many gifted individuals, kin to the Calleja Clan, have touched lives and made this world richer with their contributions.    

Luis Cezar Aspillera Calleja, lawyer and World War II hero |  Salome Calleja, our family matriarch  | Manuel Maronilla Calleja, a two-term Governor of Albay  |  Erlinda Tuazon Fernandez, a performing artist and educator  |  Gloria Aspillera Diaz, Miss Universe 1969  |  Maria Rosario “Rio” Aspillera Diaz,  beauty queen and politician  |  Bartolome Seda Fernandez, government official under the Quezon Administration  |  Manuel Calleja Fernandez, one of the founders of the Makati Medical Center  |  Manuel Ocampo Fernandez, a pioneering cosmetic surgeon  |  Maria Victoria Ocampo Fernandez, entrepreneur and social figure  |  Maria Pilar Tuason Fernandez, Libon Private High School administrator  |  Ramon Calleja Fernandez, Associate Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court  |  Ramon Tuazon Fernandez, once city councilor of Legaspi City  |  Adrian “Adi” Alvarez Maronilla, child prodigy  |  Maria Cecilia Calleja Maronilla, a renowned educator in the musical arts |  Illuminda Mojica Tuazon, Manila Carnival Queen of 1939  |  Jose Velasco and Josefina Maronilla Velasco, musical pioneers of Libon, Albay  |  Renato Mijes Velasco, musical pioneer of Libon, Albay  |  Juan Miguel Fernandez Zubiri, politician  |  Jose Rubin Zubiri, businessman and politician.


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Mariano Maronilla and Rafaela Calleja were married on 15 January 1897 in Libon, Albay, Philippines. Juan Calleja Serrano and Pelagia Revantes Moni were married on 08 June 1904 in Libon, Albay Philippines. Manuel Maronilla Calleja and Paz Grivialde Aspillera were married on 12 October 1915 in Libon, Albay, Philippines. Lorenzo Calleja (died 1918) and Luciana Malonda Calleja (died 1915) rest in Libon Albay, Philippines. Ignacio Calleja and Rufina Sasuca Serrano were married on 13 May 1916 in Libon, Albay, Philippines. Ignacio Francisco Serrano Calleja was baptised on 25 April 1920. Felix Ernesto Calleja Fernandez was baptised on 10 April 1921 in Libon, Albay, Philippines. Mariano Maronilla Calleja was sent to Manila to become an engineer; but he chose to study music.  He was a pianist, singer and music teacher. Mariano Maronilla Calleja (standing), Manuel Maronilla Calleja (seated) and the young Luis Aspillera Calleja in the 1920s (approx). The two oldest sons of Bartolome Seda Fernandez and Pilar Maronilla Calleja in the 1920s (approx).  Ramon (left) became an associate justice of the Philippine Supreme Court and Manuel (right) became on of the founders of the Makati Medical Center. Esther Satuito Calleja in the late 1930s. Rizalina Aspillera Calleja in the late 1930s. Nenita Aspillera Calleja in the early 1940s. Jose Tan Chua in the 1950s. Doris Flor was the bride of Ignacio Emil Aspillera Calleja. Rizalina Calleja Baltazar and her kids, Maria Virginia and Antonio in the late 1940s. Manuel Maronilla Calleja and his clan in a family reunion held in Libon, Albay, Philippines, in the late 1950s (approx). Antonio Felix Baltasar and Rizalina Aspillera Calleja had 9 children. Clockwise from upper left: Antonio, Maria Paz, Maria Virginia, Maria Agnes, Felix, Manuel, Gerardo, Maria Victoria, and Benjamin. Fernando Amorsolo was commissioned this portrait of Alicia Calleja Castro in the 1950s.  The painting now hangs in the Castro's home in Alabang. Maria Teresa Calleja Castro in her first communion gala. Gerald Alfonse Calleja Chua in 1955. Gerald Alfonse and Terence Alberto Chua in 1958. Desiree Elena Calleja Chua in the late 1950s. Esther Calleja Peñas and her kids in 1968.  From left, Marlon, Maria Sarah, Maria Pilar and Maria Gregoria. 

Family History Research Notes

1.  The practice of the Catholic Church of Libon to maintain a separate record for Bautismos Illegitimos or baptisms of illegitimate children proved to be a hurdle in our research. The records of the many illegitimate children in our family only included the mother’s information and excluded the father’s altogether.
2. Major additions on the Calleja descendant tree were made through the tireless efforts of Eleno Meribeles Serrano. In a trip to Libon, Albay, he interviewed relatives and visited cemeteries, which helped fill many data gaps. Thank you, Kuya Leno!
3. The Calleja Family Forest can be found on

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  1. Mona V,Still remember me have e-mail you way back Sept.2002.Tita Nenita Calleja-Chua visited us here in the 2005 i mentioned to her your research work of the Calleja Family she wants to share to you new input that may shed light to your research Fr. Gonzalez is actually Msgr.Bishop Gonzalez DIETZ his picture is existing never did i know that the Calleja Family history have already been researched way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s by my uncle Atty. Jose Reyes and by the brother-in-law of my grandmother Dr.Domingo Abella a famous filipino historian they did the research in Barcelona ,Spain. As you remember your mother-in-law did recognized my grandmother Dolores “Loleng” Calleja as her 1st cousin in your e-mail dated Sept of 2002.And also to let you know that Nenita Calleja-Chua the daughter of Manuel Maronilla Calleja and Paz Aspillera real name is Pacita “Nenita” Calleja derived from the name of her mother Pacita “Paz” Aspillera Calleja.I am currently researching Msgr.Bishop Gonzalez Dietz knowing he is of the Franciscan Order.Regarding his picture it is in the possesion of my uncle Atty. Jose Reyes sad to say he is now deceased.I will try my best to find out from my cousins the whereabout of the picture and share it to all of you as soon i find it. Allow me to enter your Calleja Family site by e-mailing me a password at my e-mail address thanks very much for your interest give my regards to your mother-in-law and may GOD bless you all. Mabalos na aldao.

  2. I’m not sure if my request for a password sent to, went through the first time. I’m a descendant of Lorenzo Calleja & Luciana Malonda and has been residing in Califonia for many years. My grandfather’s name is Mariano Calleja.
    Excellent site! Thanks.

    1. hi, jaime. just sent you a pdf with your “hourglass” tree. enjoy!

  3. My parents were juan maronilla and estefania segui of libon, albay. Sor cecilia calleja maronilla is my lola sising. She founded the Colegio de santa Luisa de Marilac in San roque , Libon,ran by the daughters of charity.I really want to know my roots, could you please email me the password to your calleja family site .

    1. hi, jaime. i just sent you an email invite to collaborate on our on-line family tree. =)

  4. Hi! I am Maria Claribel Ablaza Calleja, my father is from Camarines Sur but he told me that Calleja clan originated in Albay. I really can’t trace my underground clan but I guess, they’re still our relative. Actually, I think all Calleja’s are from the same blood. I AM VERY PROUD OF ROOT… VERY PROUD TO BE CALLEJA!!!

  5. This is great information. I am the sonof Marcial Calleja Reyes. Grandson of Dolores Malonda Calleja. Nice to see Kuya Tony Nosce write a note above. We are very proud to be part of the Calleja Clan. Would love to add on the the tree the 5th and 6th generation. Would you also kindly send me a password to see the complete family tree. Thank you. God Bless.

    1. hi marcial. you are my husband’s second cousin once removed. sending you a couple of of things — an invite to our on-line tree on and an hourglass tree you can print for your records. =)

  6. Nagkaroon din po ng apelyedong… “Maronilla-Seva”

  7. My grandfather is Engr. Antonio Calleja y Robles. At napansin kong wala po ang angkan namin dito…sana po malagay nyo po…

    1. hi, rae. i have an antonio urbina calleja and an antonio serrano calleja in my database. if you can send me your other ancestors, we can look into a common link. 🙂

  8. My grandfather is Engr. Antonio Calleja y Robles. At napansin kong wala po ang angkan namin dito…sana po malagay nyo po…

    1. hi, rae. you are my husband’s second cousin once removed! i am sending you a link to our family forest on please join my family group to get access. i am also sending you an ancestor chart for your records. =)

  9. hi… i’m from iriga city Lolo ko po si Mariano Calleja father ko si Juanito Robles Calleja..tanong ko lang po kung paano makakuha ng password para makita yung kabuuhan ng family tree.. salamat.
    Dios Magbalos..

    1. hi, eden. i have a juanito malonda calleja in my database; but no juanito robles calleja. if you can send me names your other ancestors (including middle names), we can look into a common link. thanks!

    2. hi, eden. i finally moved all my data to the platform is easy to use for collaboration which is why i am very excited about it. i will be sending you an invitation shortly so you could see the family tree. if you accept the invite, you will be able to control the changes you want to make. enjoy! btw, you are my husband’s second cousin once removed!

  10. eden calleja….. Tita po kita…. Magkapatid po ang Lolo ko at ang tatay nyo… ang lolo ko po ay si Antonio Robles Calleja…. at tatay po nila si Mariano Calleja…Anak po ko ni Nora Calleja…

  11. My grandparents name are Bernardo V. Ceguerra and Concepcion Moni Serrano of Libon Albay. My parents name are Norma Serrano Ceguerra-Zabala and Augusto Samonte Zabala of Daet, Camarines Norte. I know that my Mom’s sister can help you trace relatives. She is Niñez S. Ceguerra McConnell. You can e-mail her at

    1. hi, ermin. i just sent you an invitation to our family forest. once you accept, you should be able to fill in the blanks on your side of the family. thanks in advance for the help! btw, you are officially my husband’s second cousin once removed — just sharing …

  12. Orchids to you, a Calleja-Serrano in-law, for undertaking this momentous task of tracing our roots! My niece in CA alerted me to your site. I live in the Seattle area. I found a lot of familiar names!

    I knew that my late mother, Concepcion Moni Serrano Ceguerra, was a cousin to the late Albay Governor Manuel Calleja but it’s only now, through your site, that my relationship to the Callejas has become clear. I didn’t know that my grandfather, Juan Serrano, a Libon “presidente,” was a Calleja and that my grandmother’s maiden name was Revantes – thanks to their marriage certificate that still exists! And thanks to your your Leno for painstakingly looking over old records in Libon where I was born, by the way, when my father, Bernardo Vasquez Ceguerra, was the post-war mayor.

    This will be a long message if I add here what other info I know – that Lolo Juan remarried after my grandmother died, producing a daughter, for one – so if you could e-mail me, I’ll e-mail whatever info I know, to you.

    Thank you!

    1. hi, ate ninez! i sent you another invitation to help build our family tree on it would be interesting to discover a new brand, c/o JUAN CALLEJA SERRANOs second marriage. could you add the details there please? by the way, my husband melchor is your second cousin. =)

    2. Hi tita Ninez, hope you could help us discover certain names like Minang Serrano and Lilay Serrano who were upto now still unknown to us. Maybe this is the second family you knew.

      Also if you could give us better connection to the Yllanas such as Nenita and Msgrs Florentino and Alfredo Yllana.


  13. My grandfather is JOSE CALLEJA REYES. Owner of the former ibalon hotel in iriga city. I am looking for my father JOSE “Jojo” GUIDOTE REYES. Haven’t seen him since i was a child. I hope somebody from the clan could help me locate him. I have tried looking for him a few years back. If anyone could kindly inform me where i could contact him. Thanks!

    1. hi mary jewel. i have sent you an invite to our on-line tree. you could view and edit at your convenience. i am also sending you an ancestor tree you can print out. =)

  14. Good Day, Great Grand Father ko po si MANUEL CALLEJA, Former Governor ng Albay, I just want to know kung sino pa pinsan ko under sa Great Grand Father ko. Mother ko po si MA. CLEOFE CALLEJA GUIRUELA.

    1. hi, john. i would like to share the “family forest” with you. could you create an account on, fill out names of your ancestors (with birthdates-places and deathdates-places) and send me a collaboration request? our research is getting bigger — it’s so exciting!

    2. hi john. you and my husband are first cousins twice removed! i have finally integrated the data you shared above on i’m sending you an invitation via email, so you could see the entire family forest. sana you can help fill in the information for your side of the family.

  15. Your site is pretty interesting. I have always known that the Callejas in the Philippines were originally from Libon, Albay, and my grandfather, Mariano Malonda Calleja also used to say that the Spanish roots of the clan was in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. How or when the first Callejas came to the Philippines is unknown; however, Spanish historians always stated that it was always easier for the seafaring Spaniards to travel to the new colonies by sea than settle the interior of old Spain. Santander is a seaport in northern Spain. He also used to say that the clan was descended from a “fraile.

    Thank you for the opportunity of seeing the site; many names are quite familiar although the Mariano Malonda Calleja branch from the Calleja-Malonda clan is incomplete.

    Regards and wish you success in this genealogical endeavor.

    1. hi, galo. i’ve taken most of the family trees off this site; but created one we can all collaborate on on i’ve added some details on the descendants of MARIANO MALONDA CALLEJA as well.

    2. hi, galo. i finally had the time and inclination to update the family forest this week-end. as you are my husband’s second cousin once removed, your name appears on the tree that i have put together. i will send you a separate invite to collaborate on the tree. i hope you can help fill in some blanks. thanks! btw, i am sending the invite to your account. i hope that is still active …

  16. hello there.
    eversince if someone ask me where is my province i always tell its in DAET sorsogon. madalas kasi ako magtanong sa lolo at lola ko. one time i even ask my tita what is the original surname of calleja. she told me ASPILLERA only have to change to calleja because of world war 2…
    i just want to know kung mag ka ka mag- anak nga tayo….

    my grandfather name is…CONSTANCIO CALLEJA married to GLORIA JESALVA


    hope to hear from you soon

    1. thanks for the details, arlene! unfortunately, i have not found any common links yet. i will keep the names in the active file and let you know if i run across them in my research.

    2. Fyi, I have an old two pictures of Judge FELIX CALLEJA and his wife, who was our distant relative. I can share the pictures. I think he is from Libon, Albay.

  17. Jaime, We share the same great grandfather and great grandmother.I believe your grandfather Mariano is the brother of my grandmother Dolores Malonda “loleng” Calleja.Lorenzo and Luciana Malonda Calleja died young in the 1918 Spanish Flu “Influenza” that killed 50 million people worldwide.

  18. MonaV,Many members of the Calleja clan had contributed to Philippine society in different ways. Like Amando Malonda Calleja owned and directed the Bicol Varsity Band composed the Quezon City March his compositions can be found at the music archives of the Philippine National Library.Jose Calleja Reyes international lawyer-topnotcher in law.Philippine Bar member,Ateneo de Manila graduate top of his class,a member of the American Bar Association,as an industrialist-Promoted Tourism in the bicol region,build the Hotel Ibalon,Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes,Emerald Resort in Tiwi Buhi,Albay.Agtha settlement in Mt.Iriga.He wrote and published a book in the Philippines/New York City U.S.A,titled “Ibalon” the history of the bicol region and it’s people and their beliefs.check Philippine National Library and U.P.Library in circulation.Marcial Calleja Reyes international lawyer,educator-U.E.Professor of Law,Authored books in law,builder and developer of Villa Hermosa in Daraga,Albay and a Retirement Facility for the Elderly in Soquel,California U.S.A. Dr.Domingo Calleja Abella Philippine Historian author Philipine History Books.Juanito Malonda Calleja was a retired Philippine Navy Rear Admiral.Maria Dolores Calleja Reyes Nosce Behavioral/Clinical Psychologist-Assitant Professor of Psyhchology U.S.T. School of Medicine.Psychologist Dept.of Social Welfare Philippines,Consultant For International Adoption of Minors,First International Travel Consultant Woman of the Philippines.Co-Founder of Montgomery Ward chain of Travel Agencies in the U.S.A. Consultant and the Provider for the P.I.M.E religious Fathers and Brothers missionaries for the electrification of Jipapad,Samar.A member of the Pontifical Mission in Rome.Businesswoman and owner of Compass Travel Agency Phil/U.S.A. and The Vacavalley Manors retirement facility for senior citizens U.S.A. Members of the Calleja clan has many stories to tell about our forefathers and mothers achievements,and success in life.We honor our loveones in showing us the way to live an honorable,dignified and respectable way of life, we are truly nation builders.More power to you and may the guiding light shine on us all.God Bless.

  19. Eden Dolores: Email me at
    I am working on our part of the family and I may need your help to verify some data that you have access in Iriga. I am your Manoy Galo, son of your Tita Consuelo (sister of your father). I am here in Virginia, USA

  20. Rae Francis: Email me at
    I am your Tito Galo; my mother Consuelo is the sister of your maternal grandfather. Your Mom and me are first cousins. I am working on our side of the family. May need help from you or your Mom/aunts to verify some information. Thanks and God bless.

  21. Mary Jewel your dad is in the hospital as of this date and time in the intensive care unit.I just received the bad news just today.

  22. Hi, Im Zue Legardo Segubiense. My father is Nestor Serrano Segubiense native of Libon, Albay.
    I am so happy when i saw this site. I’m now working here in Manila and residing in San Pedro, Laguna.

  23. Hope some of my cousins back home, can email me…………………………………………………………………………

  24. Galo, I am Tnosce i would appreciate if you could allow me an access to your family website my e-mail address is i have new information that link the Calleja,Centenera,Yllana,Herras clan.Your mother Consuelo knows my grandmother Dolores”Loleng” Calleja married to Marcial Reyes and my aunt Felisa “Baby” Reyes married to Albino Arboleda.Thanks

    1. hi tony. i am sending you an invite to the on-line tree shortly. hope you could help fill in the blanks. i have a subscription to and i found the family tree you created there, as well. great stuff!

  25. hi! i am a granddaughter of rosita aguilar seva and cirilo regaya from their son, Ciriaco Seva Regaya. I’m so happy you posted this family tree. At least i am aware of my roots. I hope someday we can have a clan reunion so we can all get to know each other!

    1. hi melissa. i was able to plot your side of the family of i will be sending you an invite to access the on-line tree shortly. i hope you can help fill in the blanks. thanks!

  26. i want to know my roots from bicol its been a decade that i dont see them….. hope to hear from them soon

  27. Hi… Can someone help me to relate my family tree? My grandfather’s name is Mr. Damaso Calleja. He is from Albay and stayed in Polillo, Quezon.

    Thank you…

  28. My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here 🙂

  29. HI… Manoy Galo Hope you still remember me Vicvic Calleja Daughter of Juanito Calleja Iriga City

    1. thanks for the visit, vicvic! i have several JUANITO CALLEJAs on file — who is your mom? your grandparents? send me the info so i can create your profile on it would be great if you could collaborate with us on our “family forest”.

  30. To Mary Jewel Reyes
    Jojo Guidote Reyes is my nephew.
    Elvira G Reyes is my sister.
    Are you still looking for Jojo?

  31. Hello Mona,
    Correction pls:
    .. 2 Calleja, Lorenzo (unknown – 10/18/09)
    ….. +Malonda, Lucinda s/b: Luciana (unknown – 11/24/15)

    I emailed you a photo taken at the grounds near St. Anthony De Padua Parish Church, Iriga City.

    Tony Nosce, I’ve met your Dad. Atty. Nestor Nosce when we visited your home decades ago. You’re probably too young to remember. Yes, I know Lola Loleng, Lola Umeng & Lolo Juanito. I’m one of the many grandchildren of Lolo Mariano. Born and grew up in Manila and has been residing in Ro. Cucamonga, CA. for years.

    1. hi, jaime. sorry this reply came soo late (i had to fix the website a little bit). just wanted to let you know that i never got the photo. could you resend please? thanks soo much! it would also be great if you could collaborate with us on a “family forest” on

  32. i am Michael Calleja from new san roque pili camarines yung lolo ko po taga Sto. Domingo, Malilipot Albay pinanganak po sya nung 1910 pero napadpad po cla ng Naga City dun na po sya namantay nung 2004 sana po masama rin sya sa family tree 11 daw po clang makakapatid

    1. thanks for visiting the site, michael! please send me the names of your ancestors and let’s see if we can find a common link.

  33. i am alex calleja orendain from iriga grandfather is mariano hernandez calleja.he died in 1981. he is originally from albay.i was reading earlier posts and i am sure i have relatives here.

    1. hi, alex. we have a mariano MALONDA calleja, a mariano roy DENIAGA calleja and a mariano MARONILLA calleja; but no mariano HERNANDEZ calleja. send me the names of your other ancestors and we can look for a common link.

  34. correction to my comment dated 24 September 2009 My Grandfather Ambrosio Serafica Calleja was born in Polangui, Albay. He was born on 1910 don’t know what month according to him when he was still alive they were six and he had a brother named Alfonso Serafica Calleja. I am personally tracing our roots so i would be very thankful if you could help me find some information about our family tree.ty

    1. hi michael. i don’t have AMBROSIO SERAFICA CALLEJA on file yet. i will post any developments here …

  35. I was fascinated and overwhelmed by the Calleja Family. It got me so motivated to know more about my roots that I started asking questions from my mother VIRGINIA RAZO CALLEJA. She was the daughter of SEVERO URBINA CALLEJA (a Municipal Judge in Donsol, Sorsogon)and Maria Razo (a housewife). The family migrated from Libon, Albay to Donsol, Sorsogon. Her siblings and parents passed away when she was 10 years old. VIRGINIA married CESAR JOVEN SILO from Polangui, Albay. They have seven children, all boys. Nelson, Cesar, Albert, Edwin, Ralph, Anthony and Mark. 5 children are residing in California, 1 in Virginia Beach and 1 passed away.

    1. thanks so much for the details, nelson! i’ve added them to the calleja family tree. please continue to collaborate on the “family forest” with us at hope to see you there!

    2. hi nelson. you and my husband are third cousins! i plotted the info you shared above on (finally had time to do it this long week-end) and i sent you an invite via email so you could see the family forest in its entirety. i hope you could help fill in some of the blanks. thanks again!

  36. @Jaime Calleja

    do you know my grandfather Antonio Robles Calleja? he was a mechanical engineer

    1. @Rae Francis
      Both my Dad, Lorenzo and his younger brother Tio Tonio, received their multiple engineering degrees at MIT. Regards to your Mom and to your many Aunts.

  37. ” The Robles Calleja Family ” Is a relative of Dolores Malonda Calleja as what my grandmother said when she was alive.Thanks! May God bless you all. Happy New Year!!!

  38. Hi Mona I’ve enjoyed reading these comments and decided to join the CALLEJA”Army”
    My father JUAN was the son of SEVERINA BAUTISTA and EUGENIO HERNANDEZ CALLEJA My mother was RUPERTA NUYDA SAMSON Both of Libon Albay.
    MY father was born on Dec. 27, 1908 . He was a descendant of the following:
    Rev. Fr. Jose Vasquez and GERTRUDES LOREDO






    D) JONA S CALLEJA .. Commercial Artist w/ ABS-CBN, PHIL.
    E) JOSE MARI S CALLEJA Director of Comm., La Salle Unicv. M Manila

    married to JOSE DUMALASA,




    C) LAUREN GAIL CALLEJA SUERO, M.A.R.D., C.D.E., Certified Diabetes Edu. South California; Married to DAVID ANDREW SWEENEY MCDONNALD

    6/ SALOME SAMSON CALLEJA (deceased at 12 yrs old)

    LEVINO CEDO SEGARRA, CHEM ENGINEER, fr. Libon Albay and Naga City
    A) KATHRYN C. SEGARRA, HR,Married to GREG OTICO,Computer Tech.

    1. Great stuff, Lea! You and my husband are related. Will reconcile the info you provided with my data then send you a Geni invite as soon as I plot these. 🙂

    2. hi lea. sad news. my husband is related to a JUAN B. CALLEJA, not to your ancestor, JUAN C. CALLEJA. i will have to dig deeper to find a common link. in the meantime, may i suggest you take the great information you already have and plot it on GENI.COM? that way, you can collaborate with others who may be working on the same line.

      btw, i got a comment from SALOME BIGCAS CALLEJA and she descended from juan-ruperta. i will send both of you an introduction email, so you could exchange data.




  39. How wonderful! I’ll await your family plotting.
    You’re doing a great job Mona.
    I live in Wichita Ks. since 1977 . We love it here, Such wonderful place and the probably the best weather in the nation with everythng we need. +++ Thanks God.

  40. Hi Mona, how are you, and how was your Mothers’Day. My kids and grandkids were busy tracking me all day since we went to brunch after church. I also got flowers from them that was initiated by my son, James and gifts from the rest. Nice to have kids!
    Anyway, I want to just tell your that your first impression that your husband and I are related was right. My father was JUAN BAUTISTA CALLEJA. (not the other Juan which has C for middle name. )
    Juan C Calleja was the son of Lolo Peping ( Jose) Calleja, brother of my LOlo Eugenio H. Calleja.

  41. Mona, Is it possible to get a password to the Family Forrest on Geni?

  42. Hi. I’ve been trying to contact Eduardo “Pee Wee” Calleja Jr. We both graduated high school from Don Bosco Makati batch 72 and were best buddies in La Salle Taft until 1976. He migrated to Canada. His branch of the Calleja family tree comes from Batangas City. He has two brothers (Bolet and Jojo) and two sisters (Diday and Babet). I have not seen him in 34 years. Any kind of help is deeply appreciated. Thanks.

    1. hi, emil. i do not have an EDUARDO CALLEJA on file; but will let you know if i find anything. thanks for visiting my site!

  43. Mona, I’m sorry to bother you again about the Family Forrest password on Geni. . I went there but was notified that only with your authorization will i be able to get in.
    Thanks for all your help and God bless you and all of us.

    1. hi, tita leah. sorry for the late response. i tried to resend the invitation to you; but it seems your daughter RUPERTA-LEA SUERO already logged in, using the email you used to communicate with me. you could use her log-in credentials OR you could send me another email address.

      hope to hear from you 🙂

  44. I have been reading comments regarding the Calleja clan. Manuel Calleja was my grandfather. I am interested in seeing the Calleja family tree. Please advise.

    1. Hi, Emil. You are my husband’s half first cousin once removed. 🙂 To validate, please email me (click my name on upper left of page, under “About This Site” to see my address) your parents’ names so I can plot you on the family tree on After that, I will attach your email address to the profile and you will get the invitation to view the rest of the tree — we do have extensive data on the Calleja’s.

    2. Hi Emil. Sorry for the late reply. I just sent you an invite to our family tree. 🙂

  45. Good day!

    I am Ma. Cristina Anasta of Katha Publishing Co., Inc., the publishing arm of Goodwill Bookstore. I was trying to find the contact information of Mr. Jose C. Reyes since the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CENPEG) represented by Prof. Bobby Tuazon requested to use some of the pictures from Bikol Maharlika for the calendar they would be giving away for free among Bikolanos this 2011. However, I learned that Mr. Reyes already passed away. Fortunately, I happened upon the website of The Calleja Family where I got your e-mail ad (I hope you don’t mind). Would you have any information how I could get in touch with his wife or children so that Katha Publishing could formalize the granting of the request of CENPEG.

    Prof. Tuazon also made his research, but according to him, they found out that the family of Mr. Reyes is already in the US. We in Katha would greatly appreciate your assistance on this matter. Thank you very much.

    Tina Anasta
    Managing Editor
    Katha Publishing Co., Inc.

    1. Hi I’m Grace Reyes-Tinio and the daughter of the late Atty. Jose C. Reyes. I live in Manila and my email is Please contact me regarding the use of my Dad’s photos from his book.

  46. Hi,

    My middle name is callejas. For what I have known it was calleja originally but due to usaffe sort of thing my great grand father adopted the callejas. I believed the ancestry of calleja and callejas are chinese in origin. My Claaejas clan stays in Indang Cavite. I hope you can e-mail me if we are relatives in one way or another. Regards

    1. hi, roberto. we are connected to the calleja family (no s) of albay. i’ll flag “callejas” and let you know if i come the surname in my reading. 🙂

  47. hi.. am looking for salvacion (sally) calleja, married to bicolano, ust grad, cpa in 1966, ex pldt employee.. pls help me look for her.. thanks

    1. Hi, I think that she now lives in the USA? I think she is a friend of my aunt.

    2. Hello Miss Teresita! Sally is my Auntie. She is my mom’s sister. Well i hope you alreadt found my aunt. She has a facebook account. Pleasr do search for her. GOD BLESS po! -Marie Jeanette Calleja

  48. hi. im manuel dela rama calleja II my wife is alma bertulfo calleja and the children’s are marnelli b. calleja,nikki ann b. calleja,mary ann b. calleja,jenny ann b. calleja,vigie ann b. calleja and manuel b. calleja father is manuel vasques calleja SR. and my mother is obdulia dela rama calleja and my grandfather is ramon vasques calleja and his wife rossalina vasques and the children’s are manuel v. calleja 1st ,aurora v. calleja,cezar v. calleja,marlyn v. calleja,antonio v. calleja,romeo v. calleja and ramon jun jun v. calleja.and my brothers and sisters are flavia myla dr. calleja,michelle dr.calleja,manilyn dr. calleja,marty dr. calleja and mira dr. calleja …

  49. hi!!just surfing the web about my roots and saw your site….my grandfather is Cecilio Calleja Sr…He’s from Bacacay…one of his son, my uncle, was the current Regional Director of PNP of Region V…just wondering if i can connect my grandfather to calleja family from libon….

    1. hi! i don’t have a CECILIO CALLEJA in my database so far. if you could create a family tree on, the system can compare with my tree and flag us both for commonalities. that said, i do not yet know if you are related to my husband’s family (the calleja’s of libon).

  50. additional info to my 1st grandfather Mariano Calleja is from Libon.He has 3 brothers namely: Edilberto Calleja, Juan Calleja and Ramon Calleja..they were all veterans of can see their names listed on the monument in front of Libon church.

    alex calleja orendain,.iriga city.

  51. Hi Mona, my name is Melojane Lacuesta Calleja (i was married and carrying Malloy) but my Father”s name is Marcial Tesoro Calleja, my father was married to my Mother Marie Fe Laguisan Lacuesta. my father which i have no contact to leaves somewhere in gataran cagayan.

    I would like to know if you have any information about where i came from.

    i leave in the USA right now.

    1. Hi Melojane. I have a Marcial Calleja in my dbase but the middle name and life timeline do not match. Thanks for the visit and good luck in your search!

  52. Hi mam mona! My name is Ramil Calleja. I’m from bicol, camarines norte to be exact but my father, Pascual Saret Calleja is from Libon. I have read about the home in Libon, Albay and I believe I have been there during vacations. I’m just learning about our clan and I would like to know more and that is how I got here. Glad to know there are Calleja clan members who care about are genealogy.

  53. This is amazing! I’m the daughter of Manuel Calleja Baltasar. I saw my dad & his siblings in one of those pictures! They belong to the Calleja-Baltasar Clan. Thank you for sharing this! Great job!=> ♥

    1. By the way, Manuel Maronilla Calleja (former Governor) is my dad’s grandfather.

    2. Thanks for the kind words, Bambi! Photos courtesy of Tita Nenita Calleja Chua-Pao. 😀

  54. hello po……… grandfather ko po si timoteo campo y calleja….curious lng po ako kung may kilala po kayo tungkol sa kanya or sa mom nia…….. nakita ko po na lahat ng calleja taga-Albay pero yung pamilya po ng campo taga-Tarlac…. =)

    1. hi! my husband’s calleja branch comes from albay. i do not know if your lineage intersect. research would be the only way to know for sure.

  55. Do you know of Mariano Callejas who had daughter Juaquina Callejas who married Jose Ramirez de Arellano in the Phillipines @1870. Juaquina born 1846 Phillipines. (My gr grandparents) Titles of Don and Dona and had 10 children in Phillipines late 1800’s.She died 1905 in Manila

    1. Hi. My family is related to the Calleja Clan, no “S”. There was a Mariano among them, but he lived in the early part of the 20th century — different timeline.

    2. Thank you for the nice response. All this a long shot of course. Probably was Joaquina Calleja actually, my great grandmother. I have her obit notice from Manila. Her Dad was Marianno and was an official there of some sort. He was married to a Velasco.
      Her father in law was a Spanish count in Madrid. Maybe your Marianno was a grandson??

    3. Hi Bethann

      I am the great, great grand daughter of Joaqina Callejas Velasco and Jose Ramirez de Arellano, who had a daughter Concepcion Ramirez de Arellano Callejas (1872 – 1949), who married Rafael Garcia Casero (1855 – 1936), who are my great grand parents. It sounds like your great grandmother is my great, great grandmother. So I am wondering about the “s” at the end of Calleja, is it a typo?

      Anyway, my family tree is on and we don’t have any dates for Joaquina Callejas Velasco and her husband Jose Ramirez de Arellano. Infact, we don’t know any of our ancestors who came before them. Are you able to help me with any of this information and can you send me a copy of the certificates that prove their existence as well as the correct spelling of the “Calleja” name. I also don’t know the name of the mother of Jose Ramirez de Arellano. Would you happen to know this?

      I would love to talk to you to discuss this part of our family tree. My email address is

  56. i was hoping to find a little more info about the calleja clan as i am to host this year’s family reunion’s grand ball, when i came about this site. i was actually amazed that in some way, i am related to a former ms. universe as i’ve dabbled in pageants too in my teenage years.:) anyway po, in behalf of the organizers, invite po namin kayo to attend the Calleja Clan Reunion 2013, which will be held at the LRV Gymnasium, Bato, Camarines Sur on April 13, 2013 (today), 7:00 P.M. with Hon. Migz Calleja-Fernandez Zubiri as guest of honor. hope to meet you po. see you there.

    1. I hope the reunion was fun. Do send me a note for the next one so we can make plans. We are based in Manila, you see.

  57. Still looking for my great grandmother Joaquina Calleja married to Don Jose Ramirez de Arellano of Cadiz and Manilla

    1. I am a descendent of Joaquina Calleha and Don Jose Ramirez de Arellano. I wonder if you can contact me to see which branch of the tree we each belong to? My Email address is

      Mona, are you able to put me in touch with Leo Bethann?

  58. Greetings from Paranaque! My name is Dean Calleja. My father’s name is Dan Alindogan Calleja and he has two brothers named Bienvenido Jr. and Roy. Their father is Bienvenido Calleja Sr., married to Estela Alindogan Calleja. I’m not sure how we are related, but I remember when i was young we all went to Bicol for family reunions. Just thought I’d drop you a note to introduce myself.


    Dean Calleja

  59. Dear Miss Mona, i am Marie Jeanette Calleja, daughter of HIGINIA “Jean” CALLEJA, and my Grandfather is Juan Bautista Calleja, married to Ruperta Nuyda Samson. And from Libon,Albay. I would like to know if you’ve heard of a Juan Urbino Calleja? I think he is the founder of St. Agnes Academy Legaspi City. I would like to know how we are all related to him. Thank you!

  60. Good morning! Ms. Mona, my grandfather’s name is MANUEL FLORES CALLEJA. I do not have an idea about the name of my grandmother. Anyway, we are the only CALLEJA in Tacloban City. My aunties informed me that my grandfather has siblings but to where we are not sure.

    We do not have any knowledge regarding other CALLEJAs.

    If you don’t mind

  61. Thank you for whatever information you will provide us.

    God bless

  62. Hi, Mona, my mother told me some story concerning Calleja family in Tiwi Albay, my mother is Rosalina Da 83 years old and still active and healthy and told us that Calleja are the real last name of their family from Spain. They change their last name to Da because of prosecution by Filipinos if they found out you are Spaniards. Pascual Da and Martin Da are both Merchant Marines travelling around the world and move to Casiguran, Sorsogon and become friend of Escudero Clan from Sorsogon. this story my mother told me back in 1900 years were their grandparents are very popular because of their vast stretches of land owned in Tiwi, Albay and Casiguran, Sorsogon.

    1. Hi, Leo. It would be interesting to know why the Calleja line in Tiwi/Tiui was persecuted — do you have some details? I have read historical accounts of “pulahanes” — Filipinos revolutionaries who were more violent and were active in Masbate and Sorsogon in the late 1890s. My husband’s Calleja ancestors from Libon enjoyed relative prominence because they were of Spanish descent; and continued to figure prominently in politics until the late 20th century.

    2. My Calleja relatives were treasurers of the island in the 1850-1900 period.
      I have papers to document. Later after 1905 or so there was trouble and my Dad’s recently deceased cousin told me her Mom ended up selling eggs till she came to the States and married an American.

  63. Mona – I just started research on my Calleja ancestry and discovered this wonderful site. My mother was Ester Calleja Berces, daughter of Mariano Calleja, granddaughter of Ignacio Calleja. You even have a picture of my mother in her high school (St. Scholastica) graduation gown. Since she died 15 years ago, I have had no contact with the Filipino side of the family. I was born in Albay, but came to the US when I was only 1 year old. I do recognize some aunties from your web site as well as a godfather, since they visited us in San Francisco while I was growing up. I’m on (Hyman Family tree) and will check out Please give me any info, passwords, etc. as I would love to delve further into our ancestry, especially going back to Spanish roots.
    Email –
    Thanks so much….Maria Ida Berces Hyman.

    1. Hi Maria. Nice to meet you, cousin! You are technically, my husband’s first cousin once removed! I have a family tree set up on Will send you an invite from there. 🙂

    2. Hi Ida. I remember you, when I would visit your mom, Auntie Ester. This is Gerry Chua. I used to live in the Bay Area. My mom is Aquilina (Nenita) Chua. She used to visit your mom and always had a good time going shopping at I. Magnins in San Francisco. My mom passed away a few years ago after being diagnosed with Alzheimers. My dad (whom you never met, I believe) passed away in 2006. I moved out of the Bay Area in 2007 and have lived in Bakersfield all this time. I am still in fresh produce selling organic apples. All the memories of visiting 45th and Quintara! Anyway, my email is

    3. Hi Ida, I hope you’re well. I have contacted you previously and we were in touch for awhile. Our DNA matched through My great, great grandparents (Alvarado’s & Marano’s(?), great grandparents (Alvarado’s & Villa’s), grandparents on my maternal side were from Libon, Albay. I have no knowledge of the Calleja’s; but, after I spoke to my mother she mentioned that she knows a great uncle from Libon. I am trying to reconnect and retrace my roots. I have found 3 more other relatives (cousins) through My mother’s name is Irenea Alvarado Sawali. Hopefully, I can find a concrete link to my ancestors. I have send an email last week on the same email you have provided previously. My email addy is
      Hope to hear from you soon again.

  64. I enjoy reading these information about calleja’s origin. My grandfather was linked to the other post here.. calleja in bacacay, albay. c ceciliio calleja sr. ay capatid ng lolo ko teofisto calleja at gregorio calleja, 7 ata silang magkakapatid.. paki hanap naman if may relasyon nga ang mga calleja dyan sa libon at bacacay albay. Kami ay napadpad na dito sa camarines sur.

    arnaldo bino calleja

  65. Hi Ms. Mona, Do you on your records about the father of Don Mariano Sasis Maronilla( 1840-1908) ? THANKS

  66. Hi Ms. Mona, I have a best and good friend during my studying at Far Eastern University Manila from the year 1987-1991. But I have no more communication to him since he left to migrate in Australia together with his brother and sister which their parents was there. Maybe you know him, his name is Antonio Calleja Jr. he has a mole on face to reconized, By the way my name is Ariel Calma can you give and tell him my email add is for communication.

    Thanks and Best Regards

  67. Hi Ms. Mona! Do you happen to have on your records about Marcial Calleja a member of the first malolos constitutional convention. He happens to be my mom’s maternal grandfather.

  68. Hi Mona, I am a descendant of Marcial Calleja born in Malinao Albay in 1863. If hope we may be somehow related. would it be possible to request an access of your family tree on

    best regards,


    1. Hi Alexis. Just build your tree on When there is a common link, the system will flag us both and there will be an opportunity to merge. 🙂

  69. From my book, OLD FAMILY TREES of ALBAY PROVINCE, a MANUELA ASPILLERA was a wife of VICENTE IMPERIAL, the son of EXCELSER IMPERIAL ( the forefather of the Imperial Clan of Albay Province. MANUELA ASPILLERA could be related to the CALLEJA family of Libon, Albay?
    How is MARCIAL A. CALLEJA SR.of Malinao, Albay related to the CALLEJA of Libon, Albay ? Marcial Calleja Jr married Olimpia Balde Imperial of Legazpi City, a granddaughter of VICENTE IMPERIAL.

    1. Hi Mona,

      I am Alice Calleja- de Lapeyriere. I know that the Calleja-Reyes from Iriga are cousins of my father. My father is Dr. Homobono Calleja- Cardiologist from Legazpi,Albay. My grandfather is Ambrosio Calleja who was the 1935 Constitutional Convention representative of Albay. My great grandfather is Marcial Calleja who was the Albay representative to the Malolos Congress. If you think we are related I will be glad to see the family tree and complete it from our side.

  70. Hi… Can someone help me to relate my family tree? My grandfather’s name is Mr. Damaso Calleja. He is from Albay and stayed in Polillo, Quezon.

    Thank you…

  71. Hello Ms. Mona

    Just found this site today. My name is Marcia Calleja, grand daughter of Adan Calleja, His father was Marcial Calleja who was married to an Imperial. Adan Calleja had 5 other siblings namely Jesus, Jose, Joaquin, Marcial Jr and Graziella. We hail from Naga City but my great grandfather’s parents’ roots are from Albay.

    I’d be interested to access the family tree and perhaps add the side of our family if you may permit.

    Thank you!

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