Erlinda Tuason Fernandez

Erlinda Tuason Fernandez is the eldest child of Ramon Calleja Fernandez, Associate Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court and Illumida Mojica Tuason, Manila Carnival Queen of 1939.

In the 1960’s, Linda was a lead artist of the cultural dance group, Filipinescas, under the tutelage of the director-choreographer Leonor Orosa Goquinco, Philippine National Artist for Dance in1976.  She also appeared on television opposite Tommy Abuel in a long-running telenovela, “Santa Zita and Mary Rose”.  This show was produced by Fr. James Reuter and Mary Rose Jacinto-Espleta.

She married Ruben Bernardo in 1961 and their union was blessed with four boys:  Ruben, Reginaldo, Ronello and Ramon.  Erlinda eventually answered the call of the academe.  She was an educator at the International School of Manila and retired after 40 years of loyal service.


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Linda on page 40 of Sunday Times Magazine on 10 September 1961.


Family History Research Notes

1. Ronello Fernandez Bernardo provided much of the data and the pictures on this piece.  Thank you!
2. Erlinda Tuason Fernandez’ Family Tree can be found on

4 thoughts on “Erlinda Tuason Fernandez

  1. Hi Linda, ako si Daday Calleja-Suero. pamangkin ni Maria Samson who used t be your mom’s “joll”
    I live in Wichita Ks. (8629 Overbrook,Wichita Ks 67206) and my kids who are all grown and practicing tdie own professions are now located in different cties of the US.
    How are you?
    Do you remember that little girl who used to play with you and Dondon in your house near my aunt’s house on Dona Aurora St, Old Albay, Legaspi City?
    Your father, Manoy Ramon, was my father’s friend . He sused to come visit my parents in Libon on San Antonio St.
    The last time I saw your pa was when he was the Justice of the Supreme Court and he , with the other justices, visited my parents in Libon.that was Mar 1978. I was visiting home with my 3 kids then.
    Hope we can get in touch. And whenever you come t the states, do give me a ring and c0me visit us.I go to a wonderful gym and we have a swimming pool at home.So we can be active when you visit.
    Take care, give my love to Pilar, I understand that she is in Libon mostly.

  2. Hello Ms. Daday, Thank you for the message. I am the son of Linda. Don’t worry, I will relay your message to her. For the meantime, may I ask how are you related to Papa Isoy Samson, the Pilot? Maybe it would be better if you leave your email address so we can directly keep in touch with you through that. Thank you so much!


  3. Helo Ronel, Sorry I just saw your reply to my message now,5/4/2011.
    You asked how I am related to Tata Isoy Samson the first pilot na tagaLibon (the second Pilot na taga Ligon was my late brother Capt Isidoro Samson Calleja) Well Tata Isoy , Papa Pepe Samson were my mother’s cousins. My mother was Ruperta Nuyda Samson Calleja , my father was Juan Bautista Calleja. Manoy Ramon Fernandez was at one time my parent’s business lawyer. They were very close that everytime Manoy Ramon Fernandez was going to be in Libon he didn’t miss visiting my parents. When he had a Thanksgiving Mass in Libon for his new position in the Supreme Court, my Parents gave the dinner at our house on San ANtonio St, Libon Albay. The group even has a picture that i Butch Velasco Alfane posted on Face Book because his father my late first cousin Fiscal Antonio Calleja Alfane was one of the welcoming member.
    Ronel thanks for answering. you and you ma can also keep in touch thru email.

  4. Hello, I am so sorry for the late reply. Actually, it was Mama who asked about your relationship to Papa Isoy Samson. I promise to let Mama read your message very soon. And I’m also glad to know that you are my Aunt since you are related to my Lolo Ramon! 🙂 Thank you so much Tita Daday!!! 🙂

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