Bartolome Seda Fernandez

Bartolome Seda Fernandez (1892 – 1981) was the son of Manuel Praxedes Fernandez and Mamerta Seda.  He married Pilar Maronilla Calleja in 1917. After Pilar’s death in 1946, he remarried, taking Mercedez Guerrero as his bride in 1958. He is the great grandfather of Senator Juan Miguel “Migz” Fernandez Zubiri.

"Guerilla Pesos" in WWII

A government auditor, Bartolome was assigned to several provinces — Zamboanga, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Capiz, Leyte, Cebu and Iloilo. Shortly after the outbreak of World War II, he fled with his family from Iloilo to Leon, where he continued his function as Provincial Auditor to the Civil Resistance Movement, together with the then Governor Tomas Confesor. He was a member of the Emergency Currency Committee — a team tasked to oversee the printing and circulation of emergency notes to be used by the guerilla forces. The currencies which were redeemable after the war in silver coins were eventually outlawed by the Japanese-sponsored Republic. After the fall of Bataan in 1942, President Manuel Quezon wired the appointment of Bartolome as the Auditor General of Western Visayas, while he was on his way to Australia. In years after the war, President Carlos P. Garcia appointed him to Deputy Auditor General of the Philippines — a position he held until 1961.

Family History Research Notes

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2. Bartolome Seda Fernandez’ Family Tree can be found on

One thought on “Bartolome Seda Fernandez

  1. It was quite surprising to find a branch of the Seda family in the Philippines. Another Bartolomé, this one Bartolomé de la Seda, was a military hero in Puerto Rico, during the sixteenth century. Right now, most Sedas in Puerto Rico are concentrated in the western part of the island. The history of Puerto Rico and the Philippines has many similar points. Who knows if both Bartolomés have common relatives, too.

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