Teodora Sobrepeña

[After this confusing find, I jumped back on the trail of my father’s paternal grandmother. I reordered the microfilm of the 1969 Iloilo Death Registers and continued where I left off. It wasn’t long before I found the right record.]

Iloilo City. 1898

Teodora Sobrepeña was born on 07 April 1884 in Iloilo City. My dad remembers her as having a stall in the town market, where she sold the rice delicacies (“kakanin”) she created. She married Ricardo Magno, a tailor and haberdasher, in the 1910s. They had at least five children: Julio, Segundino, Cecilia, Adelina and Ignacia. She died on 16 July 1969, in Iloilo, at the age of 85. The informant on her death certificate was Francisco Tapiculin, the husband of her daughter, Cecilia. The extended family lived at the same address: Fuentes and de Leon Streets, Iloilo — a domicile she kept since 1935, at least.

Family History Research Notes

“Teodora Sobrepeña Death Certificate”. Philippine Deaths and Burial, 1726-1957. Microfilm Number 1969792. CLDS Family History Center: Quezon City. Date accessed: 13 Apr 2011

4 thoughts on “Teodora Sobrepeña

  1. Hi… I am trying to locate my Dad’s family tree from Iloilo, Phils.
    My granddad was late Lolo Fortunato “Atong” Sobrepena, Sr, married to Carolina Sumugod of Sta bArbara, Iloilo, they have 5 siblings: Milagros, Lydia, Fortunato, Marianao and Herminia. They have migrated to the island of Bailasn Province for greener pasture, currently my famnily live sin zamboanag city, i love to know if you are related top us…. My parents told me that they met some of the family relations of late Lolo Atong years ago, but lost the contact details,,, hope you can help. Take Crae and Greetngs from New Zealand.

    1. Hi, Liza. I know very little of the present-day Sobrepena’s. I will refer your question to an older aunt. She might know something …

  2. HI! My name is Ruben Sobrepena Quimpo and my mother is Priscilla Tupaz or Tupas Sobrepena .That’s my mothers maiden name. I’m looking for my mother’s relatives from Negros Occidental. any information regarding her relatives pls. kindly inform me. You can reach me through my facebook account Ruben Quimpo.Yhanks

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