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Candida Lopez Calayag
05.16.2007, 15:02
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Candida Lopez Calayagwas born on 02 October 1844 in Obando, Bulacan, Philippines to Jose Carlos Calayag and Maria Magdaleno Lopez.

Candida married Teodoro Roxas San Diego in Catholic rites on 20 October 1869 in San Pascual Baylon Parish in Obando, Bulacan. They had at least four children: Benito, Fortunato, Santiago and Valentin.

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The Calayag Family
01.12.2007, 11:26
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Pronounced [ka-la’-yag], this surname derives its roots from an Ilokano adjective which means “with sails set”. The name is synomous to a Tagalog noun which means “a companion as one drifts”.

Our Line

The Calayag Clan relevant to this research hails from Malolos, Bulacan.  Miguel Calayag is the earliest known patriarch of our branch of the Calayag Clan. 

Jose Carlos Calayag was the son of Miguel Calayag and Lucia Carlos. He married Maria Magdaleno Lopez (daughter of Tomas Lopez and Maria Magdaleno) in Catholic rites in 1829 in Obando, Bulacan. They raised their family in Obando.  Candida Lopez Calayag was among their children and she married into the San Diego Family in 1869. 



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Benito Calayag San Diego
09.10.2006, 17:26
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Benito Calayag San Diego (Abt 1870 – 1944) of Obando, Bulacan, Philippines was the son of Teodoro Roxas San Diego and Candida Lopez Calayag. 

Benito was baptized on 24 March 1872 in San Pascual Baylon Parish, Obando, Bulacan — he was 4 days old. He carried the name “Benito Cuerva San Diego” in church documents and, like his father, did not use his mother’s maiden name.  This writer hypothesizes that generations before, a woman from the prominent Cuerva Clan married a San Diego, who was socially undistinguished.  The practice may have been carried on for generations, until the social benefit ceased to exist.

According to oral histories, Benito had 4 brothers — two migrated to the Visayas, two stayed in Obando, while he migrated to the city of Manila.  In the 1910s, he worked for the US Army Quartermaster Corps, located at the Port Area, Tondo, Manila City.  Benito married Sinforosa De Leon with whom he had seven children: Cecilio, Eliodora, Nicanor, Macaria, Brigida, Modesta and Concordia. 


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