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The Veluz Family
10.11.2006, 20:29
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The family name is derived from a Spanish phrase, “ve” meaning “to see” and “luz” meaning “light”. In the day when Filipinos were better versed in Spanish, the name was pronounced [ve’-luth].  However, its present-day pronounciation is [ve-luz’].

Our Line

Though not yet confirmed, the original home of our Veluz line is said to be Luisiana, Laguna. However, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur is more reliably considered to be the family’s ancestral home town.  Macario Veluz is the earliest known patriarch of our branch of the Veluz Clan.



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Jacinto Collantes Veluz
02.05.2006, 20:51
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Jacinto Collantes Veluz (1890-1978) of Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, Philippines was the son of Macario Lucban Veluz and Cipriana Collantes. 

He accompanied his father during his trips to nearby towns to trade cows. In one of their visits to Minalabac, Camarines Sur, he and his father met and fancied the young, orphaned Florentina Padilla Balid who was living with her uncle, the local judge. It is said that after “reasonable” negotiations between the elders, Jacinto gained a bride in exchange for their livestock. Their union bore several children, with the first three dying in infancy. Among their children were Salvador, Gregorio, Silverio, Celestino, Antonio, Bienvenido, Angustia and Pura.

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