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The Serrano Family
07.10.2006, 21:43
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Pronounced as [se-ra’-no], the family name is derived from a Spanish noun serrano, meaning “highlands” or “hill”.  The family name originated in the mountains of Burgos in Castile-León, Spain the medieval Spanish kingdom whose language and culture spread to many countries of the world. The name existed as early as 200 BC. The spelling variations of this surname include Serrana, Serra, Sierro, Sierra, among others.

The practice of the Catholic Church of Libon to maintain a separate record for Bautismos Illegitimos or baptisms of illegitimate children proved to be a hurdle in our research. The records of the many illegitimate children in our family only included the mother’s information and excluded the father’s altogether. 

Our Line

During the initial implementation of the Claveria Decree of 1849 in the province of Albay, it is said that the Governor seemingly tore out pages of the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos and sent them to individual towns. For this reason, the last names of families which originally hail from Libon, Albay (from where the family line’s earliest known roots originate) begin with the letter “S” — such as Se, Sera, Seva, Serase and Serrano, among many. 

That said, we are connected to two separate Serrano genealogical lines.  Until we find proof to the contrary, we are treating the two clans, as distint and unrelated, even if they are from the same hometown.

Serrano Line ASalome Calleja‘s second partner and first husband was Doroteo Serrano.  He is the earliest known patriarch of that line.

Serrano Line BFeliza Sasuca Serrano married Ignacio Calleja.  Her father was Eleno Serrano.  Eleno, his brother Justo and their cousin Leocadio Serrano belonged to the earliest documented generation of that clan. 

By marriage, the clan is related to other families:  Calleja, Revantes, Moni, Sasuca, among them.



Family History Research Notes

1. Doroteo Serrano’s Family Tree can be found on
2. The family trees of Eleno Serrano, Justo Serrano, and Leocadio Serrano can be found on


Feliza Sasuca Serrano
03.08.2006, 20:29
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Feliza Sasuca Serrano (18989 – 1969)  was born to Eleno Serrano and Graceana Sasuca on 14 Mar 1889 in Libon, Albay, Philippines

She was a homemaker and was a skilled burdadera or embroiderer. In 1920, she had her first child with Ignacio Calleja when she was about 23 years old and he was about 58. Their life together was blessed with three children: Leonardo, Angelina and Felipe.

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