Jose Isaac Hernandez

Jose Isaac Hernandez was born in Macabebe, Pampanga to Nicolas Anderson Hernandez, a bookkeeper or tinidor de libro for Ayala y Compañia, the precursor of the Ayala Corporation.

Victory Liner's Jardinera Bus

Jose was an entrepreneur with a knack for mechanics.  After the war, he collected spare parts and surplus engines from M-38 jeeps and Chevy trucks abandoned by the US Forces in the Far East (USAFE), intending to assemble a delivery truck for his family‘s rice-corn-vegetables-laundry soap business.  When his design was completed by the Chinese Po Chuan, it was evident that the the low-profile jardinera bus would be best used for transporting people, not merchandise.

Inspired by a popular term “Victory Joe” and the fact that his nick name was “Joe”, Jose decided to name his post-war enterprise, Victory Liner.  The business started with Jose Hernandez as the bus driver, his wife Marta Dayao Trinidad as treasurer, his in-law Leonardo Dayao Trinidad as conductor, another in-law Santiago Crisostomo (the husband of Marta’s sister Felipa) as relief driver and another in-law Eugenio Dayao Trinidad as helper.  On 15 On October 1945, Jose drove Victory Liner’s first Manila-Olongapo-Manila run.

Over the years, Jose’s company pioneered the converson of front engine buses to steel bodied, the use of diesel fuel, the use of automatic transmission engines, in-transit entertainment, among many.  Victory Liner is one of the largest provincial bus companies operating in the Philippines today.

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At the Victory Liner Anniversary,, 1970
Jose and Marta (center, standing) with their employees in 1970.

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